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And now I'm dead. And I learned to lift you. Not because I want to shine or even be remembered. Is because I want you to go on.
Calm. Kindness. Kinship. Love.
I don't. I don't know what you'll do.
I share my dreams with ghosts.
I'm condemned to use the tools of my enemy. To defeat them, I burned my decency for someone else's future. I burned my life to make a sunrise that I know I'll never see.
I'm preparing for every outcome.
I've been turning away from the truth I wanted not to face.
In my waning hours. That's what comforts me most.
Is that the best you've got?
Oh, thank you for the warning. I'll be careful.
So what do I sacrifice? Everything.
There is one way out right now. The building is us.
We will never have a better chance than this. And I would rather die trying to take them down than giving them what they want.
Why? You were so eager for it.
You'll be standing by.