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Zardoz (1974) Soundboard

Zardoz (1974) Soundboard

Play and download sound clips from Zardoz (1974) Soundboard.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Absolute acquittal.
Against: 586. Undecided: 86.
And Friend was my accomplice.
And here I would like to claim some credit, if I may.
Attention. Harvest produce report.
Birth, fertility,
Break the tabernacle, or be broken.
Bring death to you all
But go forward to perfection.
But not the link between stimulus and response.
But only memory fragments.
But the eternal tabernacle simply rebuilds me.
But they may.
But you could be elsewhere.
Can you unknow what you know now about me?
Come on!
Come, Zed. This way
Consuella's done the trick herself.
Contradictions differ in accordance with the different nature of different things.
Death approaches.
Disc and retinal vessels normal.
Do it. Do it.
Don't destroy the vortex.
Every little sin and misdemeanour, raked over and over.
Fecemi la divina podestate, la somma sapienza e 'l primo amore."
Fight back.
Fight for death, if that's what you want.
For everybody.
For this you will be aged 50 years, no less.
For three weeks.
Friend is renegade.
Friend. Friend.
Fundus normal.
George Saden, accused of transmitting a negative aura in second level.
Go now.
He's out of control.
How did we conjure up a monster in our midst?
How did you come into the stone?
How pointless!
How pointless!
I am an exterminator.
I am Arthur Frayn, and I am Zardoz.
I am Arthur Frayn.
I am Arthur...
I am immortal
I am the puppet master.
I have studied our social, emotional substructures for 140 years.
I lost my innocence.
I say get more Zeds to do the work.
I try to suppress these thoughts,
I want the truth.
I want to see more of its memories.
I will help you if, when the time comes, you will set me free.
I will not be one mind with you!
I will... I will not go to second level with you!
I will... No!
I would fill you with life.
I... No.
I'll examine him later, in the dome.
I'm not like the others.
Is Arthur Frayn's memory transmission still functioning?
It is catalogued according to your instructions.
It seems to be able to control its memory.
It was Arthur Frayn's idea. A simple way of controlling the outlands.
It was I who gave you access to the stone. It was I
It's a disease.
It's a trick! A trick!
It's getting dark.
It's just entertainment.
Kill him! Kill him!
Kill me too
Liberate me now according to your promise.
Life flows out of you and flows into us.
Look at the excitement you've caused, you naughty girl.
Look over here.
May, I want your help.
Meditate on this at second level.
No haemorrhages or exudates.
No one else wanted to run the outlands.
No, play back the preceding images so we can discover how he suffered this fall.
No. That is not true.
Now hear this, you old farts!
Now she wants to bring in this animal from the outside.
Now you will try to erase the refractions and destroy me.
One of our founders. One of the geniuses that discovered immortality.
Or was it an accident? Now show me that book.
Over here
Penic erection was one of the many unsolved evolutionary mysteries of sexuality.
Praise be to Zardoz!
Replay his last memory moments.
Selective breeding, do you think?
Sentence: George Saden will be aged five years.
She had to find a way to destroy us.
Show me pictures.
Study its emotional and psychic elements in relation to its sociology.
Tell me everything.
Terribly exciting.
That all sounds respectably scientific, but what is May's underthought?
That flies in the night
The penis shoots seeds
The tracer indicates that this image is not erotically stimulating to the brutal.
The truth! The truth!
The truth. The truth!
Then I have nothing to tell you.
These thoughts are constructive criticisms.
This doesn't seem to affect him either
This experiment will measure autoerotic stimulation of the cortex leading to erection.
This is not so.
This will restore your sight and you will see more and deeper than you ever saw before.
To me or anyone else here.
Took a woman in his name.
Vote please. Vote please.
We have eternal life and yet we sentence ourselves to drudgery.
We take life from you.
We want to die!
We wanted the truth.
Well, you've set the fur flying, my friend.
What do you see in the ball?
What was your purpose? To kill Arthur?
Where is Arthur Frayn?
Where is it, the tabernacle?
Whoa there, boy. Whoa.
Without the consent of the individual concerned.
Would you destroy us and all that we are?
Would you kill God?
You are all more or less aware of our intensive researches into the subject.
You are alone
You are asked to vote at the termination of the trial of George Saden.
You're bred and led yourself.
Your potential is...
Zardoz betrayed us. We were hunters, not farmers.
Zardoz gave us the gun. We were the chosen ones
Zardoz said "stop".
Zardoz says if you obey him, you will go to a vortex when you die
Zardoz! Zardoz!
Ageing? Yes. I'm getting old myself.
Disturbed? A little
Glorious death? Yes!
I can't. Tell me how you came in the stone.
I don't remember! Tell me. Show me.
It's indestructible! No! No! It can't be done
Kill it, May. No.
Let's kill each other, Friend. What?
No. Vortex 4.
Open. Zardoz.
Revenge? The truth.
Vote! Yes, vote!
What's the trick? Death.
Why? To confront you.
Would you like to see immortality at work? Yes.
You knew Arthur was Zardoz, didn't you? No.
You're an exterminator. I kill for Zardoz.
Zardoz says... What does Zardoz say?
"Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore:
"The Wizard of Oz" was a fairy story
"Would it have been worthwhile