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A lot.
A receipt for six months advance rent on this place
A thing he told me.
A wedding
About her mother having a sister.
About Mary Drake picking you up.
About three months after my dad died.
According to Toby, that's something
After what happened with Elliot
Ah, I'm leaving.
Ali called me begging for help.
Ali never mentioned anything
Ali never should've agreed to marry him. I mean, they only dated for one week.
Ali, are you alright?
Ali... do you want me to stay?
Ali's in trouble
All of this happened right after Mary got a hold of Ali's jacket
All you maidens hede my warning
Alright, this isn't about who cares about Alison the most
Am I?
An abandoned car, scorched in the middle of woods
And a burner apartment?
And by the time the police realize that he's missing
And he kept very detailed records.
And I called them the next day
And I don't wanna talk about it, not with you not with Jordan, not with anyone.
And I think you must feel something for me, too
And I thought why ruin the moment.
And I told you that I wanted you in mine
And I want to repay you. So maybe we could grab dinner some time
And I've spoken to Jason.
And it didn't go so well.
And it felt wrong keeping a secret from you.
And it's easier to keep an eye on her here.
And Mona thinks that that number probably belongs
And my experiences
And no one would have hurt me or lied to me
And now I think she knows that we're on to her.
And now, we're just...
And once they do, they'll figure out the rest
And right now, everyone who knows about Rollins
And right now, there's this friction
And someone pushed me down a hole, I was scared
And sometimes, those secrets are actual people.
And that for me was justice but..
And that other code is for missing persons
And that's who you are?
And that's why you thought I deserved to die?
And the bloody windshield told me the rest
And the car didn't stop in time.
And the vial's almost empty.
And then she shows up to get even.
And then we met up again in DC and the more time we spent together
And then we spent years apart, a world apart
And this whole mess would just be cleaned up.
And two Red Eyes and one of those lattes with soy. Thanks.
And we're on the other side.
And why is anyone gonna believe that?
And wondering what it looked like now.
And you don't wanna be a factor.
And you obviously can't tell Ezra.
Anger at what?
Are a few of the girls I know.
Are you gonna tell Ezra about Elliott?
Are you nuts?
Are you satisfied with how he's been taking care of her?
Are you staying here now?
Are you sure about this?
Aria, I think you don't have to say that anymore.
Aria, they're gonna market the hell out of this book.
Ask Dr. Rollins to meet me in his wife's room.
Asking your husband.
At a place that won't ask questions
At least his jacket will be.
At me.
At night, boys from town used to rattle sticks on the bars.
Bartender, she'll have the same.
Based on one stupid mistake because if you got to know me
Because he was a dirtbag.
Before all the lights went off
Before anyone notices she's missing.
Before he does to Ali what he did to you
Before I can...
Believe her, maybe.
Besides, you heard him, Mary cannot get in there
Between Mary and Elliott
Between you two at the Lost Woods.
Braver, sharper.
Browsing the Tiffany's catalog
Burying a body
But I couldn't find a connection
But I didn't think I'd be taking a time machine
But I don't think we can wait.
But I just need more time
But I really must insist.
But I'm still waiting for a positive ID
But I've been trying to find Caleb
But it does not mean the same things.
But it does take some getting used to him
But no one is gonna hurt you here
But sometimes you find tenderness
But what am I supposed to say when he asks about last night?
But why wouldn't she just run me over
But yes, we do.
Caleb, I really want to...
Can you let me in please?
Change of plans, Alison.
Charlotte's killer?
Checkings, savings, joint accounts
Congratulations. I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Did Elliot leave this mess for you?
Did something happen?
Did we make a mistake?
Do we have a problem?
Do we know who he sent this to?
Do we know why she was calling Elliot?
Do we wanna burn it or do we wanna throw it
Do you mind if we have a moment?
Does that mean that A.D. is already in Welby?
Does that mean we're screwed?
Don't tell me you're all here.
Driver was then later captured on a traffic cam
Elliot contacted me in London
Elliot seemed to share in my grief
Elliott hurt Hanna, abducted Ali and....
Elliott's coming
Elliott's not gonna help us. We have to do something.
Em, we think this woman might be Uber A.
Em, when Alison checked herself into Welby
Em. No, don't touch it.
Emily, hey, I thought you might want to stop by Ali's
Ever since Charlotte DiLaurentis was admitted to Welby.
Everything's gonna be fine
Five years later when you walked in the door
For a big doctor, his handwriting is super legible.
For a couple of days, and we ended up
For carrying these around, but now who's an uptight nerd?
For having knowledge about the situation and neglecting to do anything about it.
For the past couple of days
Four cherries, please.
Frankly, Spencer, my experiences with hospitals
Freaking out is not gonna help any of us.
From the rental agent.
From the Rosewood Police Department.
God, don't tear it.
God, I had it all figured out and now it's ruined.
Going into the church.
Great idea but we can't.
Guessing not much.
Guys, I don't think this is Elliott sending the text.
Guys, I don't think this is Elliott sending the text.
Guys, if Rollins isn't Rollins
Guys, it's Mary Drake, seriously
Han, we used to spend weekends
Hanna, are you sure you don't want to go to the doctor?
Hanna, cars don't just up and drive themselves.
Hanna, please stop
Hanna, what's wrong?
He double crossed me. What are you talking about?
He is my new supervisor on the Rollins case
He must have used his power of attorney
He must've known we were at the hospital and sedated Alison so she couldn't talk
He sent that the night he took Alison out of Welby.
He told me that Charlotte
He wanted vengeance.
He was paying them cash, but for what?
He, he's dead.
He's been using the identity of the deceased Dr. Rollins
He's making a turn at Old Nichols Road.
He's turned your entire life upside down.
He's working on the house.
Help! Please stop!
Hey, hey, hey, hey. What's wrong?
Hey, I just left Alison's house with Elliott's bag.
Hey, uh, yeah
Hey, you've reached Toby Cavanaugh.
Hi, I'm Marco.
Hi. Hey, I was just thinking about you.
Hi. What's your name?
Hm. It's not just to say thank you.
Hm. She felt that she saw Wilden too.
How are we supposed to get in?
How could you do this to us?
How did you find Lucas' car?
How do we even get to Welby?
How is she?
How was I supposed to know that they wouldn't give us any information?
I am so sorry.
I asked Toby to look into Rollins, remember?
I can finally hear her name now
I can only help if you let me.
I can tell by the way that you're looking at me
I decided to check it out. Call it curiosity.
I did nothing but try and help her.
I didn't hear you leave?
I don't know what this guy is capable of.
I don't know, and I don't even wanna think about
I don't know, Emily
I don't understand when people say that.
I drive Rollins' car to the train station
I felt too guilty.
I figured it out
I figured you wouldn't wanna see me
I guess I gotta get used to being a police officer's wife
I have so little family left. I never should have...
I have to ask because..
I have to talk to my friends before I do anything.
I hear you're engaged.
I I don't know what's gonna be left of this book
I I don't think
I I just, I understand that I have commitments
I judged you too quickly
I just gave you a great opening to lie one more time
I know you killed Charlotte
I know you killed Charlotte.
I know Yvonne's family is in town.
I lied to you earlier, Aria. I did see Ali
I married that monster. How stupid am I?
I mean, he could be anywhere by now.
I mean, he'd lock us up.
I mean, how much do wanna bet that
I mean, Mary could be working with somebody else
I mean, people change their plans.