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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Universal Interactive Studios production. Developed by Traveller's Tales. Crash Bandicoot! From Wrath of Cortex.
Ah, the triumphant hero crash, reduced to a pile of smoldering ash.
At last, the world is ours.
Bring it, you brain dead bandicoot.
By pummeling your sad bandicoot frame into a pulp? Come and get it.
Can't you ever let me win? What do you want from me, you creeton gortex? You realize that crash may have collected all the crystals, but he doesn't have the gems. With the gems, we can resurrect th...
Can't you ever let me win? What do you want from me? You created no. I can explain. It's too late for that now. I don't think you should have done that. Where am I? Wait a second. That annoying sci...
Cause we're gonna ring you out.
Coco Cortex has assembled an Armada of space stations that are ready to strike the planet. Use the lasers on your ship to destroy them.
Congratulations, crash. You should be proud of yourself. Not only have you collected all the crystals in record time, but you also defeated the elementals. Let Crunch and me be the first ones to co...
Cortex why is that miners marsupial still collecting those crystals? He's defeated Rocco and Wawa. I'm beginning to question the value of your super weapon.
Cortex, when are you in that super weapon of yours going to put an end to that interfering bandicoot? You are beginning to test my patience.
Crash Bandicoot, my old nemesis. How the heck are you still gathering crystals? Old habits die hard, don't they? My days are being spent on something much more intriguing. Meet Crunch, my newest cr...
Crash bandicoot. You've got some nerve setting foot into my domain without an invitation. Don't talk back to me, I'll fix that attitude problem of yours.
Crash Coco well done. By overpowering Rocco and Crunch, you've unlocked the next portal area. Go back to the center hub and save your progress if you wish. From there you will see the pathway to th...
Crash, you've been a naughty boy, but now that's going to end.
Crossing the generator shuts them down. It looks like Neos using them to make the Tornadoes.
Crunch, you will do as I say. You and Pyro will Vanquish crash and his annoying friends.
Curse you, bandicoot.
Don't worry, doctor Cortex. Now that my elemental powers have reached maximum capacity, this little geek is going to wish he was never created.
Finally, I get to wrap my fingers around your puny orange neck.
Fools, nincompoops. Can't you idiots do anything right? According to this, your track record for spreading evil is pathetic, mukuka. Not our fault that Richard Bandy caught is to blame.
Get ready to face my wrath, Crash bandicoot.
Giving up?
Hey, look, the orange boy likes to fly.
Hope you brought your sunscreen because you're gonna burn.
I don't need another mask's help. I could take this crash punk out with my metal arm tied behind my back.
I have a taste for some deep fried bandicoot.
I realize my brethren have had some trouble with you, my little orange friend, but I'm not quite sure why. Is it getting hot in here? Is it safe to be wearing that fur? It looks flappable.
I'm working on Aduku Uka. Listen crash, you may have outsmarted Rocco, but there are three more elemental masks where he came from, and just as luck would have it, there, all significantly more pow...
Is there a draft in here?
Leave my levels alone.
Let's finish this.
Not used to the weather here I am wimp.
Now crunch your time with Crush will come soon enough. Isn't he brilliant? A testament to my true scientific genius. A real bandicoot warrior unlike you, crash. Oh well. We all make mistakes, Tata....
Ohh cortex come on. I don't need some flaming mask to help me, I can take crush on by myself.
Ohh Crunch stop being silly ooka, he will use the elemental masks. No need for you to lose any beauty sleep.
Ohh dear. The lazy reluctant hero gives up. Go figure.
Ohh get over here you little orange sponge.
Ohh, I'm gonna shake, rattle, and roll your bandicoot's butt.
Quitting so soon? And on such an easy level. Oh well, tattar.
The crash Bandicoot hey ohh I've heard so much about you and this is the hero I have to blow away. Seems like a bunch of hot air to me.
The world is finally ours.
They're gonna have to hang you out to dry when I get through with you.
This is the creature who keeps sabotaging your master plan. You gotta be kidding. I'll exterminate this field right in no time.
Time to earn your wings, kid.
Well then it's game over.
Well, here we are again. I wouldn't necessarily call this irony, but don't you find it a little odd that we keep meeting under these same world domination circumstances? Why not just give up and le...
Well, well, looks like the bandicoots been busy collecting crystals. I warned you bandicoot.
What are you looking at, fuzzhead? I'm Rocco the earth elemental. UCO. UCA and Doctor Cortex woke me from my captive slumber and now I'm free to pulverize whatever gets in my way. Ohh, don't even t...
Yeah, the waterboy and I are gonna take you out. Woo, I'm gonna rip you limb from limb.
You are making a mockery of me in front of my minions. Not only have you defeated the elemental masks, but you are still collecting those worthless crystals. Well, you've gotten this far and they s...
You have a friend? Yeah, crash, you're doing great. What's happening? No. Cannot be. Ohh no.
You want a piece of me Bandicoot? Huh. Huh. Do ya worse?