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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A are they planning to steal the belt?
A book about yo yo tricks, a sandwich I've been meaning to
Aaaah! [gasps] [bleats]
Aah! [breathing heavily]
Aah! [grunting]
Aah! Cool. Hmm
Aah! Uhh.
About the Earth. Maybe this will be a light mission after all.
Ah, it's no big deal, dad.
Ah, okay.
Alexandrite: You two, come out of that bus, this instant!
All right. In order to give a proper
All you want to do is fight me!
All: # We are the Crystal Gems #
All: # We are the Crystal Gems #
All: # we'll always find a way #
All: # we'll always find a way #
All: Aah!
All: Ho, ho! We all have time things!
All: Huh? [grunting]
All: Huh? What?
All: We know.
Amethyst when she does funny stuff like this.
Amethyst, I hope you're ready, 'cause here I..
Amethyst, I'm sorry!
Amethyst: [crying]
Amethyst: [hooting] [screaming]
Amethyst: [normal voice] Ugh, I hate it when you're right
Amethyst: [speaking backwards]
Amethyst: # we're not like anybody #
Amethyst: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18...
Amethyst: Do it!
Amethyst: Give him up, curly! [Grumbles] [Roars]
Amethyst: It's the little guys!
Amethyst: Nerd!
Amethyst: Oh, what?! Bring it, melons!
Amethyst: Steven, cover that thing back up
Amethyst: Uh, maybe you should freak out some more
Amethyst: Whoo hoo! Road trip!
Amethyst: Yeah, give it to me!
An exit. Whoooo!
And again... and again... and again.
And my main man ranger guy, the best of all the guys.
And Sir Bearington.
And think about what you did!
Anyway, what's up?
Are you in there?
Are you making it purr?
Are you seeing this, too?
B b but you gotta get back and help the others!
Be there in a sec!
Because my gem is cracked. If I just stretch it
Both: # and when I talk, it lights a fire in you #
Both: Overhead..
Both: Shh!
But everybody else does.
But I do know she saw beauty in everything,
But which one? Surf master?
But you already knew my name.
Can you believe this? [whale sings]
Check it out.
Come on, come on!
Could it be? Tiger Millionaire has bought out our soda stand.
Dad, how do we use it?
Dad, I found it!
Dad, it's me! Daaad?
Defense rank "S." Zero openings detected.
Didn't you?! Oh, man.
Do you always go in a bubble?
Does it look like his life is going anywhere?
Done and done!
Doo doo doot doot doot doo!
Dumb police!
E everyone here... gets that.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
Eat it up!
Electric blue finish with the tiger bell.
Even if she did leave it with him,
Everyone you know is gonna grow up without you!
Everyone's out.
Fighting gems, actually. [gasps]
Fighting over "dubs" or "subs" that we miss the big picture!
Garnet: Hang on.
Garnet: I thought violence... would be the answer.
Garnet: I'm sending you back to the temple.
Garnet: It was Lapis Lazuli.
Garnet: Maybe not
Garnet: No. [all gasp]
Garnet: Run! [screams]
Garnet: Steven can handle this.
Garnet: That child should not be in possession of such an item
Garnet: The whole tower's coming down.
Garnet: We can take a break if you're not
Garnet! Pearl!
Get back!
Get the van!
Give it up for Dashing Dave Doober and Handsome Hank Hackleschmidt!
Give me! Give me!
Going to end your reign of terror! [bell dings] Yaah! [grunts]
Gotta save the van!
Greg is... nice, Steven.
Guys! Wait till you see ..
He really had it.
He's real! Onion, you believe me, right?
Her out for an engine check. [twinkle!] It'll be quick.
Here we have... a mess.
Hey, get in there and patch things up,
Hey, guys!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, mom? You know how I said you didn't
Hey! That's my door.
Hmm. Yeah, I don't ... I don't know.
Honesty, values, and no one got arrested.
Hubbin' it up!
Huh? Oh. Onion.
Hurrrrrr! Uuuuh!
I am myself, and I'm sick of being split up!
I bet you get pretty lonely waiting for you dad all day
I broke a photo.
I can't even open the fridge
I couldn't help but notice that you're a guys fan
I did everything I'm not supposed to do,
I don't know what a magic lady
I don't know what a magic lady like her ever saw in a plain old dope like me.
