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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A year and a half later, she's fighting for the championship of the world.
About time.
All right, now!
And excuse me if I didn't want my fighter spending the second half of his life...
And I gotta make the change before the fight.
And ice pick maneuver again.
And just keep sticking her. You hear that?
And keep one shoulder back so you're always ready to fire a power shot.
Anybody can lose one fight.
Anything else? Because I'm busy.
Because I think you're ready for a fight.
Bleach smells like bleach.
Break it! Break it!
Break, break!
Broken nose don't hurt that much.
But now she wants to die...
But you didn't win.
Car should be able to back up, Frankie.
Come on around. Keep moving, keep moving.
Come on, Danger, put up your hands and fight.
Come on, let's do this!
Didn't do you a lot of good though, did it?
Don't get all carried away, now. You did good.
Eyes are blurring, boss.
Fine, you take her. She can't fight worth a shit anyway.
Flip, I think you right. Look at her little bitty titties. They're like mosquito bites.
Fly there, drive back.
Frankie, most people figure out by kindergarten it's about faith.
Get out of my office.
Go around wasting it on things that don't matter and what do you got?
Go to your corner.
He ain't so tough.
He paid his dues?
He turned it down without even telling her.
He's got Joey Adagio, lightweight champ?
Her first six rounder didn't go quite as smooth
Hurts me to tell you, but they laugh at you.
I got to thinking what you said, Mr. Scrap.
I gotta leave you, Frankie.
I had to walk back two miles
I thought it might help me with the ladies.
I wonder
I'll warm up the car.
I'm asking.
I'm gonna teach you how to fight...
I'm listening, boss.
I've seen what you can do. Fix it.
If I take you on, you don't say anything, you don't question me.
In the blue corner...
It was always mo cuishle.
It's just some kind of legal thing
It's okay.
It's over. It's over
It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you.
Jab, jab, jab.
Jesus Christ.
Like, my body was going up and down.
Look at me. Concentrate on me.
Look, Willie, you get one shot at the title.
Looks like a bottle of water.
Maybe you got a severed vein...
Me and Mardell would bust up laughing...
Mickey Mack's a businessman. He can't teach you nothing.
Middle one's got a piano lesson. I told Grace I'd drive her.
Move your feet.
Nearly bled to death before they stitched her up.
Nice fight.
No matter where he is...
No, don't be a smartass now, will you?
No, no, this is it.
No, take the bag.
Not my job I'd worry about, if I was you.
Now, how can you afford HBO?
Oh, God!
Okay, okay, fellas, watch the footwork.
Okay, soon as I get the money.
One point deduction off the blue corner
Other than that, how'd I do?
People die every day, Frankie.
Ref, open your eyes, you....
Round after round, I kept getting Frankie to patch me up.
Same people claim to love boxing.
She thinks she knows you.
So you wanna give this a try? See if it's a fit?
Thank you.
That's beautiful, man. That's like poetry.
That's it. Breathe.
That's what I'm saying
The man's a rubdown whore. Today he doesn't want one
The rehab center Frankie found was a nice place.
The ring doctor's gonna call it.
There you go.
These are my sleeping socks.
They're telling him I'm a C1 and C2 complete.
Thirty three ain't so old.
This is yours. You keep your guard up.
Want a cheeseburger?
We might have to lose it, Maggie.
Well, he must have been...
Well, he's hurting me.
Well, if you think that's more important.
Well, it's no burden.
Well, she's got a concussion and a broken eardrum.
Well, that's good.
Well, what about you, Scrap? What did your manager do?
Well, what's that supposed to mean?
Where are your shoes?
Who's your new girl?
Why am I still doing four rounders, boss?
Win this one, I'll tell you what it means.
Woman thinks I'll throw away six months' worth of dues...
Yeah, this is my fighter.
Yeah, well, it might be a stretch...
Yeah, yeah!
Yeah. Give it a few shots
Yes! Come on!
You been spending all this time with me, I didn't know if you had any.
You don't have to hang around all day.
You gonna leave me again?
You got big holes in your socks.
You just rest there, I'II....
You motherfucker.
You said not to argue with you.
You sure?
You're doing a hell of a job. Is this the way you advise your lightweight?
You're not breathing.
comes back, hits Fitzgerald...
And a right hook stuns the champ. All right.
Come on! Break. Break.
Come on. We don't need to be talking. Let me help you
Four, five, six... Stay down, you bitch.
Go ahead. All right. Okay, sounds good.
Inhale. What?
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
Nice fight. Thanks, man.
Nothing. Yeah, look, why don't you just leave it.
Okay, huh? Yeah, it's okay.
Okay. Fight, or I'm calling it.
Protect myself at all times. Good, good.
See the way she did that? Yeah.
This bag? Yes, that bag. That's my bag.
Wanna see? Yeah
What about the ref? Keep between the ref and the Bear...
What you doing? Let him go. All right. Okay.
What'd you want? Nothing. It's nothing
You can fix it. I can't. I've gotta call it.
...and I'd fight my way out.
...banging your head against other people's fists until you lost your eye?
...but he ain't my manager, he can't throw in nothing.'s the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance...
...just to let her know who was boss.
...nine, ten.
...then you're gonna go to sleep.'re disqualified
11 0.