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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A cell phone?
A little late for ''could haves,'' Marge.
A mascot contest? I'm sure to win that
A picture that showcases our cutting edge technology
Aah.! Stop it.! You're blinding me.!
About the celebrity summer house.
About those blabbermouth kids and their creepy English accents.
About whether his best friend lives or dies.
Absolutely not. My little girl's tummy hurts.
Ach. Let's see what's been captured on the up kilt camera
Achieving financial independence.
Actually, it took 53 hours
Adios, ''Casa de Flanders''!
After you, sweetheart
Ah, another lost soul has joined our world weary ensemble.
Ah, au gratin potatoes. That's a quality side.
Ah, au gratin potatoes. That's a quality side.
Ah, geez, I'll take your word for it.
Ah, I don't need two kidneys.
Ah, no!
Ah, nuts!
Ah, nuts. That sounds like a touchdown
Ah, somebody's a Grumpy Gus.
Ah, what's the point?
Ah, yes, last year. Anyway, look.
Ah, you're just saying that.
Ah, you're looking unusually focused this morning
Ah,just Moe.Just Moe.
Ah! And who's waiting for us at the dock?
Ahoy, mateys! It's me Long Bart Silver.
Aisle one, next to the cat poison.
Alec, Alec Regarding that so called silent propulsion system...
Alex, over here! Okay if the new girl sits with us?
Alignment, shocks, Armor All, stem lube.
All eyes are on the local Romeo...
All right
All right, Chimey, this time the bell tolls for thee.
All right, dorks, this is a holdup.
All right, how about this? When was your first gay experience?
All right, let's see.
All right, one for ''Resident
All right, young lady.
All right,judges, who is our winner?
All right! Here comes the implosion
All right! My bumper fell off.
All right. How about a million?
All this fresh air is making my hair move...
All you gotta do is sit back and feel your ass grow.
All you have to do is to pick them up...
Am I the only one who just wants to play hopscotch...
And antiques into something valuable.
And ask you to put your seat belts back on.
And by the way, girls, he's single.
And each man shall receive... death.
And expanding my horizons into realms of
And got them to mate successfully
And here comes the ambulance
And I get my money from grease.
And I have been brushing my teeth with hair gel for a week.
And I know how much you like that science y stuff
And I still got a carful of their crap.
And I'll need a volunteer to play Obi Wan.
And I'll need a volunteer to play Obi Wan.
And I'm gonna rip you a new I.V. hole.
And I'm here to talk to you about...
And I'm Mrs. Homer Simpson
And it's all because of your letter, Lisa.
And it's all thanks to one man
And just because you think museums are boring and demolition derbies are fun...
And now for the profit taking.
And now it's costing you 500 simoleons.
And now, presenting the ninth wonder of the world
And on behalf of America, I'd like to
And she brought a cream pie.
And she takes all of my friends and ditches me.
And thank you, Port a John. You really saved my
And that's the end of that chapter.
And that's the end of that chapter.
And that's where the bookmobile lady used to live.
And this is where our employees gather to unwind...
And those beautiful women?
And what's keeping Joan Rivers alive?
And you could at least get that snake out of the piano.
And you You couldn't open a movie if your life depended on it.
And your sparkling, whale free seas.
And, now, in honor of your achievement...
And, now, in honor of your achievement...
Ankle? Focaccia? What are you talking about?
Any thoughts on how we're gonna get there?
Are trying to settle this like adults
Are you ready in there, Mr
Are you sure this is art and not vandalism?
Arr. I loved Splash, Mr. Howard.
As the Atlanta whatsit and the Montreal vampire.
As we speak, Chief Wiggum is tracking down those little squealers...
At my age, Edison had already invented 203 things
Attention, starstruck fools.
Aw, geez. He's got everything but the Shriners.
Aw, geez. We've been following him for hours.
Aw, man. He's making us look like a bunch of cheapskates.
Aw, nuts.
Bad baby!
Bang bang!
Bart Simpson, do you know why you have been summoned before this tribunal?
Bart was winning. Then he said, ''This is stupid
Bart, quit it!
Because I loved them once and they broke my heart.
