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And im sayin WOOO right here
Ask em all
Called me on the phone
Get a mercedes
Haha woooo
Hard for me to sit back while guy hollers my name
Hes a real big dude
Ill kiss your boots if you can do it
Last year i spent more money on spilt liquor
My names Ric Flair
One more time, Ric Flair
Ric Flair
Ridin around on your funky motorcycle
The man thatll walk around town tonight claimin to be the man
The money, the brains, the nucleus
Today i got to style and profile like never before
When we get to town we treat you women the way you should be treated
Woo 2
Woo 3
Yer gonna be mine WOO
Yer talkin about all man
You nothin havin son of a plumber