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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A couple of them we think, yeah
Aah! Nobody move! What's happening?!
About the relationship between law enforcement
Ah, well, you see, it's a combination
Alanis Morissette is like 80 years old or something!
All around the world, people read news stories
All right. Your total is $126.39
All these fancy new restaurants and shops
ALL: Hai!
And a nutty finish.
And already we don't need cops.
And as long as we stay united in honor,
And being part of a voice to stop the "R" word
And crush my pussy at this time."
And fight for social justice
And get the lomilomi chicken ready for the big Ho'olaule'a,
And I am going to keep this going all the way to Washington.
And I just want to know what's happening in the Middle East,
And I will be reviewing your paper to make sure
And I'd kind of like to take you upstairs
And if anyone comes over the wall,
And it isn't just in the U.S.
And now the ads have taken the next step in their evolution.
And now they're manipulating everything we do?
And sees the helpless turtle baking in the sun
And so mankind invented TiVo, a way to skip past commercials.
And someone ends up getting shot
And start a pride all of our own
And then I peed in his mouth just for fun.
And we said Kenny and Token were playing ninja,
And what we see
And when I do,
And when you say, them all to death,
And who will be straight.
And, Kyle, we want to make your dreams come true.
Another window came up, and it was this
Anything negative about illegal immigrants.
Apparently, there were no affirmative consent issues,
Aren't allowed to exist.
As demonstrated in Heather Nishimura's
As they take us on a whirlwind journey through their diverse history.
Aww, hi, Craig.
Barbrady! Barbrady!
Because if we're gay, then we can break up
Because you're uncomfortable around disabled people?
Before the same thing happens to us,
Bro! Oh, dude! Bro!
Broflovski! Was it you?
Buckle up, buckaroo
Buckle up, buckaroo!
But after talking with that guy,
But everyone knew what was an ad and what wasn't.
But I should have been a better person!
But I'm so attracted to you.
But if love is love,
But it isn't all Asians.
But make it quick, and don't let anyone see you.
But make no mistake...
But now I realize you guys don't even want to be here.
But then the next thing I know,
But this... This is just news.
But what about Jimmy?
But your friend is standing in your way?
But... so, then why did you leave?
BUTTERS: Well, it's just cool 'cause we're tough,
Can you really blame them?
Can you see me, computer?
CARTMAN: Dude, Tweek and Craig.
Cla ass i
Click on that. What is that?
Come with me if you want to live!
Congratulations on the polls.
Cool. Thanks, dude
Could be problematic for the progressive town
Crossing the border with their dirty families,
Didn't we finish doing that?
Do not believe him. Kyle is a liar.
Do you have any plans?
Do you like our school, Jimmy?
Does this have to do with me calling the school principal
Don't let them hurt me. Please don't abandon me.
Don't listen to them!
Don't make this end violently.
Don't worry, Leslie.
Don't worry, old girl
Don't you get it? That's just what they want
Don't you see?
Dude, I'm not gay, and neither are you!
Dude, Kyle!
Everybody loves it
Everyone thinks they're cool.
Everything past here is safe space
Everything's gettin' all nice and fancy.
Fellas, we found out what happened to Jimmy!
For decades, we used our soft, buttery voices
Fuck you, Kyle. You're the enemy.
Go get my pen, fat ass!
God damn it
Guys, I know this is hard for all of us,
Had an e entirely new way to attack us.
Hang on, Classi. I'm sorry
He can spot them.
He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were all ready to say,
He pulled one on me first, Sharon!
He started digging for answers. They didn't like that
He was always a douchebag at the conventions.
He's being set free now, Mr. President
He's playing ninjas at Kenny's house?
Heck, I didn't even know Don King got ****d,
Hey, bud.
Hey, dude.
Hey, guys. I'm Brad. I'm P.C. Arizona State.
Hey, kid, what do you think you're doing here?
Hey, there!
Hey, what the..
Hi, there. You got a minute for gay rights?
