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IZombie - Season 1

IZombie - Season 1

Play and download sound clips from iZombie - Season 1.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A blue cobra. Very cool
A bullet in the heart won't kill a zombie.
A couple of craniums a week and hope nobody gets wise?
A customer service call gone very wrong
A dozen colleagues can vouch for me
A few weeks ago, I was accidentally copied on a Max Rager email chain
A handsaw works, but it takes forever
A homeless drifter who needs to steal shoes
A Peeping Tom
A.J.'s father was head of the Blue Cobras
About Wally Walker
After all we've been through, that warms my heart
After Marvin did your dirty work,
After you promise him your firstborn.
After you.
Ah... Just getting a bit toasty is all
Alan York? The astronaut?
All afternoon.
All I'm saying is, any guy who's been married for more than five minutes
All I'm saying is, the inexplicable crying when you're cuffing the carrot,
All right
All right, fine
All right, I'll be there in 10. I'm just leaving that charcuterie on Pine
All right, I'm gonna walk this over to Missing Persons right now. Nice kicks
All right. All right
All right. I'm gonna walk this over to Missing Persons right now
All righty, then. Let's see. (SIGHS)
All those drawings? He did them before Everett asked to be his Big Brother
Although there was some emotional abuse at home
An apartment number would be nice
An occasional rush of adrenaline?
And a trail of Schedule II narcotics
And abandoned Scott E raising that child.
And and decide whether I died or became this,
And as for those zombies who are still
And Dr. Larson doing the deed.
And even if I knew who he was, how would I get to Seattle?
And found a mild mannered trucker
And gave himself a shot of epinephrine
And he followed him out when he left
And head her off at the pass.
And how am I doing that?
And how does that go?
And I couldn't even muster up an apology
And I find myself feeling passionate,
And I have no idea where you got this,
And I kinda wanna get Froyo with you and tell you all about it
And I made it my business to know all the vassals in my fiefdom.
And I turned away for like a minute,
And I was waiting across the street with a sniper rifle
And I'd like to think that there would be a
And I'm afraid I'm gonna find this Monica girl waiting in a drawer for me.
And I'm in business
And I'm just so hungry
And if Marvin's brains blot out the memory
And if there's anything I learned from
And if you believe it did, you got a problem
And if you hate chilly weather, you might have a problem the next few days
And it got heated.
And it looks a lot like Clive's a dirty cop.
And it wasn't these two
And my boss, the medical examiner,
And no, I don't know where he went.
And now everything I drink is like iodine
And now he'll never get to lay a hand on you, will he?
And now, here you are.
And one of them scratched me
And perhaps I was concerned she was bored
And refused medical treatment
And Ren was in bed behind him
And stare off into the top shelf liquor on this fine evening?
And then forced her to walk barefoot across the shards
And then there's the body
And then there's the brain eating and the dance moves
And then writing you a check.
And there's blood..
And this is Olivia Moore from the Medical Examiner's office
And this Ray we're looking for,
And totally rocker blocked this dude..
And we assume he killed Nate and Kimber
And we'll get this sorted out.
And why would he give you the card to the video store
And yet we both voted to kick her out of Mu Theta
And you
And you don't even care, do you?
And you know how important that is to me
And you like them fiery. Someone kind of hard to get,
And you resisting the urge to call me.
And you stopped listening after two songs
And you're discussing it with probably the one guy who would understand
And you're going to help me.
And you're not about to
And, Major,
Anger issues. Verbal outbursts.
ANNA: You're freaky looking.
ANNOUNCER: Previously on iZombie...
Another piece of confetti in his eyeball.
Any need for a grenade?
Any word from Peyton?
Anybody in radio says differently, they're lying
Anyone on Blaine's trail will be in danger
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Anything you say can,
Apparently there is, because I do
Apparently, Cutler here was an Internet troll and hacker
Are no longer with the company.
Are registered to a shell corporation
Are you all right?
Are you crazy?
Are you not looking for a place?
Are you picking up what I'm putting down?
Are you really hungry, though, seriously?
Argh! Argh!
Argh! That's rubbish
As revenge for running him over and burying him alive
As the undead walking back in?
