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Home > Futurama (1999) - Season 7
Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A 2 D being into separate pieces!
A can of paint.
A nice, flammable polar bear.
A planetary embargo against Omicron Persei 8.
About experiences you haven't had.
According to Fry's delicate nose.
According to reputable scientists. .
Activate cloaking device.
Ah !
Ah, alone and unhooked.
Ah, home, sweet head.
Ah, perfect timing.
Ah, rats. I wanted lap dance nachos
Ah, still cocked.
Ah, thank you.
Ah, the open road!
Ah, yes, our famous Human Habitat.
Ah. .
All hands on deck for Mojitos.
All I have left is my cigar.
All personnel, report to the laboratory.
All right, all right, where's the surprise?
All right, good enough.
All thanks to your friends.
Almost there. Keep your eyeball closed
Also, I'll send you a check for the parts I stole!
Also, Leela and I...
Always prancing around in those stupid marmoset pajamas.
Amy, what are you?
Amy, with Leela.
Ancient history coming through !
And a complimentary waterfall.
And action!
And are named "Big" something
And don't forget that vampire bank
And don't shoot. That crate is a gift from us.
And Earth is yours.
And finally, I'm sure you've all noticed
And good old Cookie,
And groping.
And I'll go with...
And I'm gonna sing my new masterpiece,
And not the kind you hope for
And send it wirelessly to my 3D printer
And so, on the basis
And some kind of red juice
And still be so great?
And that's how you end hunger.
And the robot hands would make you a strawberry shortcake
And there ain't much more to say about me
And they're still trying to fix it
And this thing lying on the bed?
And we need you back on TV
And we'll never get them all back.
Another great thing was she always had room for dessert
As I mentioned, I was present that night to ensure that Fry fell into the tube.
As long as they vote for Nixon
At least his butt is.
Aw, come on! I can't be a famous folk singer
Aw, man, I can't afford no Medicare copayments!
Aw, Sweetie, tentacles are beautiful.
Aw, thanks.
Aw, yeah.
Back, please. She needs room.
Because you're idiots.
Become a community organizer, a senator,
Before they charge us for another day.
Bender, do you know where Fry is?
Bender, guess what.
Bender? I smell burning tusk.
Bender? It's for you
Big Something here.
Bite my shiny metal axe!
But first I'll kill you!
But for right now, enjoy the sounds
But I am digging your upright posture.
But I can't
But other things are different
But since you're in a jam, I'll trade 'em for that ship of yours
But that's it. No one else
But the twist is, in this show, the singers judge the judges
But then this fire started
But this door looks pretty stupid.
But we only have the one medal.
But we're gonna get even, by golly.
But what does a monkey financial services corporation
But you will have one in just a few hours.
But you've fallen in with a bad crowd.
But your sacrifice will let an innocent child live a full and happy life.
Bye bye.
Calculon would have acted the crap out of that.
Calculon, I'm afraid you won't be returning
Can I have a turd?
Can you shut it off?
Care to join me?
Clone of Agnew is gone,
Cloning is a sin against nature!
Come here.
Come on, Gabriel, you must have seen something!
Come on, I'll show you the lab.
Come on! Let's go to a redneck bar.
Could be seen by an observer in the fourth dimension
Curse this interstellar fog.
Damn, don't nobody like beat boxing no more?
Decisions, decisions.
Deliveries were made, nobody got hurt.
Delivery auto completed.
Did you do it or not? I'm not a mind reader.
Don't come back!
Don't put anyone's life in danger!
Don't tell me how to do humble!
Don't worry about it. Not important.
Don't worry, shippums,
Dude pulled a dimensional drift!
Duplicate your guitar. Thanks, sucker
Emotionally scarred by years of unspoken verbal abuse
Enough zoo director talk.
Even if it means crashing this ship with us in it
Even if my stupid marmoset pajamas
Every role, every paternity suit.
Ew. You were eating my turds?
Excuse me.
Feces pieces?
Fee fi fo fum!
Finally, a turn for the better.
Five what?
For the last time.
Free beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer!
From that Earth ship, aren't you?
Fry? Are you down here?
Fry? Are you home?
Fry? Uh, he, uh,
Fry? Uh, you just missed him.
G.I Zapp is the code name for an elite group of...
Get it?
Get out here and surrender
Give me all your change! And a box of snickerdoodles!
Giving me a second chance at life, but...
Go away.
Go, yo!
Good bye.
Good news, everyone!
Good, because I forgot mine.
Guess I'll go back to the railroad camp now
Hang on, dumpling. My milk's coming in.
Hang on.
Hark! Is it possible the hour of mine deliverance is nigh?
Have you seen Fry?
Haven't I suffered enough!?
He went out to buy you flowers.
He won't wake up if we stay quiet
He's a terrible father.
He's alive!
He's been working so hard, we barely even see him.
He's escaping on a bicycle powered by love
He's just out of sight
He's my pet
He's really been putting his nose to the grindstone,
He's still a bit woozy.
Helium pocket.
Hello, Dave.
Hello, it's me, Fry.
Hello! I'm Dr. Zoidberg
Hello? Hello?
Help is on the way!
Help, I'm being mugged!
Help. Help.
Her dead upon the shore.
Here comes the head.
Here I comes to save the days.
Here's the deal...
Hey, Bender, you better check your ass.
Hey, Fry. Pizza going out.
Hey, guys
Hey, guys, it's me, Bender
Hey, how come I can't swallow?
Hey, I have a lifelong dream too
Hey, Leela, Fry got his head stuck in a pot of honey!
Hey, like, here's a puzzler.
Hey, maybe one of these switches turns off that scary noise.
Hey, thanks for noticing.
Hey, that's a good idea. Sure
Hey, wait. If I'm backwards,
Hey, we can't all fit on that bike.
Hey, you hussy! You can't dump Fry!
Hi, Tinker Bell.
His bowels aren't gonna disem themselves.
His song is coming true somehow.
Hit the deck!
Hmm? Sorry, son.
Hmm. I guess it's because
Hockey sticks or sharpened footballs?
Hold it, Calculon.
Holy crap!
How about Skull Arranging?
How am I going to fill my hungry stomach?
How are you gonna pay off your debt to the Columbia House Record Club
How's your grammar?
However, no
Hurry! Only two minutes until midnight!
I call my new guitar Bender Mae because Bender may be
I can think of a hundred endings that'll save you.
I can't be mad. I'm on way too many painkillers
I could solve this crime
I didn't bring any things.
I didn't even know you had a wishbone.
I don't care if it's three B.M.
I don't even know who you are.
I don't know, Bender
I don't know.
I don't think so, Bender.
I guess a welding torch is no way to catch a rat
I hate you both.
I have a way with bucking mechanical things.
I haven't seen him since we got back from Omicron Persei 8.
I I'm Jrrr, of the planet Omicron Persei 8.
I just turbocharged the ship's matter compressor.
I know karate.
I know she said not to contact her, but it's been three weeks.
I mainly hang out in here
I mean a percentage of the value of the recovered goods.
I mean live theater!