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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Actually, I'm kind of a...
After having slept with her.
After we stole his lunch money and gave him a wedgie.
Again, I'm sorry.
Airport. Airport. Ross.
All right, check out this bad boy!
All right, I can get you out.
All right, I gotta go shower.
All right, mister
All right.
All right. Open your eyes!
All the way to the airport, huh? You know, that's over 30 miles.
And "Something big's gonna come along
And a little out
And do the cha cha
And I definitely would get the part if I were to, you know...
And I got this blouse for Mom
And I'll be using his dead body as a shield.
And I'm in the movie!
And I'm reveling, baby! Believe me!
And in case you wondered...
And the fact that they're both monkeys?
And we don't work hard?
And weenie number two has it.
And you know why? Because you told the truth.
And you. You...
Any reason to hang around?
Anybody know a good tailor?
Are you okay?
Are you trying to get me to bribe you?
Because he was just so darn cute?
Ben, this is the part where Ernie buries Bert in the sand and can't find him.
But I always made excuses, like "I'm just a social drinker."
But I ran into Stevie Fisher. Remember him?
But listen...
But now...
But we want a backup plan, just in case she isn't a cartoon!
But we're not gonna feel guilty. We work really hard.
But you stay out there!
Can you beat up that guy?
Can't get the monkey off your back?
Can't we use a pen?
Can't you see what's going on? This man is dead!
Carol's fine with it. Come on.
Come on, hurry!
Come on, Joey!
Come on, things could be worse.
Come on.
Could you guys please keep it down?
Could you?
Cramp! Cramp! Cramp!
Day one, floss. Day two, here's your diploma
Do you guys ever get the feeling that...
Do you have any ideas for any openers?
Does anybody want these?
Does it hurt?
Don't blame us. You could've been there.
Don't tell us what's gonna happen. I like being surprised.
Esther Livingston
Evelyn Durmer
Everybody's good.
Everyone, this is Julie.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Aren't you Monica Geller?
Fleischman's group.
For me?
For your information, I'm crazy about this man.
Gee, Monica. What's in the bag?
Get back out there. It's your party!
Get out of here, cat! You stink!
Go ahead with the bird.
Go ahead, get married. Go, go!
Go over there and tell that woman the truth.
Good. How are you?
Good. I'm a lawyer now
Good. They feel good.
Guys, you got new haircuts!
Ha, ha. That's great.
He doesn't have rabies. He has babies.
He gets it back
He got sick, and then he got sicker...
He must like you best
He's playing baseball.
He's probably always been dull. You just, you know...
Here. Here. There we go
Hey, Bob. It's Jade.
Hey, everybody! Say hi to Julie in New Mexico!
Hey, I
Hey, Rach
Hey, Ryan. What's up?
Hey, Travis, what you doing with that gun?
Hey, you guys!
Hi, darling!
Hi, Dr. Greene.
Hi, guys. What's up?
Hi, Jew!
Hi, Monica.
Hi, you guys.
Ho ho ho holy crap, is it hot in here!
Honey, give me a break, will you?
Horrible list of reasons not to be with me?
How about Macholate mousse?
How about we get you a drink?
How are you going to face yourself?
How are you?
How long do you want the cuffs?
How was your day?
I am not telling you guys anything.
I am not!
I am the energy train and you are on board!
I better be going.
I can't believe Joey's having lunch with his stalker!
I can't believe the guys missed it!
I can't believe this
I can't watch this
I can't. I have to take my grandmother to the vet.
I didn't need to know that.
I didn't want the part that way.
I don't even have a car.
I don't have to apologize
I don't know if I was happier when George Bailey destroyed the business...
I don't know. I don't have my jammies.
I don't need you getting judgmental and condescending and pedantic
I don't really get it. But she's pretty upset about it
I don't. I hate Joseph.
I feel that this is totally unjustified
I felt like Gulliver
I got some great stuff to dehydrate. G****s, apricots.
I gotta admit, I was surprised that you agreed to go on a blind date
I gotta get to the museum.
I guess there's nothing really left to say...
I guess we just..
I hate actors
I hate him. I mean, I actually I physically hate him.
I have a condition apparently...
I have just been discovered
I have no idea.
I have the cape, and yet I cannot fly.
I have to have children. I'm sorry, I just do.
I just don't wanna...
I kept talking about you, and he kept asking me out
I know it's crazy, but it's true."
I know this jacket. This is Fun Bobby's jacket!
I know!
I know.
I love this party!
I love you
I may have only been in therapy for three weeks now but
I need to borrow your phone for just one minute.
I needed to buy a hammer and I'm out walking around the neighborhood.
I promise.
I relied on a carefully regimented program...
I see.
I still have to invite Dylan and Emma and Shannon Cooper.
I think that if you gave her a chance, you'd like her.
I took her everywhere
I want to hear it from your lips
I will have the Cajun catfish.
I wondered!
I'll give you one hint.
I'll let you lead.
I'll open it
I'm excited! I've never got reviewed before!
I'm going
I'm going home.
I'm going to look into your eyes now.
I'm gonna go. Bye.
I'm hanging in
I'm just saying..
I'm not saying you're not talented. You're very talented.
I'm not wearing any
I'm sorry, Monica, but I knew if I told you, you'd get really, like, judgmental...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
I'm telling U. She went to the airport, and she's gonna go for it with Ross.
I'm telling your mommies you said it, so you might as well.
I'm with Mon.
I've been feeling incredibly guilty because I wanna be a good friend.
I've never heard myself sing before
I've only slept with women I love.
If I ask you to, you'll end up drinking it yourself.
If I have to, I'll do it all again.
If I make you laugh, here's an idea.
If you buzz our door, there's no tip for you
If you hit the Dairy Queen, you've gone too far
In all the years we've been grandmother and granddaughter..
Is all this true?
Is she good looking?
Is this juice?
It takes him, what? Like, I don't know...
It was you, pal
It's about your monkey!
It's an expression.
It's Erika.
It's got all this stuff about wind and trees..
It's hard to tell because I'm sweating..
It's insperation to a man almost retired all over the world.
It's not a great saying...
It's not the first time I lost a girl to a cowboy spraying cologne.
It's one phone call, I'll be very quick. I'll even pay for it myself.
It's really not that big!
It's your ex fiancé's wedding.
Joanne, it's not as simple as all that, okay?
Joey, I can't believe this! This is unbelievable!
Joey's tailor...
Let's make a day of it!
Like the way I do with Julie.
Lipson knows?
Listen. I feel...
Look at these authentic fake metals!
Look at this.
Look, this is the best relationship I've been in...
Looks like we made it
Lori, please.
Marcel! Marcel!
May be we can talk about it over a cup of coffee
Maybe he had some kind of new style that you're not familiar with.
Maybe I just think I do because that's what society...
Maybe it's because of the way you're dressed.
Maybe they do.
Me and Julie, me and Rach
Me too.
Mom, I have to work.
Mon, I was married.