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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A beautiful life... together.
A bunch of system failures, it all happened at the same time,
A friend once said,
A major system went down somewhere.
And I fell in love with your voice
And I would be the only writer that ever travel to the colony world and come back
And start them up again.
Anybody else awake?
Are you soiling my bar stool?
Aurora Lane.
Aurora, I'm sorry...
Aurora, please
Aurora, this ship is going to go.
Aurora's awake.
Awake far too soon..
Begin message.
Bridge access requires special authorization.
Bridge access requires special authorization.
But I'm the only one here.
But just know that I will never forget you
But please listen
But there has to be.
But we found each other.
Can you fix this?
Can't happen.
Can't we turn the ship around? Go back to Earth?
Cascade failure.
Come back. Hey.
Computer, display these failures over time.
Discount your ticket, and you fly off to populate their planet
Don't even think about it.
Don't you?
End lock down.
End of story
Every failure is a burnout process, everything on board is thinking too hard.
Excellent choice
Fix the ship.
Food can be purchase in the ship's...
For your own safety, please return to your cabins.
Good morning, Aurora.
Good Morning, James!
Good morning.
Grab it!
Guess, I am going to die of old age on this ship!
Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you..
Here you go
Hibernation failure
Hibernation technology is proprietary
How can we fix this?
How did that even happen? This ship is supposed to be meteor proof.
How do I send a message to Earth?
How do you do the math?
How long have I got?
How was that?
How're you feeling?
I do
I don't care what you want!
I don't care! You die, I die.
I envy you, Arthur
I grew up reading about myself in his books
I open the door I get cleared.
I remember this day, a year ago
I think I'm going to have to.
I think it's some of the best work I've ever done,
I was in the pool when the gravity gave out
I woke up too soon.
I... I know. I guess, you're right
I.D. 17...
I'll never write it now
I'm going to go to bed
I'm hoping not.
I'm not going to... I can't think about it. So I'm not going to, that's the deal.
I'm up 2 points
If I open the door right now it will kill you!
Is he asking me on a date?
It ain't right, but the man is drowning.
It worked!
It's a few things
It's Jim.
It's perfectly normal to feel confused.
Jim Preston, located.
Jim was so looking forward to meeting you
Jim. These are not robot questions.
Just me.
Let's go!
Makes people nervous when a bartender just stands there.
Message sent.
My Dad used to say:
My fellow passengers,
New anchor point. Reset tether.
No more Aurora talk
No, this can't be happening.
None will meaningfully extend the patient's life.
Nothing. Go.
Oh Hector, please. Another one.
Oh my god...
Oh, you're a robot.
Over the next 4 months, you'll prepare for your new life on Homestead II.
Override on my authority, I.D. 2317.
Oxygen level restored.
Please buckle up and secure any loose items
Please make a selection.
Please scan your I.D. to confirm luggage delivery.
Please, hurry!
Reactor vent failed. Manual override required.
Really... Okay
Remember, your space suit is your life line.
Return to ship immediately.
Same for me.
She's a midwife
Slide the handle on the right to release the air pressure.
So wake up, sunshine. It's time to relax and enjoy your stay.
Sorr... Sorr... Sorry.
Sorry. Sorry.
Suit pressure dropping.
Temperature level rising
Temperature level rising.
Tether attached
Tether attached.
Thank you
That seemed fishy to you?
That was amazing
That's all.
That's HomeStead Company advertising
The carbon fiber and polyamide construction means your suit is inflexible and endurable.
The Colonies offer an alternative.
The crew's supposed to wake up a month before we do. But...
The door won't stay open
The I.D. band on your wrist is your key to the wonders of the Avalon.
The other passengers aren't late waking up.
There are 30,826 contacts listed under “HomeStead Company.”
There's something wrong. Question is what.
They can be deactivated using the control panel on your arm.
This is where you work?
This isn't the life we ​​planned.
Trick of the trade.
Turn around
Warning. Temperature critical
We are experiencing difficulties in flight.
We hope you decide to join us again soon for another thrilling experience.
We need to find Gus.
We've nearly completed the voyage from Earth to your new home,
Well, I won't tell if you don't.
Well, I'm awake
Well, there's got to be something we can do!
Well, what happens then?
Well, you're a man of simple tastes
What am I going to do? I'm going to sit and thinking about it?
What are we going to do without you? We'll miss you
What can I show you?
What Jim did.
What story?
What's the matter? Are you okay?
What's the prognosis?
Whatever started this we got to find it.
Whatever you do don't get homesick, get Homestead.
Who are you?
Who's that?
Who's the lovely lady?
Yeah, I'll miss New York city.
Yeah, I'll miss the trees in Central Park turning in the Fall
Yes, Señor.
You have a purpose
You just stand here, and then we repeat what they do
You kill me
You look magnificent.
You saw the hibernation pods?
You were?
You wouldn't be alone anymore.
You'll see
Your door will illuminate for you.
Your home until we make landfall.
And fix it. How bad can this get?
Aurora Warning. Temperature level exceeded.
Bite me. Happy to help!
Hold all questions till the end, please. Oh, sorry.
I did
I know
Is it broken? It seems okay.
It's okay
Large coffee. Please enjoy your coffee. Cream. Sugar.
Mm. Yeah. Okay
They never malfunction. Well, I woke up early.
Welcome to the Vienna suite. Oh.
YES! Woo!
[ nsfw ]
612 disorders found.
8 quadrillion dollars
88 years to go