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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah ha good game
Aha no i have a boyfriend
Aha u sound cute
Aha what he say
Ahm no I'm not gay y did u say that
And y do u think im fake
Are you fuckin retarded?
Bitch please you cant do fucking shit
Bomb defusued
By the way im not a soundboard okay jack(request
Can I add you as a friend
Can you hurry up
Controller dying
Controller souds
Cute giggle
Dont like my singing
Dont wanna sing dont kknow
Dude stfu
Dumb bitch
Fav game is cod ghosts oh yea
Follow me
Giggle Alright
Good bye
Goofy laugh
Haha y r u laughing
He beside the tank
Headshot bitch you just got owned
Hey bitch
Hey guys i'm back
Hey hey youre my bitch now
Hey hey! why are you picking on this lilttle kid?
Hey i need some back up on A rn
Hey Jamal (request
Hey thanks
Hey their at A
Hey you guys wanna be on youtube
Hiv status
Hm no this is my bro account
How old r u
How old r u guys
Hurry up
I bet u r
I could eat a bowl of soup
I did i said bye
I dont want the bomb
I got the bomb
I need help on b
I will talk when more comfy
I would but theres nothin to eat so
I'd like to kick you in the teeth, but then again why should i improve your looks
I'm 20 years old
I'm going A
I'm going B
I'm gonna plant the bomb
I'm sorry what was that
Idk about tomorrow
Idk the time
Im 19
Im not gonna say ur name just to prove im not a sound board
Im not telling you where i live stalker
Laugh and omg
Lets go
Lets go B
Man i'm super hungry
My soundboard
My xbox controller
Nice try
No i dont have a bf r gf rn now so
No i dont use kik
No not interested
No snapshat
No this is my sisters account
Nope no bf
Nope no gf
Not a app perospn
Not really
Odd giggle
Oh i use a turtle beach
Oh i was just curious
Oh okay
Oh really what she say
Oh sorry i dont have the chat open
Oh was that your kill bummer
Oh why don't you go suck on your mother dick bitch
Ok 3 2 1 recording
Omg are you camping in there i fucking hate campers
Omg fucking move
Omg nobody cares
Omg u fucking suck at this game
Omg whre is he shooing from
Omg why didnt you plant the bomb
Omg you fucking noob
Plant the bomb
Playstation 4
Random sounds
Run bitch run
Should i go in there
Silly laugh
Stab stab stabb
Stop following me dude
Stupid fuckin bitch
Sunshine hum
Thank you
The 360 one obvi
The guy rushing
The xbox one controller duh
Theres one A site
They are at A
They're heading for C
Uh hes on top of the hill
Uh hold on i have a phone call
Uh holod on my mouse is dying
Uh i live in the US
Uh i said where are you from
Uh im not gonna tell you where i live
Uh lets go A
Uhh no
Um hold on i have a textmsg
Um no i am not a soundboard
Um no im just shy
Um their at B
Umm no
Watch out
What rank are you
Whats your rank
Where are you from
Where are you fromm
Whisper giggle
Who has the bomb
Who me
Who me my name is kaitlyn
Why are you singing?
Will u stop folowing me
Wow aha nice shot
Wow i almost got him
Wow that was just fuckin retarded
Xbox 360
Xbox one
Yea (giggles) wow
Yea how old
Yea i have kik
Yea i'm following you go on
Yea im back
Yea thats right
Yea u can add me
Yea u how old r u
Yea you heard me
Yo you sound cute
You are my sunshine
You are so ugly
You must had been born on a highway cause thats where most accidents happen
You suck
Youre cute
Youre so fat
(giggle) did i just make u blush
2019 new audio to come!