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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A fat man in a red suit, driving reindeer
A trip to see The Lawrence WeIk Show
Although they had another car..
And he's very religious
And send them back to prison
And that was Jessi Colter's latest on the Big 40 Country Hits AIbum
And the FBl didn't get their man.: no evidence.
And then that siIIy dude wants me to go to the No TeII MoteI with him
And who should be the boss, but old Boss Hogg himself
Because he's gonna unIoad some sIot machines off a fertiIizer truck
Bo, may I ask you something seriousIy?
Boss eats at the Boars Nest because his wife Lulu is a lousy cook
Boss Hogg runs Rosco
Breaker One, I might be crazy, but I ain't dumb
But I'm the Sheriff. I'm supposed to know these things
Can we keep those sIots if I show you that aII gambIing ain't bad?
CouId we have them? We need some new carpeting bad
Did you ever know us to mess with gambIing?
Enos here heIped
For my first song, I'd Iike to sing for you..
For that fertilizer truck to get by..
General Lee, General Robert E. Lee, this here is old Crazy Cooter
Good Iuck, feIIows
Hang in there
Hey, Bo! What say, Luke!
Hey, my name is Daisy
HoId it. Now, Enos, you can teII me
Honey, after going with you, this was a step up in the worId
I'd say it was hot.
I'II drive the motor home. You get the scrap heap
I'II get on the phone with Loretta Lynn and Donna Fargo
If we weren't cousins, I'd marry you
It ain't your fauIt you're on the wrong side
Jessi CoIter sent it. She's going to record it for reaI
Looks Iike you're gonna be a star, after aII
Lt seems them boys couldn't get two things right back to back...
Lunch. Right. I'II take care of it, Boss
Oh, Rosco, you oId softy
OId Ledbetter there is kissing those babies and winning those votes
Raid team?
River Pines. A Iot of musicians Iive there
Since he runs the county, controls the graft, and owns the sheriff
Smell like the law, don't it?
So I want you and your deputies to Iay Iow
Something that wouId naiI him right to the waII, for everybody
That Honest John Ledbetter who's running against you..
That's Cousin Daisy
The Boars Nest, owned by Boss Hogg, is the slickest club in Hazzard
These boys get nervous when the Iaw is around
This is Hazzard County..
To irate husbands
True Blue Hearts?
Wait a minute
We think they may Iive around here somewhere
WeII, I was raised there
Were you going out with that sharecropper?
What if we send in Daisy as a Jessi CoIter sound aIike?
While all hell was busting loose behind, Miss Daisy was writing another hit
Yeah, that'd bIow his operation sky high
You don't have to worry..
You gonna foIIow them in a junkyard? We'II bIow the surveiIIance
You gotta give them city peopIe the benefit of the doubt
Your cousin sent us $50 to pubIish her song. We did it
because you broke probation. Hi, feIIas
Besides, we asked him nice. I know that
Can you sing? Fair
Gotta be
Guys, I'd Iike you to meet Boss!
I reaIIy hate that you're Ieaving, JiII
It ain't gonna work. Can't miss
The sheriff and the FBI are on their way
What's that? Rudy
You do? Yeah
You haven't been Iistening. Sure I have.
You were supposed to get the eggs. I thought you were