Because it's time for Bill and Marty's 5:00 news ''flush
Because we have the extramarital extraterrestrial backstage...
Before I go, I want to say something.
Besides, nothing's too good for a wonderful, generous man like you.
Books and cocoa in the same store?
Boy, Moe, you sure look angry.
Bu Bu But the poncho!
But before you
But even the new management of Sony TriStar...
But I do so under
But I finally found something where people worship me for screwing up.
But I guess this is one delivery old Red won't be making.
But I think Lisa would benefit more from some herbal teas or aromatherapy
But if you want to protect the paint, you better keep it in this tent.
But it's me, Moe, wearing a sailor suit.
But its ideals live on.
But now my heart is humbled. And my spirit is
But the evil ogre Barney
But the girls couldn't wait to show me that tree.
But this is the peak hour for stoned teenagers buying shiny things.
But to be hated, you don't have to do squat.
But you don't know what it's like to be a nobody.
But you don't wanna buy your buttons there.
But you've got to keep it much more secret than I did.
But, Mom, I read that sport utility vehicles..
Call me.
Can't we just go in?
Can't you just write on your arm like I do?
Channel 6 is sponsoring a contest to find a Springfield Olympic mascot.
Come on out, boy! It's windy!
Come on, come on, come on, come on. Start, damn you!
Come on, Maggie. Let's go home.
Come on, Nessie. One more pull.
Come on, people. You don't wanna stay in a place where they vacuum you while you sleep.
Coming up next, a Canadian couple...
Dad, chew with your mouth closed. You're losing your mystique.
Dad, did you see anything provocative in today's paper?
Dad, over here.!
Dad, over here.!
Dad, women won't like being shot in the face
Daddy says I'm this close to living in the yard.
Dang! That was my last quarterback.
Dear Lord! We just wanted you to put fresh newspaper on the tribunal floor!
December 31 , 1 969.
Do you mind?
Do you think mother would like this hat pin?
Doesn't make that true either!
Doggone it, Eve.
Don't forget to clean under the jowls
Don't give 'em the satisfaction of screaming, Max.
Don't Go There will be right back.
Don't worry, that ''lava'' is just orangeade...
Don't you serve anything that's even remotelyJapanese?
Download to papa.
Eat water, good buddy!
Eh, slave labor. You get what you pay for.
Especially during this health inspection season.
Especially during this health inspection season.
Every day.
Everyone else wrote to the Backstreet Boys.
Everything's comin' up Milhouse!
Except those three luckless people whom we'll identify...
Excuse me, gentlemen. Might I take a peak at your gazebo reservation form?
Excuse me, uh, Mr. Scalper, sir
Excuse me. But when those pirates boarded...
Fine. If we're not going for a walk, we'll just talk about our day.
First pitch of the game.
For about 1 0 minutes.
For all your pounding needs
For drug violations.
Forty years ago...
Four pounds of grease.
Freeze, goombahs.
Freeze, goombahs.
From inside that volcano.
From my busy schedule to invite you..
G 52.
Game shows aren't about cruelty.
Gee, I'd really like to, but if my boss found out
Gersh Agency.
Get a horse!
Get me some ipecac. I'd like to expunge it.
Get them! Quickly!
Give it a try, honey.
Give my regards to the British Museum.
Go.! Go.! Go.!
God... bless him.!
Going where?
Good evening, adults. We interrupt this broadcast...
Good Lord!
Good. All right.
Grasping a glass ofbrandy with his thin, clawlike fingers..
Gravel Guard XJ, Vita Seal, Repels It..
Great heavens! What kind of Radiola show is this?
Great spiral, Daniel!
Had left the men's room in the most wicked condition.
Hands up, scuzbag!
Harder. Whack it open
Has been cheating on her boyfriend, Pyro...
He always has the most interesting odors.
He gave the Springfield Zoo two male pandas...
He seems okay...
He's all right, folks
He's tied up with Gamera and Rodan at the present time.
Hello, Springfield!
Hello? Lads, don't forget your old pal Elton.
Hello. Gentlemen, I have an idea.
Help me, please. I'm sick.
Help. Help.
Help. Help.
Here comes the flying saucer.