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Tyrone Biggums

Tyrone Biggums

Tyrone Biggums is a fictional character portrayed by comedian Dave Chappelle on his sketch comedy show "Chappelle's Show". Biggums is a crack addict who often appears in sketches depicting the drug culture in America. See also: Dave Chappelle, Chappelle's Show, Crack cocaine, Drug addiction, Black comedy.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Can I get cash for this? I got some errands to run and I don't think I'm going to make the bank.
Give it away for a while, but y'all tell anybody I'll kill you. Peanut butter and crap. We've got brands. He's dead. This week, Tyrone visits a local middle school to promote drug awareness.
Hello, little boys and little girls. Hmm.
Here I come.
I did two hits of that and Bugs Bunny and scooby-doo and all my favorite cartoon heroes came to my room at 8 Cookies with me. The same song with 16 hours God damn talking about. Wood. You're rude a...
I say it's a privilege because it's a violation of my parole to be around you, but nothing about that.
I started doing drugs when I was little, just like you though.
It is truly an honor and a privilege for me to be here and pine her school or whatever your school is called today.
It's my home and give my speakers black.
Me and my friends would go home and smoke marijuana after school. And you say marijuana, Marijuana.
Peanut butter and crack.
Smoking, sometimes dipping, embalming fluid, and me and my friends would laugh and giggle and eat all the cookies. It was terrible, terrible.
Thank you very much teacher.
Thank you, kids. Goodbye.
That children. Was the first time I sucked the Dick for crack, but it wouldn't be the land.
That should not be in front of you today. Drugs and alcohol have ruined my life.
Then I upgraded to a little drug called acid. Very inexpensive and affordable. Even young children could have afforded it so bad.
We all know we can sneak into our mama's room when she's sleeping and take 5-10, maybe $20 out of purse run on that 3rd St. cash the bus downtown and meet Latin American fellow named Martinez. We k...
Y'all turn. Anybody. I'll kill you.
You the magic Markers. What, you think this is some kind of cram? No, take that cap off and sniff it and you'll be high.
You welcome, teacher Bitch.
You you know what dog food tastes like, do you? It tastes just like it smells. Delicious.