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A bank computer sent me my check every month
A beeper?
A big hand for that song
A big one: fuel injection, four on the floor,
A boy named David killed Goliath with one stone
A California song, Devon
A call went out last night from Kragen to Ebersol's campaign office
A call?
A car was coming at me from over there
A car?
A chronic problem with petroI dependent vehicles
A clown named Kelly Travis
A computer
A computer is a sophisticated,
A crowd of street racers on a Saturday night
A dead witness isn't going to help you or the DA get a conviction
A deal's a deal, pal. Thanks
A dog's tail, Michael
A double
A Federal judge is not likely to issue a search warrant
A few unpleasant thoughts with Grace
A gentleman to the very end
A gold watch was stolen
A gold watch, huh?
A goodbye note, let alone a treasure
A gorgeous man like you, alone
A graduate student in art at Reed College
A great deaI of interference, MichaeI
A healthy percentage off the top for himself
A helicopter called the SX 411
A highly classified weapon
A kid his age and his sister aren't going
A Knight Industries Two Thousand computer
A leisurely breakfast
A little more pressure, KITT
A little scattered from the concussion,
A little soggy
A little somethin' for the dash
A little too much gain in your tweeter,
A little. She's agreed to stay overnight, at least
A long time ago, somebody believed in me
A lot more. Out
A lot of men would die for duty like this
A lot of them hang out there
A man
A man callin' out for the paramedics?
A man from Guadeloupe
A man named Michael Knight
A man was shot and I was chasing the guy who did it,
A master too hard
A mechanic. Right
A Minotaur bomb is going to be detonated
A participant in the most rugged sport
A particularly brutaI murder, MichaeI
A petroleum based product of relatively high viscosity
A pistoI shot, MichaeI
A rental car? Michael, you wouldn't
A ring of fire
A robbery?
A secret weapon
A simple exchange
A small price to pay for style and elegance
A stranger from the north,
A symphony, a lecture for Greenpeace
A talking car
A tourist attraction
A vehicle is Just leaving scanner range
A very big crime
A very big piece of my life is missing
A very clever and daring chap
A very famous necklace was stolen last night
A very good question, MichaeI
A Wade Fontaine was involved in that big accident, MichaeI
A whole lot of people believe in me before
A woman named Amelia Clermont has disappeared
Abort the test!
Abort! My sensors detect a life form in distress at 3 o'clock
About going to live with him. Like a gypsy
About six months ago
About the lawsuits, the hospital, everything
About the viability of the Third Stage Aquatic Synthesizer
About those burglaries
About to get underway are we, matey?
About what?
About who tried to kill you and why
About you and John
Above the warden's office in Sing Sing
Absolutely not
Accessing data files.: bone marrow transplant
According to Devon's research,
According to Michael there is
According to Michael, when his associates arrived, he ran,
According to my data,
According to my data, a ruby is Just a form of carbon
According to my information, he couldn't
Activated on the west side
Actually, Bernie is a really sweet guy
Actually, I rather like dogs
Actually, I've got a business proposition for him
Actually, it's not all we've got to go on
Actually, KITT,
Adapted to handle Sledgehammer missiles
Adios, amigos
Adrianne implied that this Orpheus project,
Adrianne is a regular black widow
Afraid not
Afraid not. Wait
After 12 years?
After all this, you had better be
After all, it is confidential
After all, it's not customary Foundation business
After all, we are fugitives
After all, what's a decade or two when you're in love?
After Dad died, I was going through his things
After I finished at the university
After this, we'll take a long trip
After you learn the cover I've prepared for you
After your nasty little assignation
Again, Phillip, why?
Against the edge of the office window
Against their will
Against their will
Against their will?
Ah ha
Ah, forget it
Ah, it's got my arm. It's got my arm
Ah, it's slang. It's an expression
Ah, just a bunch of street racers
Ah, Michael, welcome back
Ah, Miss Grace
Ah, she's just not your type, buddy
Ah, thanks, but no, thanks
Ah! Security system
Ah! There's nothing quite like getting an early start
Aha, as in, I think I see the problem?
Albert II of Austria used to weave
Alfredo, I'm sure you are
Alfredo, I'm sure you are
Alfredo, if you called the Foundation you must've been desperate
Alfredo, this Foundation exists to help anyone who needs it,
Alfredo, why did Gastner kill him?
All have something in common
All he could give us was the ambulance number to trace to the hospital
All I know is with a man like that,
All I'm saying is that everything pointed to that
All my life is the cat burglar,
All of them. They're beautiful
All political
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right,
All right, $75. Just until the weekend
All right, be careful, huh?
All right, beep me once for Barth entering the area,
All right, buddy
All right, can we debate this later?
All right, come on, let's pull it up
All right, darling, the charade is now over
All right, Devon wants a visual on this,
All right, everybody, back! Stay back!
All right, everybody, down
All right, give me everything you've got!
All right, give me everything you've got!
All right, have it your way
All right, hit it!
All right, hold it right there
All right, if that's how you feel, I'll go alone
All right, if you insist
All right, it's a long shot. But it's possible
All right, keep your scanners peeled for anything unusual
All right, KITT
All right, KITT
All right, KITT said the dam was going to be demolished
All right, KITT, jam 'em, now!
All right, KITT, jam 'em, now!
All right, KITT, let's get him
All right, KITT, let's see what you got
All right, KITT, pop the trunk
All right, let's go for it
All right, let's go for it! Now!
All right, let's have a look
All right, let's lose the welcoming committee
All right, let's try turbo boost
All right, maybe it is,
All right, maybe you don't, but Bobby does
All right, McCord,
All right, Michael. You've caught your cat
All right, Mr
All right, out!
All right, pal
All right, pal. Let's give him some smoke
All right, pal. Let's give him some smoke
All right, say I've got the contacts that can deliver
All right, set it for 65 feet and launch it
All right, since you managed to talk your way past my secretary,
All right, Sloate
All right, sounds very intriguing
All right, spell it out then
All right, then who do you think did it?
All right, there's Bernie's mansion,
All right, we've lit the fuse
All right, what do you want to talk about?