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Terrell Owens Soundboard

Terrell Owens Soundboard

Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football wide receiver for the Knights of Degen of Fan Controlled Football (FCF) He played for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League in 2012 and returned to professional football in 2022.
See also: Drew Rosenhaus, 2007 Dallas Cowboys season, 2006 Dallas Cowboys season, FCF Zappers, 2004 Philadelphia Eagles season, and San Francisco 49ers.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And I just did an interview and didn't really understand the magnitude of what I had just done until I got home. I'm looking at the TV and I'm looking at all the highlights, everybody that's in tha...
And if if the opportunity arises, then I will entertain it. But am I actively seeking? No. But I'm always gonna be engaged on, on social media. Everybody has seen really the shape that I'm in, you ...
And so when I talk about my 3 pillars of success, it's desired dedication and discipline.
Force feed me the ball. If they would have gave me a couple more, we probably would have won.
Getcha Popcorn Ready #buffalo bills #popcorn ready #showtime #put on a show #anticipation #nfl
Getcha Popcorn Ready #popcorn ready #showtime #anticipation #put on a show #big game #terrell owens #nfl
I felt disrespected, right? First year disappointed. But then the second year I felt disrespected, you know, to the INTH degree. And so at that point, like I said, I had to take matters into my own...
I love me some me! #nfl #love me some me #love myself #ego #narc #narcissistic #arrogant #conceited #terrell owens
I never thought I would play beyond the collegiate level. Hmm. So to play football and become competitive and learn the little nuances and intricacies of of of playing the receiver position. I was ...
I played with this guy. I know what he's made of. If anybody can do it, he can do it.
I read the headlines. It's like ohh Terrilin claims somebody first of all. I'm telling the truth. I don't have to claim anything. I don't know how you interpret that right, but it's almost saying i...
I was so green and so raw that I didn't think of it like that, right? I was just looking at it as I was doing my job.
I'll be a neighbor could you know, they could come under all conditions, but there will be a fire burning inside of me. So you literally tried to knock the man out, clean out. I knocked chunky suit...
It was sad to see how the media again, they didn't, they didn't allow themselves an opportunity to know who we are, who we are as people and they went into the the perception of of who they thought...
It's really unfair #not fair #unfair #wrong #unjust #not right #terrell owens #nfl #cheated #robbed
It's sad to say that. I went there. I played. I did beyond what was expected. I went to the Super Bowl, I played with two screws and I played in my ankle. Broken fibula. Played in that game and guy...
Money comes and goes. And if I if I had to, you know, if I'm, I'm put in in in a situation where I gotta choose money over my family and friends. I'm going to choose my my family and friends all.
Nobody will ever understand #nobody will ever understand #next question #agree to disagree #misunderstood #walk in my shoes #terrell owens
So I was just fortunate man, to just build on that. And so it was really, it was kind of symbolic in the sense of of of just. Passing of the torch.
So what makes it acceptable for him to do it? And I can't do it. He's looked at as a leader and I'm looking at as a device divisive to the locker room.
That's my quarterback #emotional #my quarterback #qb1
That's my teammate, that's my quarterback #friendship #colleague #quarterback #teammate #terrell owens #proud #sad #defensive #nfl
That's really an insult. I mean, what? What? Because I was. I grew up a black kid, supported raised by my grandmother and my mom. Didn't have a dad in the household, so that makes me a problem child.
There is. If there are some psychological help and I went in, they should have some documentation. OK, I want to see it. Alright, so that's what he told you. Can't go on air and say that I'm a pret...
They were asking me when I was ringside, right? I had people asking TO you next, you next. And then I had one guy that's like, yo, this is gonna be fun. This is like, ohh, if you had the fighter an...
Well, if that was the case, then they could have gotten rid of me. Well, they did at that time. That's exactly what they did. No, they didn't.
You got your popcorn ready? #popcorn ready #showtime #put on a show #terrell owens #nfl
You know, I tried to be the better person.