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PACKGOD Soundboard

PACKGOD Soundboard

PackPACKGOD god is a YouTuber known for roasting and packing well-known streamers and online celebrities such as iShowSpeed and EDP. He used to be an admin on the Discord packed server, as well as a co-admin on its YouTube channel.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you barking?
At first let me started last official bro, you better get show why you good girls like bad guys looking as bad boy finally gets to the place and boy.
Bro, you ugly
But like you don't make your network a Windex bottle every time you lift your head of your stupid ass mother and look at your God damn dirty earrings them just like a drop of sperm in each of your ...
By Thanksgiving dinner, you put up your mom's vibrator, jumped on the kitchen table, put your pants down and go. Hands on magic kind.
Diarrhea or pants. I know, right? You made a fortnight montage out of your parents sex tape your dad just gave away. Your house is mortgaged to an anti-Semitic gangbanging Moran and your basement. ...
Dirty toe, sloppy Joe. Cristiano Ronaldo looking ass off, you ugly. Shut your stupid ass up, boy. You dirty as hell though if you don't get your slightly below average 22 savage moldy cabbage with ...
Every Sunday morning, your mother goes to a food pantry and lactates lemon juice out of her nipples for starving, underprivileged Indian midgets.
Get a fucking job and get a life. Hey yo y'all crazy. What? 300 today I do not know why you talking when you got a Decepticon going. You're not football. Come on, buddy, you don't get tangerine. Mr...
Grandfathers with illegal pattern and a sex position called the Doodle Bridge. Spanky crank. You do the crank and go to spank. At.
Gummy bear, stop playing go. You've graduated Howard University with a bachelors degree. In shooting bowling balls. You want the top tier? You're the bottom 2.
I'm trying to pack. Pack on, pack on. You broke his shit. Your daddy's killed you for dinner. Your belly get skinny pencil. That was a stutter. That was a stutter. You and your mother tell me why o...
Like Ronald McDonald's autistic cousin riddled McDonald. The fuck would you buy that? That, that, that.
May your balls dropped and they climbed back off. Boy, stop playing there. You sexy identifies an unsolved Rubik's Cube. To get your grandma twerking on the picture, you try turning your dishwasher...
On the sidewalk, I said. What should I make me feel like? I'm the only girl in the world like you started twerking on your shoe?
Stop playing, boy.
We gotta get to the back. But with the women you dirty look at your place where zombies map on your head, you ugly. So you're asking about that? Yeah. Here. Come by. Not enough. Really. You really ...
We gotta get to the back. With the with you dirty look at your hair place where zombies map on your head you ugly. So you're asking about that. Maybe a haircut boy. Not enough. Really. You really t...
What's your mom look like? Wicked rough with estrogen implants. You can ask Mama. Boy you dirty. You downloaded pirated FL Studio, made a bass boosted Nightcore remix of your parents sex tape and t...
Who the fuck are you?
Why you better get. Want to read super. Why? Ohh super.
You better get this shit going, Mario, dude. But it was. Clean. Open your mouth.
You don't lie about like boring boy, you ugly look at your nose, you know, like a goomba from Mario Bros.
You look like a discombobulated philosophical like this. To the taste of 17 came right to the base of your mother got ****d by somebody. Flipping and dipping. Slipping and tipping your fat. Your na...
You're not Ed Sheeran, you Ed Sheeran autistic.