At the puddle of urine forming at my feet
Avoids any activity that may hurt his fingers.
Aw, c'mon
Based on the stiffness of the jaw and neck,
Based on the sub dermal dispersion of the ink
Batman versus the Candyman. Point Candyman
Beatles or Stones?
Because I had a vision of you as a zombie,
Because I recognized the chaise in Javier's work space
Because I was sure it was coming.
Because one way carries the risk that your son will die during the night.
Because we all know rainbow trout go right for the cranium
Because you're super hot.
Behind some place called Meat Cute.
Besides, my taste buds are as half dead as the rest of me.
Besides, she got what was coming to her.
Blackstock. Come here
Blaine somehow has the police department in his pocket
Blaine was heading up with a new delivery. I should've done something.
BLAINE: We'll have you to him in no time
BLAINE: We'll have you to him in no time.
BLAINE: You really gotta get down to the Cobain exhibit
Blaine's coming around to my place tomorrow night.
Both sound better in Spanish.
Brains hah!
Braised cerebellum a la Grenoble.
Brother, you do what you gotta to do
But before you get to despair, Jackie,
But cute townies always get screwed. Literally
But did he ever give you a video?
But do I? Do I really?
But he just shut her down
But her lovers always got code names. The All Nighter, Sir Cries A Lot
But how many people can say that satisfying their munchies
But I can solve this case
But I can tell you that the only day I woke up before 10:00 am
But I could pretty much take out Batman with a spiral notebook
But I drew a line
But I feel duty bound to remind you
But I knew he was good for it
But I need to see her baby.
But I still can't help you with a Vice case.
But I will know what it's like to be out there among the stars
But I'll tell you anything I know
But I'm also craving salt before sweet. Do you think he'd mind?
But I'm burning daylight, Liv, and I need a job.
But I'm running out of materials for experimentation
But I'm so close, sir.
But if our little mate here survives,
But if we say suicide, then the body can be..
But if you walk out of this room right now,
But it feels like being on somebody else's acid trip.
But now that he's almost out of my system,
But only if we like really, really, really have to.
But recently, he had become quite close to one of the new patients, Major Lilywhite
But the age difference isn't something I'm into.
But the body was covered in bear saliva,
But the incidents you've described can be linked to many variables, I'm sure
But what does it matter? Because
But what you can do is help find her killer,
But whatever he's doing at Nine Trolls, our saving grace is that
But with a new headline
But, um..
By the way, she totally knew
C'mon, knock out two more.
Cake pops
Cameron's car was caught on camera, high tailing it out of there at 8:37.
Can I ask..
Can I just ask a question?
Can we get a look at the story?
Can you come with me, Miss Moore?
Can't say I expected Seattle PD to be here.
Canadian Customs has to check passports,
Cell phone records show you were called
Changes every few weeks
Cheated On In Chattanooga
Cheated On In Chattanooga just seemed like a good way to mess with her head,
Cimarron, 1931.
Click right there and hear for yourself
Clive, wait. I had a vision, but not about the Sparrows
CLIVE: "Great morning sex."
CLIVE: And it didn't get made last week
CLIVE: Babineaux
CLIVE: Hello?
CLIVE: Lola Abano,
CLIVE: Marvin Webster
CLIVE: Meet me at the station.
CLIVE: Show me.
Come on, sweetheart. Let's go
Come on, you got this!
Come to think of it..
Conflicts with your First Amendment right to freedom of speech
Congratulations, Babineaux, you managed to get it on the board
Controlling, relentless, vindictive, schizo crazy bitch
Copy that
Could end civilization as we know it.
Could potentially help solve a murder case?
Couldn't remember anything
Credit cards and shoes in your possession
Curled up with a warm mug of ghost blood.
Did he have the same pallor?
Did it happen the night of the boat party?
Did Sasha recognize her own license plate number when she heard it on the air?
Did you hear anything about the baby?
Did you work with her on the night of the 16th?
Digesting the brains of a highly decorated soldier
Do drivers take the trucks home after shifts?
Do I really wanna feel that?
Do it
Do it.
Do you have a little native American in your ancestry