Hit the arrow. I want to see where it's playing.
How do you hate the Internet? That's like hating titties.
I am loving this right now.
I am your mother, and you will do what I tell you!
I came to you because I had heard
I didn't think you were human
I don't know
I feel like it's character building,
I get things done, and I'm getting back there!
I had to get away from the ads.
I hit him with my love arrow,
I just saw a copy of the school newspaper
I know, bro! We're being totally victimized!
I Let's go back to when it was new #
I like apples and bananas.
I like gay Craig. I love you.
I mean, come on, Classi
I need a spotter! Spot me! Somebody spot me, bro!
I opened myself up and let you in.
I said ninjas are fucking gay, but you didn't want to listen.
I see, sir. Yes, I understand.
I think everyone has the wrong idea about your people, Charlotte.
I want to fucking punch them in the fucking face.
I want to see if they have really cool back there.
I was supposed to give you a Hot Cosby
I will bust yo' fucking ass!
I'd rip that dude apart and then go home
I'll bet you don't even know what "farm to table" means
I'll tell you what's wrong with me.
I'm gonna pee in your mouth a little bit.
I'm not comfortable shopping at Whole Foods
I'm not either!
I'm not homosexual!
I'm not shooting any more kids!
I'm so c confused.
I'm sure you're feeling confused and a little unsure of yourself.
I'm warning you... You're on the wrong side of this
I've got to get to the Super School News
Iam going to bed Mom! Chillax
If certain people want to leave this country, then let them!
If one plan fails, we will plan another
If the Canadian government wants to put up a wall, they have every right.
If they went to college
In a town as progressive as this one
In fact, I just...
Into an arts and foods district called Shi Tpa Town?
Is holding a large protest tonight
Is just a way for us to crush puss!
It hurts my feelings because I feel bad.
It is not my dick.
It looks like he was researching this.
It must look at the root of what's causing it
It's been whittled down to seven,
It's just that people are different. That's all.
It's just, you know, used to be nice and laid back here,
It's okay. I'm off duty
It's... It's Tweek and Craig, dude!
Jimmy, you're gonna help me?
Karen brought in one of their syringes, for Christ's sake!
Keep your voice down!
Keeping our country safe has become more and more difficult,
KYLE: "Principal sends two favorite students"
KYLE: I'm right here
Kyle's been different.
L'm not here for me. I'm here for my friend, okay?
Last entry was 10 days ago.
Leslie, come on.
LESLIE: I like our school, too.
Let's go, people. You can't stay here.
Look, Barbrady, the fact is, the town needs you
Look, I need to show you something, okay?
MAN: [ Japanese accent ] # Maybe we should go away #
MAN: And there's the mayor with her delightful
MAN: And what about this way of life is attractive to you?
Maybe from now on people in this town need to communicate more,
Mayor, I didn't know if there was a gunman or a bomb..
Me, too, dude. But there's something we can do.
MR. MACKEY: Attention, students.
Needs to take a harder look at all...
No, click out of that. What is this?
No, I'm sorry. I need affirmative consent.
No, Mayor, please
No, no, no, no, no. Look, this is very real
No, that's good.
No, Topher! It's not about puss, all right?
No! No!
No! Shoot kids?!
Nobody cares about 40 years from now
Nobody ever gave a shit, you fat turd
Nobody wants you here!
Not human? Then, what?
Nothing! I just... You know, we don't have to live here.
Officer Barbrady?
Oh, boy!
Oh, Cupid Me, that's enough!
Oh, don't use that lame shit on me, man.
Oh, here you go, kiddo.
Oh, I get the misunderstanding now!
Oh, Jesus. Now what?
Oh, my God
Oh, my God.
Oh, no, Simba. We have barely begun.
Oh, no? I'm a cop.
Oh, right, that was you guys!
Oh, well. At least Tweek and Craig are in love now.
Oh! Are any of them minorities?
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! What did I tell you guys?
Okay, I am going!