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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A gray ford jabroni and a license plate that said
A man robbie's height, wearing a mask,
A part of this town as you or I.
A tommy gun
A town, a gangster, a festival.
About al capone?
About how the blue jean committee
About the blue jean committee
After ten years, I know more about al capone
Ah, be gangstery like.
Ah, this is
Ah, you need one. [chuckles]
Ah! Nice.
Al capone's drink of choice.
Album of the year.
Alfred, I think your brother's afraid of the dark.
Alfred, no!
All right, let's that's
All right, this next song is called "catalina breeze
Almost killed me and the girl I was banging at the time.
Am I at the right place?
And all I want to do is sing along.
And arpeggios.
And do the whole show.
And don, god bless him, he closed his eyes
And don't even get invited to the party.
And gene was happy and...
And going, you know, "holy shit.
And he handed me a piece of paper
And he said, "I'm gonna make you a star
And he said, "it's technically possible,"
And he says, "who's asking?"
And he says, "you know, you better sign the statement."
And he says, "you're gonna sign it
And he says, "you're gonna sign it."
And he tried to wrestle him to the ground.
And he's singing all these ootsie tootsie songs
And his support.
And I I just remember as a young journalist, seeing this,
And I came in,
And I just didn't want to turn my back
And I really don't care if I ever see Barry again
And I said, "I'm gonna write a note to the manager," and I did.
And I said, "I'm not gonna sign anything without my realtor
And I said, uh, "I don't want to, you know, partake
And I see this guy;
And I thought, "uh oh.
And I was blown away.
And I was so mad about that, so, you know, I
And I'm doing the act out, and he starts laughing,
And I'm from chicago, illinois.
And I'm very, very, uh,
And if I want, I can make it a cape.
And if you were at the eau claire show,
And it says that I killed a man.
And it was winter, and so it took us,
And it wasn't until 1986 that I was lucky enough
And it's all just american music in the end
And made dozens of hit records
And neeloofar pays his taxes, so he's just as much
And neeloofar shirazi!
And now it's a what do you call it
And remember when you
And smell chicago and and, uh,
And snapped along, just loving it.
And that happens,
And that's what happens.
And the other guy just singing high
And the roots of folk music and how they relate to each other,
And then he just stepped back,
And then nina brings on a on a wooden gun, you know.
And then there's a competition,
And then this one lady walks up and says,
And there it is, larger than life on the cover,
And they come up to my table.
And this mother and children..
And those were amazing shows.
And we, like, went
And we're driving along,
And you're watching "documentary now!" season 50.
And you're watching documentary now! Season 50
And, honestly, I thought it was a prank,
And, I mean, I still get recognized
And, uh, he's gaining weight just for the competition
And, uh, I don't know if I can make it.
And, uh, looked pretty good
And, uh, people are eating horses in it.
And, uh, some tomatoes over there
And, uh...
Any idea where he might be,
Anyway, this dude pulls over, and, uh, says, "get in
Apparently chorus girls aren't supposed to talk
Are you familiar with the agent Saul Fields?
Are you hungry?
As a homicide detective,
At mr. Winslow.
At the corner of 31st and alamo,
At the same time, a creamsicle truck pulled up
Barry's helped us out
Because he made a bet with a rival prosecutor
Because I can't believe what I'm hearing."
Because it is a...
Because it was strange if it was two men.
Because people as they mature,
Because she was a woman
Because the last he was seen was leaving the store
Believed the key to crafting a documentary
Boy, I'd like to see that a couple times,
Brooklyn rippers,
But her ovaries kind of recoil back like a vacuum cleaner cord.
But I came in a year late.
But I like playing 'em here.
But I was just glad I could help out.
But I'll tell you,
But I'm too nervous to talk.
But if not, then it's okay.
But if you take one look at him,
But in our imagination, it is his car.
But it got us thinking,
But mostly I liked playing music.
But outer space is a tiny little house
But steig, he thinks it's really important that I do it.
But then my husband, jim, had to kick him out,
But they really got it.
But to respect her privacy, you know, for this,
But was unable to recall the license plate.
But we knew he was a good kid.
But when I hear these guys sing,
But you don't really mean it
But your septic tank is overflowing
But, I mean...
By the dave clark five.
By the time the trial rolled around,
Clark was fine, but something cracked inside of gene.
Come this way.
Complaining that there wasn't a winner in the bunch.
Cutting class and shooting off bottle rockets.
Deep pan pizzas for you,
Did he do it?
Did you bring the bug spray?
Do you know?
Documentary Now! has presented audiences
Don also had two alibis.
Don started eating his chocolates
Don't do that.
Don't feed it!
Due to his special style where he would spin the sign
Eh, it requires a very special deep dish pan to make.
Enough of that.
Even though they only made one great album.
Everybody liked him.
Everyone talks about, like,
Everything was about california at the time
Exactly the same weekend as ours.
For everybody, my friends!
For me, neeloofar would be worrisome.
For one record.
Forget it.
Fortunate that that happened to me
George Wellfeather
George Wellfeather.
Get all of me
Get out, rac****.
Gunnar brynjarsson, nina karlsdottir,
Had gone vegetarian
Had robbed a convenience store of its scratch off tickets.
Had the kind of feeling
Have a nice day.
He he looks a little bit like him
He hauled off and chucked it on the roof
He was a packer.
He was trying to sign peter cetera
He's, uh he's old old guy driving the car.
Heard the shots and went after the gunman's car.
Heck, sometimes I still want to be these guys.
Hello, Alfred.
Hello, Larry.
Her top fell off while she was walking down the street...
Here we go
Here's the original edition, first pressing.
Hey, how's it goin', iceland?
How he, you know, stands,
How sometimes soft and smooth
I butchered my story.
I called him some other detectives,
I can sing pretty high, you know?
I can't see anything. Please turn on a light
I can't see the ocean from here,
I didn't realize it had fallen off.
I don't even know how they chose
I don't know why.
I don't know.
I don't like the country.
I don't stomp!
I don't think about that.
I don't want to go into it in detail,
I get up to chicago sometimes.
I go to the santa fe jazz guitar festival
I have some photos for you.
I I take back what I said.
I just met a couple that came all the way from reykjavík.
I live here.
I look over and all of a sudden
I looked
I love that.
I mean, fame is a good thing, you know?
I mean, it's not paralyzed or anything
I mean, people were happy.
I mean, the idea that I would do something like this is...
I mean, the lawyer's caught me
I mean, there's a lot of fans out there,
I mean, these grocery boys, you can't trust them nowadays
I mean, what would that say about us?
I mean, you know, they haven't spoken in so long.
I really don't. I don't..
I really hope that my friend gunnar wins,
I said, "buddy, that's the exact wrong way to deal with me."
I said, "guess what.
I said, "I don't have any kids.
I said, "I don't know what you're talking about,
I said, "I'm here to see Mr. Fields."
I said, "oh, you're gonna come to court, but, you know
I said, "why, kid sister wants to know what happened."
I said, uh, "does anyone have any q tips?
I said, you know, "you got
I says, "who sent you? The blue jean committee?"
I spent a couple weeks with them in 1974.
I think maybe
I think the jury liked me just because I wasn't don,
I think we just, uh
I think we should go [indistinct].
I think you will find that most rock journalists
I took out a napkin, I borrowed a pen from the waitress,