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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A wha ho A wha ho Wha ho
A deal's a deal, so give me my body back.
A Jurassic elaphrosaurid had access to neckwear.
A new place to live, and this iPod.
A picture of yourself, in a boat, on a river.
A pile of dead bears can only mean one thing.
A rock has fallen here in the outskirts of Tijuana.
A storm is gathering.
A sweet romantic place
A terrible weight has been lifted from my heart.
A tremendously powerful static charge
A tricycle tops.
A weird, motel
A wise man once said he was a hell of a squealer.
According to Google Hive,
Activating the force.
Admit it. You don't care about the inner me at all.
Advanced in intellect, you say?
Ah, but we still have one hope...
Ah, here they come.
Ah, I never liked those guys.
Ah, that scrap metal I ordered is here
Ah, then we're down to our last hope:
Aha! The markings indicate how many paces we need to take.
All aboard the party ship!
All my life, I've been inspired by great minds...
All night long, woman.
All right, Amy, you win!
All right, boys and girls, enough fun.
All right, Professor,
All rise for the Honorable Judge 723.
Alright, Leela!
Also Indian food.
Also, some kind of sportsmanship award
Also, they house my testes.
Amy and Nibbler are a "tewwible thweat
Amy's voice: I don't know what to do.
An electric wall, eh?
Analyzing... Analyzing.. Checking my e bay bid..
And a small whiskey. Large.
And all we need
And bravely smothered him with his wig
And everyone's tiddy much protally fit shaced.
And fake your death, so they'll call off the kill bots.
And finally that world that can't be mentioned
And get the hell out.
And guys who mess around with his daughters.
And homeland security permission slips.
And I walk away with the goofy juice!
And I will not tolerate any form of intimidation during..
And I'm Bender, baby
And I'm gonna tell you all how we celebrate Kwanzaa.
And I've barely had time to prepare.
And if Grandma's Xmas fruitcake finally reaches critical mass
And if I want to ing snip with these clamps,
And is there any hope left?
And it only breaches into our 3 D universe
And let's switch back into our original bodies
And now another downloadisode
And now I'm married to one of the spice girls
And now the part I didn't show you
And now, the spicy finale of...
And now, the unrelated conclusion.
And now, to create an unstoppable army
And one heck of a bowler, emperor Nikolai!
And she lived in a magical one room...
And the Amy and Bender bodies can't trade minds again,
And the high level of job satisfaction?
And the Slurmie for Best New Kids' Show goes to
And then the apes blew up their society, too!
And though the world is now spinning
And vittles most tender.
And we'll do anything we can for you!
And what about these funky table legs?
And where do these proud toileteers learn their menial skills?
And your moustache.
Anyhow, you've lowered my self esteem a bit more,
Anyone hear something?
Anyway, my work is done. I'm gonna hit the showers
Are the pizza muffins ready?
Are you ready to play?
Arguably, this could be a good thing.
As election day nears, Prop Infinity appears doomed
As long as we don't need to use our mental...
As longtime mutants ourselves, we support your righteous struggle,
As Mayor, it is my deeply tedious pleasure to kick off
As much as I enjoy being
As my mother held me tight,
As you all know, Leela's living will States that in the event of coma,
As your vice president, I order you to steal that tree.
At first, it seemed beneficial.
At last I'm beautiful!
At last, they located a planet with the necessary orientation
At least he died doing what he loved.
At least the world wasn't destroyed.
At the risk of sounding stupid,
Avoiding sin for almost a full minute.
Aw, aw, aw, aw!
Aw, yeah! Back it on up.
Aw, you didn't have to do that.
Baby seals, here I come
Be seated.
Be very gentle, folks.
Beautiful people everywhere
Because the loser of our bet has to do a double somersault
Bender it was coming right at us!
Bender may seem happy...
Bender, I'm afraid our search is at an end
Bender, thank God I found you in time.
Bender, you always say you're going to kill yourself,
Bender, you blew out your excess capacity! You're cured!
BENDER: I'm back!
Bender: Inspector five's home address!
Bender's saved.
Brother Fry, thou hast visltors.
But are they way more expensive than regular eggs?
But at least they're stupid
But how did you find this planet?
But I think this is a mistake.
But I was willing to lie about it.
But if Leela should find out, her dignity sac will rupture.
But it helps insecure people feel better about themselves.
But it's not enough to convict the Donbot.
But the only weapon we have is my fan dance.
But the places were all taken by surface passengers.
But there is one hope and, as usual, it's Norwegian.
But to ditch these losers, gladly.
But wait, the leader of the attack
But what are we waiting for?
But what if we kept pushing it forward?
But why would you want your mind in a new body?
But, yay!
By a virus from the germ vault?
By going forward in time one minute.
By land. By land.
By ratcheting superconductive wire down into...
Bye, last proton
Calculon's Agent
Can I have another $50?
Can I have another hug?
Can I? That's my speciality!
Can we go home now?
Can you make change for a Nobel Prize?
Check out this webisode of hypnotoad.
Chewbacca's feet
Chug, chug, chug, chug!
Come back, Lrrr!
Come on, let's buy some eyephones online.
Concentrate, Leela, concentrate.
Considering the unbearable horrors you've endured.
Could you drag me by the restroom?
Creatures have taken over my house
Creeped out.
Damn, I'm good.
Darth Sploder
Dearly beloved,
Defense's suspenders serve no purpose
Delete that right now!
Developing a poison to wipe out
Did that snake say hello?
Did we go too far?!
Do you realize what this means, Fry?
Don't eat pastrami that fell on the rug
Don't fire till you see the greens of their eyes
Don't give up.
Don't I need a degree to write gibberish for toddlers?
Don't worry, I know how to handle bullies
Don't worry. I'll drop the anchor.
Down in front!
Dr. Zenus,
Drain angels, they called us
Dread my locks.
Drop that space gun or I'll shoot... like so
Eager to obey my every command.
Eh, fatal, shmatal.
Eight pounds. I'm naming her Burt.
Elvis' pelvis
Enemy invaders up in yonder sky!
Engaging holographic targeting.
English US PSDH
English US PSDH
English US PSDH
Enjoy your stroke.
Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate.
Even ghost and horse,
Even less well off than the upper middle class.
Ever to skip through a field of posie
Everybody at Kinko's was an idiot,
Everybody grab a club.
Everyone I know is dead!
Everyone knows my secret, but no one cares.
Excessive heat, on account of I'm so hot?
Factor in the corsages for the widows..
Far out.
Farewell, Nikolai
Fer centuries, the Farnsworth gentlemen
Finally, we can have a legal, monogamous marriage,
For a quick seduce and snatch
For four and a half weeks of oil wrestling,
Four more beers!
Four stinking years of clamping school for this?
Freeze, fool
From my thesis!
From our brandy storeroom that you know how to find.
Fry here.
Fry stop. She's gone
Fry: Ow, ow, ow, ow! Leela: Aah!
FRY: That's what I was gonna say!
Fry! Fry!
Fry's dead, you say?
Gee, I see CGI.
Get a shave, ugly!
Get in.
Get your...
Give him hell, Morbo!
Go back to Roboklahoma!
God, shield your eyes!
Good afternoon. I am Mr. Astor.
Good news, everyone
Good thing everyone is freshly bathed and groomed.
Good, 'cause I've got 20 of them per cubic meter.
Good, I'm sick of cleaning up those heaps of dead monkeys.
Goodbye, boy.
Goodbye, Professor.
Got it