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Aw fuck I got a bounty for that
Bon wee
Cackle 1
Cackle 2
Choo choo 1
Choo choo 2
Close those sleepy little eyelids
Damn im already sweating my fuckin ass off guys
Excuse me sir you better read it this time
fuck cackle
Fun fact of the day
Give me fervor or give me fuck
Guys check it out I'm still eating my dinner
Guys lets get this fuckin party started huh
I should have worn a lighter pair of shorts
I'm so calm during this fight I could take a sip of tea
It can almost not fit in my mouth almost
Kiss my ass bro
Lets fucking go
Lets see do I have another pair of shorts o i do
Mmmm 1
No whey 1
Not my fucking problem
Oh gaash
Oh shit its time for a workout dont mind if I do
Ohh 1
Ohh 2
Register now at skull and bones dot com we're registering skull and bones dot com
Robot boom x3
Robot laugh 1
Scream 1
See you in two weeks ah ah ah ah
Shock me raw
Shouldn't have been standing there
That's fucking badass
The american bison national mammal
There there you're ok
Urg mother fucker
What am I doing here
What the fuck was that
What's up gungah
Whoa whoa