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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A birthday card for Rene
Are we going to get rid of our cats?
As you can tell, Rene is not happy
Bacon 1
Bacon 2
Because of people like you!
Begging for food
Bob go fast
Bob has a stroke
Bob is *******
Bob is not over 300 pounds
Bob is so smrt!
Bob wears a 3X
Bob, owner of the farms
Bob's dumb badge
Bob's gay
Bob's IQ
Bob's not gay
Bob's van
CAER (he can't say emergency)
Call the police department
Carrolton OH
Cause they didna wanna get the herpes
Do that now!
Do the right thing
Do you want me to judge you?
Doktor doktor
Even if I had to spend all of our money
Evil thoughts!
Fake froudluant degree
God bless you
God have mercy
God owes me
Guess what?
Have a blessed day 1
Have a blessed day 2
He did not, he just
Heavy breathing
Hello this is
Holding yourself out to be something your not
I am a phofet
I am going to find you!
I am in morning
I changed my number
I did not cause that accident
I do not have down syndrome
I don't wanna work
I dump grease down the sink
I have a gun
I have coledge educations too!
I have down syndrome
I know how to use a weapon
I ran a read light.
I use Mitchum
I was waving
I will hunt you!
I will judge the angels
I will judge you
I will prevail
I'm a criminal
I'm awefully fat
I'm not telling again
I'm of the accult
Joe Hester
Kill the what ??!!!!!
L is for loser
Let me tell you
Let me tell you
Listen to the word of god
Look it up
Make it bigger
MIke Hunt
My hand's not that big
My lesbiam ex wife
Needs a ticket
Now here comes some bacon!
Popcorn popper
Rene is dead
Rene is in pain
Rene on the cart
Right here in my trailer park
Rolllled roofinga
S O T P stop!
Sexual love
Shut up or put up
Sick and twisted
Sneed Today
Spina bifada
Steak tar tar
Technical skils
Terrorism again chrisiantiy
Thank you
That's alot of bacon grease
That's not a treat!
That's the way it goes 1
That's the way it goes 2
There was these two gay guys
There's Rene
They need to be stopped!
They're bullies
This is a real badge
Visit my page
Well that's another story
What come around, goes around
What comes out of you butt
Willard on the cart
Yes i'm angry
You can't get it because you're stupid
You do not have permision
You need to
You stupid
You think you're funny?
You're from California
You're going to hell!
You're just a moron