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Adam B Soundboard

Adam B Soundboard

Adam Beales is a YouTuber, actor, and television host from Derry, Northern Ireland. He is the former co-presenter of the CBBC shows The Dog Ate My Homework and Blue Peter. Beales has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and has collaborated with Disney.
See also: Adam Schiff, Adam Nimoy, Adam B. Ellick, Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four, Adam, and Adam Frisch.

And also you guys make sure to check out the little merch website and grab yourself AT shirt hoodie pops off in our e-mail poster. So make sure to go over to and order your ow...
Guys, I actually love this. Really look at this. Ohh haha.
Hello guys and we are being 99 here and today I'm joined by.
I have such good news for you. Are you ready? You ready? Stay there.
I love this teacher guys.
I would be forever grateful.
If I don't, I don't understand.
It feels like someone's on me. Oh my God.
It needs to say the knee Adam B99 every two seconds.
OK guys, we just checked into the hotel room and everything is set up. Don't mind the mess by the way, but there's my bed, there's my dad's bed. I have my computer all set up, and there's my little.
Right guys, we are at the airport.
That's not even the end. It keeps going on and on and on. It's like literally the biggest place that I ever seen.
This place is absolutely huge.
This this isn't fun.