I don't think I can eat this
I got this! No! Wait! No, maybe I don't!
I have to get it off the sand.
I hope this place has unlimited breadsticks.
I I was supposed to be a scrub brush.
I I'm sorry I messed everything up
I it could be dangerous or interfere with what's left of my hair.
I just ... I wanted to see you guys acting like friends!
I like the way you do business, Universe.
I looked like a fool! I had to eat a whole pizza by myself!
I love you.
I said, "I don't want to fight"! [warbling]
I should have just waited for you to come back!
I'll be fine. You go on your mission.
I'll go ahead and accept your bribe. [laughs]
I'll just... crawl. My arms are still not broken.
I'll save you, Garnet!
I'm all out of watermelon Stevens.
I'm gonna bring the ocean back or get really thirsty trying
I'm just here on business. I really like your pink fur
I'm makin' the call, and it's this janky one here!
I'm nothing.
I've got you! Be careful. You almost fell right on that ...
If they want to be a problem, they'll have to answer to me
If you followed my blog ..
In the ring tonight ... they've stomped their way
In the ring, nobody can tell me what to do! And if they try, I hit 'em in
Initiate training mode.
Is the camera getting all of this?
Is this...?
It was a slow day at the car wash.
It'll be beautiful and grand, like this one!
It's ... it's just like a giant aquarium.
It's a... together breakfast.
It's all a fake a roo! [mimics guitar riff] [gasps]
It's not enough water!
It's rebuilding its castle. Why didn't you bubble it earlier?
It's still not working!
Just ..
Just be careful! If you drop it on the sand, it'll rebuild everything!
Just go make people eat fries
Keep it together, breakfast!
Keep their hands to themselves
Lars, quit being a jerk and help!
Let's order a pizza.
Let's see if you can keep up with me!
Like the boomerang blade?
Lion, that means you too.
Lion! Get us out of here! Lion, please!
Look at you. You are out of control.
Mama Sadie, this lunch is a win! And for dessert we have...
Mew est competitor... Tiger Millionaire! [crowd boos]
Mm... [struggling]
My leg's not getting any more broken. If I need something,
My tears brought the fountain back to life and saved Amethyst!
No way. I can do it.
No, it's okay. I'm having fun.
No. This is new. I don't know what this is.
Nobody has to live with us
Now it's wild strawberries as far as the eye can see. Oh, that's what I love
Now what if I can't do... anything?
Oh, boy. That thing's giving me the willies.
Oh, man. Hey, good looking
Oh, my gosh! It's just like you, Steven.
Oh, no, what is that doing here?
Oh, no! Not you too!
Oh, no! The tree!
Ohh, this kid's killing me.
Okay, here I come! I'm gonna jump!
Okay, that's enough
Ooh, a devastating move by Puma!
Or else it doesn't work. Serious Steven... activate!
Otherwise, you're never gonna get enough
Over here, everyone! Hi!
Parry! Parry! Thrust!
Pearl: [scoffs] It's just you in there
Pearl: Amethyst, no more roughhousing!
Pearl: Care to explain ... Ugh! ..
Pearl: Did you really think this was gonna work?
Pearl: Don't feel bad about it, okay?
Pearl: Garnet, wait! I'm sure he didn't understand
Pearl: I can't concentra... Aah! Unh! This is all my fault!
Pearl: It's about waiting carefully for the perfect moment to ...
Pearl: It's fine. [chuckles] I'll always have my memories of
Pearl: Okay. So, if the geode breaks, the storm
Pearl: Shh! Want to see something really cool?
Pearl: Steven, are you all right?
Pearl: Steven, you know that's not a real sword technique
Pearl: Steven? Steven! Where is he?
Pearl: That's perfect because I don't want to go with
Pearl: That's so thoughtful, Steven. Unfortunately, though, uh...
Pearl: They're everywhere! Why didn't we see this coming?!
Pearl: Unbelievable. This was once a gem battlefield.
Pearl: What?
Pearl: With pleasure. [knuckles crack]
Pearl: You mean the biggest one?!
Pfft! Ugh. You don't like that one, either? Okay, wait!
Pink? How can he be invisible and pink?
Precious sanctuary! But if you're okay with it,
Really cool. I wish I could shapeshift like you.
Sadie! We're gonna live!
Same person, so we're all equally prone
See? Now your turn.
Serious Steven... go!