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Its got gobby and bully, what more do you want?

Ahuh mhm
Black boltz explode only
Black brainz
Black brainz loop
Caan the spiderman play 2002
Can the spiderman play 2021
Captain Cart 50off
Give me rent
God speed spiderman
Gods don't have to choose
Gonna take more than killing me
Good riddance
Good ther'll be someone left
How'd that get in there
I am really gonna enjoy this
I gonna put some dirt in your eye
I had to beaat a old lady
I missed the part where that's my problem
I sacrificed everything
Im sorry
In the grand calculus
JJJ laugh
Just because someone stumbles
Just the cutter
Kick that witche's ass
Look at little goblin jr
Misery + Spat in my face
Norman's on sabb
Out am I?
Parker, you are suh a boy scout
Quiet Lapdog
See ya chump
Shield cut loop
Socerers, fortify your mind
Sorry Im late its a jungle out there
Stings doesn't it
Strong enough to have it all
Thanks hot legs
That doesnt seem fair
Thats a cute outfit
These are not curses
Things just got out of hand
This is going to be fun
This is me being reasonable
Wanda death moosic
We don't need fixin
What mouth?
Wrong answer
You break the rules
You got any more nuts?
You know how much I sacrificed?
You know scientist
You serious
You should've thought of that earlier
You want forgiveness? Get Religion
You're pathetically predictable
You're trash brock