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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A champion
A couple of quarts of perfume, for Adrian.
A left
A little bit.
A lot of lefts and a right to the head
A lot of people may not like me and that's okay.
Adrian Rocky.
Adrian, it's all I know.
Adrian, where are you? Paulie.
Adrian, you did it!
Adrian! Rocky!
Ain't gonna be a rematch!
All right! Go with the right.
And he's already using his right hand.
And I ain't supposed to work in no meat house.
And I love you, too.
And I think everyone wants to see them
And I thought you was supposed to be great
And it makes me smeal mainly.
And now, the champion is climbing into the ring
And second, because chicken chasing
And smell like a jungle rat
And some Muppet toys, you know
And stay there until I tell you to come out. Understand?
And we're waiting now for the champion to come into the ring.
And you look perfect.
Another round for the champion, Apollo Creed.
Apollo Creed, the master of disaster!
Apollo, how about a statement?
Apollo, the champion
Apollo, the champion, really tagged him.
Apollo's dancing around with his arms in the air.
Apollo's well ahead.
Are you finished? I am Sorry
Are you ready in here? I think so.
Atlantic City or in the snow
Balboa for the second time is down, struggling to get up.
Balboa is in trouble now.
Balboa is staggering from exhaustion
Balboa is wearing a black and gold robe.
Balboa's back in the corner.
Balboa's gotta be in great shape
Beast After Shave, Take One.
Belly punches!
Big. They're Number One.
Break it up
Break it up.
But don't you ever come back here again
But he seems to be in pretty good condition right now.
But I ain't punchy, you know. It's just the way I talk here.
But this time you're gonna be scary, kid.
But we gotta cut back on manpower
But you're fading out, kid
By the sound of the crowd,the champion is just now coming into the Spectrum.
Can we go to work?
Can you do me one this time?
Can't do it. Union rules
Come here.
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on, do you like having a good time?
Come on, Rocky!
Come on.
Come on.
Creed doesn't know where he is. It's blind instinct.
Cut me, Mick. But I don't want to.
Derogatory? Yeah, he's great.
Do you hear me? ! Five hundred times.
Do you want those guys to see
Doing this in front of my wife.
Don't let him breathe
Don't want one!
Don't worry about nothing
Down on one knee.
Faster! Faster!
Five, six.
For World War III!
Get at it! Your body!
Get him!
Get out!
Get outta here! I didn't want you for this setup in the first place!
Get up, Rocky, get up!
Gloria, you got something a little smaller?
Go back to the docks where you belong
Go for it! Go for it, Rocky!
Go get him!
Good night
He broke my ribs!
He can't even get his gioves up to protect himself.
He doesn't wanna face me. He's scared.
He got a left to the ribs, his right ribs
He has an awfuI lot of backers here.
He starts to take command early here.
He wore a red one the last time
He's all wrong for us, baby.
He's gonna get hurt because of you.
He's in trouble, taking rights and lefts from the champion
He's ready, believe me
He's still upset.
He's won another round.
Here comes Balboa.
Here we go, round 2.
How about a new dress every day? Would you like that?
How about a statement, Rocky?
How do you feel?
How's your face, Rocky?
I can't see nothing. You gotta open my eye.
I can't. I love him, you don't!
I don't know.
I don't know. He looks pretty mad.
I got a couple of good prospects
I got a deal from Smart Deal Toy Company
I just wrote this thing for you, Adrian.
I keep hitting trash cans and things like that.
I love you!
I love you!
I love you! I love you!
I said, where the hell you going? ! Talking to myself, mister.
I says to myself, I says:
I wanna get one for Paulie, too. Okay?
I wanna hear the truth
I want something done publicly to bring this man out.
I would've carried you everywhere
I wouldn't be here either, you know.
I'll fight him anyplace, anytime!
I'll hire a bodyguard
I'll stay with you
I'm gonna be doing commercials.
I'm sorry. Hospital rules
I'm worried about you. I been watching.
If you get through this first round, then he's ours!
In front of this man's home crowd
In the afternoon, when I put it on
In the black corner,
Is he ready, dear?
Is that all you got? You ain't got nothing!
Is that right?
It does everything. For kids
It is a tremendous fight
It's a standard deal.
It's all I know.
It's healthy, huh? Look, I gotta go.
It's kinda funny, don't you think?
It's not okay
It's okay, I don't need it no more
It's over! He won! Balboa just legally did it!
It's the end of the round.
It's the second shot
It's time, kid.
Italian tank.
Jab it till it hurts. Go ahead!
Johnny, I'll do it.
Just stick and move!
Keep it up! Keep it up!
Keep moving, keep moving!
Keep your hands up
L feel good tonight.
Leave me alone!
Left to the chin. Left to the head. Left to the chin. Left to the head.
Left. Right.
Leonard, where are you going?
Let it go!
Let me use your head for a minute, kid.
Let's go after some new meat.
Lightning! Thunder!
Like balIs and baseballs?
Like I never saw no man get beat before.
Listen, Paulie, you're gonna help out with the baby tonight.
Look at that!
Looks great.
Man, I won, but I didn't beat him!
Most of all, I wanna thank God
My sister got you so guilty
No, I'll just call you.
No, it ain't all right.
No, just keep it rolling.
No, this is great for the arms.
Now he's all finished.
Now I say,
Now it's Balboa!
Now the champ is trying to get up.
Now, for a 45 minute fight
Now, he's gonna try to kill you quick.
Now, stick and move!
Now! Now!
Or no shorter one.
Or worse
Paulie, how you doing?
Please don't stop nothing.
Real sharp.
Remember,from the first fight? It was the eye that was cut the last time
Right to the chin! He's got him up against the ropes.
Rock, you got another shot
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa
Rocky, a rematch could be worth millions!
Rocky! Rocky!
Say hi to my sister for me
See you, Mick.
She don't like me fighting no more.
She likes to smell good
Speed! Speed!
Sure thing, Rockyhead.
Tell me when you see it, will yo?
Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it
Thanks, Father,
Thanks, God!
That ain't my brand, huh? I like oatmeal.
That don't matter. Let's get the house?
That I'm ready,willing and able to meet you anywhere,anyplace,anytime.
That is right. Yeah?
That tastes good
That was another round for Creed
That would be nice. Now hit that bag.
That's 10 weeks.
That's bad manners, ain't it, Adrian?
That's it
That's it.
That's okay with me, but when can I start?
The arena's certainly packed with Rocky's people.
The champion has let it be known that he is in the best shape of his illustrious career.
The fight was a fake. Go kill yourself.
The left eye is closed
The only job I got's lugging beef
The premature delivery was most likely caused by straining or overwork
The Southpaw from Philly, he is fighting right handed!