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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Mrs. Birnie of that address has reported
About anything.
Alright. Maybe that's enough of that.
Alright. That's the way.
And do you know why you're here, Josh?
And Grandma Smurf...
And I don't want Darren to rot in that jail.
And I remember when Grandpa Donny died
And she was justifiably upset on this night
And that kind of action plays heavy on your mind.
And their whole club will fall to bits.
And what does Craig give you?
And you're in danger
And... wee young kid like J gets the idea
Andrew, please.
At least, you know, till I get there.
BAZ: Aw, fuck.
Bit of fun, huh?
But I don't know.
But we do what we have to do. We do what we must.
Come here.
Come on, idiot. Come outside.
CRAIG: Better be cleaning that up in there.
DARREN: He's a big kid. He can look after himself
DARREN: Well, what were you doing in there so long?
Did you get a little stiffy? Yeah?
Did you think about that? Did you?
Do you understand that, J?
Doesn't cook anything, you know.
Don't, alright?
Every second of the day.
For something you feel responsible for
Fuckin' listen.
Fuckin' piece of shit!
G'day, Josh. I've got some bad news, mate.
GUS: Where was this?
Has your brother heard the noises Armed Robbery Squad have been making?
Here, mate.
Here, whack that on
Hey, mate. Um, just that petrol
Hey, Randall, before you go on,
Hey, um, we gotta go.
Hey, what's he done? Tell me. I'll make sure he gets disciplined
Hi, sweetie
I can. I can.
I can't tell him nothin', love. Just...
I didn't know him too well.
I didn't know him too well. It was... it was just a shock and everything.
I just want you to tell me about it.
I really don't see how anything can be done, Janine.
I think we should be there for Cath and the family and that.
I was wondering when I'd see you again.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I'll go.
I'm just letting you all know that I'm here to help.
I'm not safe in witness protection either,
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Is 'cause I'd smoked some marijuana
Is there anything else you'd like to add
It was OK, you know.
It was OK.
It's a crazy fuckin' world.
It's been a big day, as I'm sure you can understand.
It's bullshit
J's turned and he's not coming back
Josh, I'd like you to come down to St. Kilda Road with me, if that's OK.
Joshua Daniel Cody.
Just my neighbour Helen, love.
Just talk to me.
Like you're watching a news report of yourselves, celebrating.
Look, I know you got a problem, Janine
Look, will you fuck off? Seriously.
Nicky's not here, J.
Now look what's fuckin' happened.
Now, you're not in any danger, alright?
Of course, dear.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, thanks for that.
OK, this is the stuff.
OK. Of course.
Personally, I'd rather tackle the evidence I saw at the committal
Present is solicitor Ezra White.
Rest will go, you know, wherever.
Scared of me?
Shit, man.
SMURF: You know, you can say what you like about Craig,
So I wouldn't have a clue, really, what they were up to.
So we'd shoot you guys watching the TV
Thank you.
That you're one of the strong creatures.
The fact that you're talking to me,
Their case looked pretty flimsy to me
Then say no. You don't need to lie
There wasn't a good feeling in the room.
There you go.
There's a bunch of things we'll need to go through...
They didn't say anything, you know
They must know it...
They need a new host for their show,
They want to talk to you too, hon
They were watching TV with you?
They're not actually gonna shoot ya.
This is Detective Norris.
Turn around, pig cunt.
Uh, Andrew, I was hoping to get some shots of you and Darren
Um, just...
Was my other uncle uncle Andrew.
Well, I don't know what I'm gonna do. What...
What are you gonna do, Mum?
What do you think?
What is it?
What's going on in here?
Where is he now?
Where is it?
Where's Craig?
Which they will do with something else.
Who says they're cops?
Why'd you bring me here?
Will you come with me, Josh?
Would you fuckin' motivate your girlfriend?
Yeah, and I fuckin' forgot, didn't I?
Yeah, I'm OK
Yeah, she's OK.
Yeah, sure. Fine.
Yeah, yeah, it's your business, isn't it?
Years go by and then she's gone
You can't even trust the law to work properly.
You just don't... you don't talk to girls about, you know?
You know that, don't you?
You know who I mean.
You know, the police go off on a tangent, fly off the handle,
You really want to go down this path? We're still working on this.
You saw the house he's bought.
You shouldn't have left the house. Where did you go?
You think Baz gives two hoots for what you've gone and done?
You'll come unstuck.
You're looking for someone to blame
You've just gotta be worried about what he's doing.
Your uncle's at the door.
(HAMMERING ON DOOR) Police! Open up!
(MUMBLES) Nicole. Cole?
Come here. I'm busy.
Darren? J, you've got to get out.
DETECTIVE: He's got a gun! (GUNSHOT)
Did you see them do it? No.
Don't suck it in. (COUGHS)
Get milk. Nuh!
I don't know what you have or... Haven't been telling her anything.
I don't know. What is it, mate? It's a bug!
J, do... Yes!
MAN: We're witness protection. ROACHE: Fuck.
No deal! O'KEEFE: Awwww!
No, you didn't. Yeah, I did.
Oh, this looks like it. Yep.
See you. Hey, Daz.
That night? Yeah.
Where are you going? What?
You'll be alright, mate. Yeah
...don't know, I don't think so got between him and the door,
(LAUGHS) Pull my finger!
200 bucks.
49 Richmond, we copy.