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Come on, you beauty. Come on.
Down. So I think he's needs a CSI cartridge personally, but.
Full blame lays on Hamilton, who should never have been in that position. So you know, you could have had a massive, you know, accent. Thank God he's walked away unscathed. So. I hope you're going ...
I'm still thinking.
If you could show him what the flags mean as well, would help.
It's it's like being in a Dutch nightclub. I mean, it's, it's amazing the atmosphere here, it's incredible.
Max Verstappen, you are the world champion. The world champion.
Must be barking mad. It's the nuttiest race I've ever seen.
We're not quite sure what to call you, whether it's cermax, Lord Max or Supermax, but well done for everybody in the team.