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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A number that hot, I don't ask questions.
A shiny tail and seashells, that would be my wish.
And if you ask me, it goes to all the right places.
And whoever this is going to be...
And you want to be my stepdad.
Aw, aw, me, too.
But Ryan, I just wanted you to know that...
Could we add that to the list?
Frank, I..
Happy early Valentine's Day, Summer.
Hola, Luis. Hey, Taylor.
How about that?
I can't wait to take you down to Chinatown.
I could help you guys smooth things over, broker the peace talks...
I guess you're pretty sick of me talking about otters. Not at all.
I hate keeping secrets from you.
I have emotional problems, but I'm getting over it.
I know it's not fancy.
I know what I want to do.
I looked at it when you were in the bathroom.
I think that you found your Sandy Cohen.
I was feeling very nostalgic.
I'm distant and unemotional.
I'm sitting here sharing ice cream with my kid.
I've been with my fair share of bad guys,
I've had a lot of experience with that.
If it hadn't been for Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, there never would have been a Seth Cohen.
In your dreams.
It had only been a month.
It was the spring, 1998.
It's him, so will you please stop it with all this George stuff?
It's not your job. We want to.
JULIE: Did Bullit buy me a hot dog stand?
Kirsten, what's going on?
KIRSTEN: I guess I had fate on my mind
Look, I know you have plans tonight, but I was hoping you'd cancel them.
Mondale and Ferraro
My boyfriend, his name is Seth and if anyone's my destiny,
My head is spinning from all of the romance.
My lucky day.
Nah, that's okay, it's over, so no need to talk about it.
Next year at this time, we're going to have a whole new life.
No, I was going to say it's romantic.
No, no.
No, why would you think that?
No. Frank, Ryan thinks it would be better for our relationship
Not even when I find a suspicious address by your bed?
Oh, what the hell?
Okay, I admit it I put way too much stock into that poem
Okay, you can come to my birthday party.
Only 11 months and six days until The Matrix comes out
Onward, Jeeves. Yes, yes, yes, to the beach
Or one time or another
Say, "Go Trojans." BOTH: Go Trojans!
Seth, how long have you dated Summer?
She certainly is. Your destiny is with this George
So can I tell you what Bullit's surprise is?
So it's you
So this has nothing to do with Valentine's Day?
So you come over after work, and in the meantime, I'll start making lists.
Sorry I'm late.
Sorry things didn't work out with you and Julie
Squirt, where the heck's your mom?
Summer, you're a hero.
SUMMER: Don't you see we are supposed to control our own destiny?
Taylor, I remember what he was like, how he treated my mom and us
Tell me that's her.
That's her
That's okay, I'm feeling a little sulky, so we're a good match.
That's pretty awesome, huh?
That's right, Justin Timberlake is coming to the Bait Shop.
That's what I said. I want to see Ryan.
Then we need to make a plan.
There's a lot of heat surrounding this name.
Uh, confused, that's how.
Wait a sec.
Wait, are we saying that because Taylor wrote the poem, she's my Sandy Cohen?
We could just hang out
Well, I am all for it.
Well, I found this address by Ryan's bed
Well, you're feeling nauseous and tired. So I can't expect you to be dancing on the tables.
What about Brown?
What is it that connects you to her?
What more could you ask for? Yeah...
What? Are you in love with Julie Cooper?
What? I saw your face last night.
When is this Valentine's Day tradition going to die?
Where on Earth did you find this?
Would anyone like seconds?
Yeah, well, I just stayed a little longer.
Yeah, yeah, one dinner.
Yeah, you know, Romeo and Juliet, Fred and Wilma, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen
Yeah. How about that.
Yep. Yay, you're on board!
You don't just wake up one morning and decide to change your entire life
You fight for sea otters. You've befriended Taylor Townsend.
You forgot, didn't you? No, of course not
You have a visitor.
You have some sort of surprise.
You haven't given me the green light on that marriage proposal
You know what I think? What?
You you'd be willing to do that, get in the line of fire?
You, Julie Cooper, have a case of the Franks.
You, Summer, are better
You're going to ask her to marry you?
I cannot believe this. Yeah, that's war, bitch.
I I don't get it.
(softly): I wish I was a mermaid....
(TiVo pausing) Hey, what are you watching?
* Yo, I'll tell you what I want *