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LouLouBangBang Soundboard

LouLouBangBang Soundboard

LouLouBangBang's most popular streams are Just Chatting, Pick-a-Pocket, Super Bunny Man, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Golf With Your Friends, Remnant Records, and Don't Die in the West. She also enjoys playing horror games, but she usually warns her viewers before she starts streaming them. Lou Lou Bang Bang is a friendly and welcoming streamer who is always happy to chat with her viewers. She is also a talented artist and musician. She often draws pictures and sings songs during her streams.

She is a self-proclaimed "gobshite". She is a big fan of cats.
She is learning to play the guitar.
She is a member of the Toast Family, a group of streamers who support each other.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A little bit of a slag.
A plaque on it.
A single solitary.
About my nephew and I took him to a.
About your love.
Again, we will just say it louder for the people in the.
All in one. Thank you.
All right.
Allow yourself to step away from it for 2 minutes for your own mental help.
Along the way.
Alright bro, hope it goes all right. Yeah, it's not that easy through ears that you have to actually get up and get off your arse and actually go to an airport and sit on a plane for 7 1/2 hours and.
Also guys I was sent an e-mail.
And expect Danish to be in there too.
And having a big crack on which you every now and then.
And he showed me his thing that he got for free. And I was like, that's amazing. And then I come.
And he went with it. He took it because he knew it was wet.
And he's like no.
And he's not usually that weird, but he really, I tell you what, we took the piss and he fucking, he was like, yeah, that's fine.
And I get chest pains when I'm flying because the anxiety of being in the airport, getting through security and doing all that stuff, I'm not doing anything wrong, but.
And I was like, so I sent an e-mail back saying.
And I was like, that looks ridiculous. I've just had to cut my tag.
And I've got a I've got a fan blowing.
And if she's just Lully and then chances are.
And it was perfect.
And it's got like the aisle.
And like, no, that you're not alone, bro.
And she don't give a shit about things like that. She's like, I don't.
And she's not gonna go.
And so I appreciated that about him. He wasn't like, ohh, I'm gonna cry.
And that's why I love.
And then as he's gone.
And then as he's, I bet it was in shorts as well because I was it. Get out if it.
And then before I started stream.
And then he's gone, made a run for the toilet, and it's all just been like.
And then I woke up and I was like, you bastard.
And then sit in and then take it off, give me anxiety and then landing gives me anxiety. Then getting out at the airport gives me anxiety.
And you know, and it's OK to.
Andy are you sweating like a cow?
Andy I was living like that in the States for months.
Apart from you.
Are you? Who's sweating like a?
Art of Flight Return to the airport.
As well, you know, I mean, you have to tell anyone about me. I'm.
Asking if I wanted to be as big as Kaisen.
At least she's going to get the Lulu Bang.
Back in the day, back.
Because he didn't have one bit.
Because you've just mistaken my.
Been a pleasure having you.
Before I went out with my mum.
Being really on its brand new.
Big Sean, What are you doing? kool-aid?
Blue, but don't.
Brother, you sweating like a cunt down there, are you?
But apart from there and Julie.
But I feel bad for him.
But it wasn't. My son is in the kitchen eating a biscuit.
But it's fine.
But never at 20,000 feet core causing a biohazard and to have to have a plane turned plane full of people turn.
But not there specifically, so I do feel like maybe.
But yeah, I see leash in a couple of weeks. What date is it? I see leash.
But yeah, she's Andy Corey.
Can you see it?
Can you see?
Careful, you're summoned sexy skit. Ohh God can you remember?
Cheers Paul. Got one here that you can see.
Class got a free thing yesterday. I was like, that's great.
Corey I'm doing good and I stay off. Yesterday my mum went for.
Couple of weeks.
Dance, Man.
Danish moo you all right, are you?
Demski you good?
Demski. Alright, Demski, what's going on?
Did they think, fuck, I can't make you think they were running to the toilet?
Do that.
Do you know I'm?
Do you know what I mean? I'm like, don't bang me.
Do you know what I mean? So I am early, Ray. I'm early. Look.
Do you want that?
Doing a job where I can't talk to anyone.
Doing that.
Don't tell the kid that he'll have me taking in them, all of them, because I told him I'm only taking them in three.
Easy came. I didn't know Maisie was slept on my bed last night and I woke up in the middle of the night and she's curled up at the bottom of my bed. And I was.
Ellie, where you at?
Er hyper, you at work today, are you? I need to go up and see what you have said because I don't want to miss.
Ever you. Always good, Demsky. Nice.
Except for the bingo graph. Good morning graph. They're talking about my Fanny.
Feet in the air.
For a book, For a pint of booze. You know I love you, Ray. Thanks for sticking with me.
