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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All the vampires go bye bye
And in order for me to do that,
Basically, whatever gets you hard, this puppy'll pump 'em out.
Because Dracula is the progenitor of the vampire race,
Because this is the cradle of civilization.
Bite through your jugular vein, that's fatal
Consider us your reinforcements
Damn it, Blade. Don't you see what they're doing?
Do I pass the audition?
Do you know who I am?
For you sighted people...
Forget the movies, forget the books.
Forgot my sword.
Fucking Hannibal King!
General shape shifting? Maybe.
Get down!
Give it up. Give it up.
Gonna be sorry you did that
He died a good death.
He got my baby!
He hates me, doesn't he?
Hello, this is Dr. Vance. You paged me.
Hey, Blade.
Hi, Blade.
Hold on, gentlemen. We're in my jurisdiction now.
I am such a fan.
I can't shoot around corners.
I date a lot of older men
I don't need to survive.
I mean, that makes no sense, right?
I see you alone, surrounded by enemies.
I wanna hear about this character Blade
I was born ready, motherfucker.
I'm going to, uh...
I'm gonna bite you again, King.
I'm sorry, I, uh, I ate a lot of sugar today.
If you believe in the legends, he was born in ancient Sumeria
In order to create an artificial virus targeted specifically at vampires
It's cuneiform.
It's for you.
It's gonna stop the hemorrhaging.
It's gonna wake the night
It's gonna wake the night
Jesus Christ!
Kill you? Motherfucker, I'll kill you
Let me see you say ho
Let's catch a plane, Wilson.
Let's leave the diagnosis to the professionals.
Like pawns.
Look around.
Look at this.
Many times.
Move a finger and you're dead.
My people?
Now we're getting somewhere, my pet.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, you loved it
Over here, we, um
Put it in.
Quick, clean.
Ready to die?
Scream if this hurts, chica.
Set your sorry ass up.
She likes to listen to MP3s when she hunts
She's making playlists.
Shutdown password what is it?
Silent but deadly.
So why here?
So, you're the hunter they all fear.
Something like this taking out a human
Subject is heading west.
The Nome King.
The truth is it started with Blade, and it ended with him.
There's a team from the hospital effecting the transfer immediately.
There's bobble heads, key chains.
There's me.
There's something beneath us.
They got processing centers in every major city.
This ain't no video game.
This blood
This blood
This blood
This blood
This is supposed to be a rescue!
This worked really good.
Too inefficient
Tried to claim my fame, but that's fatal
Under optimal conditions, a donor can generate
Use it
Use it.
Wake the night!
Wake the night!
We could wipe 'em all out in one single move.
We know what you are.
Welcome to the honeycomb hideout.
What do you mean?
When one goes down, another cell activates to pick up the slack.
Where are you going?
Where do you get all these people?
Where the fuck is he going?
Why aren't you ash?
Why'd you kill Vance?
With ladies
Yeah, you're gonna stay.
You better hope nobody ID'd you.
You can keep doing your song and dance as long as you want, Blade.
You don't have a problem with needles, do ya?
You don't want to go back to being one of us, do you?
You gotta be kidding me.
You know? Have a little share time?
You see her and every warning bell in your brain starts going off,
You would simply not have enough for a second shot
You're a stone cold killer.
You're dead!
Your blood, your sacrament, can set us free now.
Evening, ladies. Hannibal King!
This blood Wake the night!
Where's Zoe? Drake's got her.