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A duck.
A mouse.
Can you make one for my father?
Careful that toy's loud like Monstro.
Gee willikers, Now I can give a toffee apple to everybody at school. Sharing's what real boys do, you know. Oh, I almost forgot. I got something for you for helping me so much.
Gee, A spyglass father told me about those.
Gee, it's nice to see you. Are you having fun?
Gee, this is fun.
Gee, you did so much you're you're almost like Jimmy.
Gee, you must be a real girl. Well, my name's Pinocchio.
Gee, you're alone now. Except you're not. You're with me.
Gee, you're doing swell. Just a few more pictures and my storybook will be done.
Gosh you sure are fun ohh and thanks for your help too.
Gosh, I guess you have to go. Goodbye.
Gosh, I sure would like to be a real boy like you someday. My name's Pinocchio.
Gosh, I wonder where everybody's going.
Gosh, I would want to do just about everything.
Gosh, those are tall shoes. Do you drive a coach just like me?
Gosh, you got different pants. Do you like them?
Gosh, you got so much done. You must be real proud.
Gosh, you're swell. I sure am glad for all your help. Now I can go to school and learn like a real boy.
Hello again. It's fun to say hello again again.
Hello. So are you going on an adventure?
Hey, you got a water squirter? Oh, I hope it's not like Monstro.
Hmm, those aren't spots on your clothes. What do you call those lines?
I sure am glad to see you. Maybe you could be my friend for always.
I'm gonna be an actor. I don't need to go to school. But I I I like learning what real boys and girls learn at school. I really do.
It's you.
Look at that.
Look, you're a real boy.
Look, you're dressed up kinda like Mr. Honest John.
Now we can dance again.
Ohh a spyglass. Now you can look and see things too.
Ohh a star like the wishing star. Gosh, you look brave.
Ohh boy, is it ever nice to see you again.
Ohh boy, we can see each other all day. Well until father says it's time for bed anyway.
Ohh coins. Did you get those for dancing with no strings?
Ohh cute. I like what's on your head.
Ohh gosh.
Ohh, it's you again. Hello friend.
Ohh, you got on something different.
So you got new things, huh?
Stockings. Those must keep your legs real warm.
That elephant can fly. Honest.
That's funny. It's you again.
We're best friends. Why? We just have to be.
What should we do?
You got a magic wand? Ohh, I'll never lie again. Honest, I won't.
You got something new on it's pretty.
You know, there's lots of fun things to do and I don't have school today.
You were gone a long time, but I sure am glad you're back.