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Garry Kasparov Soundboard

Garry Kasparov Soundboard

Garry Kimovich Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, political activist and commentator. He holds records for the most consecutive professional tournament victories (15) and Chess Oscars (11) He became the youngest ever undisputed World Chess champion in 1985 at age 22.
See also: Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov, Comparison of top chess players throughout history, Kasparov versus the World, Anatoly Karpov, Deep Blue (chess computer), and Vladimir Kramnik.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
As always, machines Triumph was a human triumph, something we tend to forget when humans are surpassed by our own creations.
Chess. Some people don't recognize that he's a mathematically infinite game. The number of moves in the game of chess, all the moves contains 120 zeros, which is more, which is more than number of ...
Having this clash of generations in chess, you know we are producing. Great results.
I knew what to. Expect from my opponents. And what to expect from myself.
I made. The only decision I could make is just to go against. The system against something that was wrong and prevented me and others to realise our potential.
I played two matches against the IBM supercomputer, the Blue. Nobody remembers that I won the first map.
I realized that. Achieving one's potential. And garnering success. Are not necessarily the same thing.
I think we're all unique and it all depends on us.
I was born in April, so Tina and the certain world champion, so I I assume that certain is like a number for me and if something goes wrong with the 13, I disregard.
I would in fact was a victim of self delusion by not recognizing. The fact that my past successes had nothing to do with. With upcoming challenge.
I'm trying to go to the to the depths. To the to the bottom of the chest truths to make sure that I I realize how all the games were conducted and where were mistakes were made and where the great ...
If we could. Conquer one peak. Why in this world we think we cannot do it with another?
If you work really hard, you can find the winning spot even, you know, in the midst of your numerous failures.
It turned that the world of chess still wanted to have a human chess champion.
It's about system, it's about selection, it's about giving an opportunity. What I'm saying that the talent is everywhere. We just have to find it.
To me, that was the Golden Age. Machines were weak. And my hair was strong.
We always try to study our opponents, we always try to try to study the battlefield, we always try to study all the circumstances surrounding our venture endeavour. But very often we forget to stud...
We should learn how to trust our gut.
We should not be too proud to learn from young generation. Otherwise we will not be able to come back.