For enough.
Free art gallery. I wasn't gonna pay to go. And I was like, is this 3? They're like, yes, I'm like come.
Fuck the fucking Tory.
Fuck the Tories!
Fuck the Tories.
Fucking British Airways or whatever it.
Fucking ohh they all of them. Don't tell the fucking kid that, right?
Furious no talk about shit and I think.
Get it right.
Go after you go.
God, it's so sexy.
Gone for crap.
Got new top on.
Hate the fly, you.
Have you got things to do?
Have you got work and?
Have you seen it?
Have you seen the pictures of?
Have you?
He should be remained anonymous for that reason. He doesn't want to be known as the guy who shit himself.
I became a total slag.
I bought some treats for maze yesterday, some little.
I can hear you in my head going.
I can hear you.
I couldn't be more grateful for you and everyone else that turns up. Cheers. Thanks a lot.
I didn't become.
I didn't. I didn't add that on my.
I do like is that free? No.
I don't know what's happening, but I'm doing my period soon.
I don't know.
I don't mean that in a sexy way. I mean that in just like, I'm gonna take her out.
I don't wanna do the fly.
I enjoyed it. It was all right. I like being outside.
I feel like a kind of sexy more.
I feel like, I feel like.
I feel like. I feel like I've acclimatised now to the America. I complain when it's over there though, bro.
I had a dream the other night about her.
I haven't made a statue of my vagina. It was.
I just bought it.
I know her. I know her response.
I mean, we've all done it.
I reckon they should keep his name anonymous.
I saw that, Johnny.
I send out to you specifically are.
I shouldn't be here for another 8 minutes.
I sit in airports waiting, don't mind the flights that much. Not I don't like either.
I was a.
I was living like, like, honestly here. Now it's like when.
I wonder how they feel about that in America.
I wonder how they'll feel about me wandering into the fucking snooker with that. Because.
I would say it hasn't felt like 2 minutes since we were together.
I'd be like a chocolate cake.
I'd end up being fucked.
I'd end up being someones. Fuck.
I'm a really nervous flyer as well.
I'm alright Johnny. I've got some.
I'm early lol.
I'm gonna rap.
I'm gonna say you didn't even say Julie. I'm gonna take a screenshot.
I'm I'll sung it.
I'm like up here and just like chilled out and did some housework.
I'm not singing that. He's a fucking.
I'm pleased you enjoy it, baby, but please don't.
I'm sweating like a cunt in it.
I've been doing good with me. Anxiety though, that's been settling down a little bit.
I've been good for you. I'm looking forward to going back to the state.
I've got a big fan.
I've got a little thing like.
I've got vim.
I've really pushed the boat out today.
In the beautiful.
In the summer, though.
Is it a mile?
Is it me?
Is it or is it now spy?
Is it you know?
Is that code for some?
Is that what she calls it now?
It doesn't stand up.
It hasn't got.
It says.
It was a mold made of.
It was a mold.
It was just like, yeah, I'm weird though. And he took it and I was like, OK, well.
It was saying.
It wasn't a statue by.
It's actually I love.
It's actually not too bad.
It's just started going.
It's just that the look of it just scares me.
It's kicking in my natural cooling.
It's meant to be like this.
It's my party chat. It's This Time again Lulu 4 Rave Lulu 4. Love Lulu 4. Ray.
It's only two minutes past.
It's three different types of carpet as well.
It's true though in it.
Jesus, that's O G shit that is now ready to remember some of that even I forgot about.
Johnny, good idea here until I wanna get it.
Johnny, have you seen the?
Johnny, my mates, the carpet fitter. Yeah. And I was like, you got any, like, soundproof things I can put on my wall?
Joining your mic.
Julio, I love you. Thank you for sticking with me, bruv.
Knows this is brand new, only cut the tags.
Kool-aid, Stick with us, grieve how you need to, but be around people.
Land down there.
Laura and he was wearing short.
Let's go to the park. It's free.
Let's go to.
Like a portable fucking suit.
Like a sexy religious, but I get excommunicated for wearing this. I.
Like an added layer of fucking padded.
Like I reckon they were sat there and they've got.
Like I.
Like it's through weirdos. Through laughter.
Like like that we were sat together and I was.
Like so. I don't wanna go pro.
Like that's some laughs in here.
Like why?
Little fuckers.
Look at the gays.
Look at the low cut neckline.
Love you.
Luke who was here?
Make sure you literally laughing at the minute you are aren't.
May I'm not wearing underwear. Rach, it's fine.
Mel made this for me.
Money. Look how early Apple turnover, babe. I saw them in Lidl with me mum the other day and I was so tempted to go and get some of the nice things, but I didn't. I'm trying to be good. Do anything...
Moonshine, then make you, then you, then Vixie. And no, Julia. I'm gonna rat you, right?
Morning Younger.
Morning, brother. What's going on? What you up to, Ellie? I see you. Morning.
Moving on at Demski.
Myself, babe, I was just ready.
Nice. Is it still winter in Australia?
No idea.
No one else gets.
No one likes to shit themselves 24.