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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A cross platform merger of our three great brands
A fact I remember because my mind
A legal debate show about issues facing residents
A lot, and it's all gonna be great.
A minimal, unhelpful note, these appear to be human teeth,
A person should not have to have an advanced law degree
A well organized chart.
Actually, that might work
After I said you were full of it,
After I said you were full of it,
Ah, you're right..
All of these people in the same place at the same time.
All right, I want to say something to my girls.
All right, later, dudes.
All right? He's gonna love me for it.
All the countries, other people
Also, we want to give you a raise,
Alyssa, this is April Ludgate,
Am I even qualified?
America, Red China
And And they would sing along with a jug band,
And a push, but you have to realize
And added many shrimp to it
And basically break even.
And bleeding the rotting beast from the inside.
And blow up he did,
And build a new National Park,
And consulting is perfect for April.
And fighting zoning laws that I helped pass,
And for five years as a City Manager,
And get us engaged
And guess what I have planned for tonight?
And guess what? I don't know the words.
And he lifted all of us up.
And help me out?
And I calmly saunter down to your office
And I didn't feel like explaining why
And I don't remember where.
And I don't want those kids to make the same mistake, okay?
And I find out you have quit the Parks Department
And I have the right, as a citizen of the United States,
And I hope that you can see now
And I just want to thank you for taking me down memory lane,
And I just want you to know that for the past ten years"
And I know how hard it is to get to that place.
And I made it into this frame for you in the event
And I realized it meant bulldozing Ann's old house,
And I start in a couple months.
And I want to own the character Johnny Karate, 'cause it's me.
And I'm gonna sing along
And I'm gonna sing along.
And I'm scared of death
And I'm tired of waiting on them, okay? Okay.
And it seemed like people thought we were wrong
And make everyone feel awesome, so it's no different.
And not died
And not laugh really hard
And once again, it is up to me to save our friendship.
And she's just gonna quit on me?
And talk about my feelings for 10 hours.
And the DNC thinks that I should run for governor.
And then brought him a box of presents,
And then Lucy just Gryzzl texts you out of nowhere?
And then, two months after that,
And they kind of upset my stomach.
And they need us in Washington to prep
And they think she has a great shot to win.
And this guy better appreciate it because
And we were kicked out.
And we're here to tell you..
And why have we had lunch so many times?
And years have gone by, and now I'm here
And you said to me, "Ms. Knope, I have one question for you
And you're a perfect candidate.
And you're gonna tear all the houses down?
And you're gonna tear all the houses down?
Andy? Bring me the next person
Annabel's authentic, hand strained
Any creative problem solving?
Any information they want.
Anyway, I became really motivated once I got out
April kept pulling it. So the fire department disconnected it.
April Ludgate Dwyer.
April, you looked at one horrifying job.
April, you're the exact opposite
Are you bummed, Tom?
Are you crazy? You can't do that
Are you here to give me the Woman of the Year award?
As a minority owner, it'll strengthen Gryzzl's bid.
As luck would have it... One second.
As many as I need to to solve this mystery
As you know if you've read the book,
At a ridiculous science fiction scenario
At her request, the party's theme
Aw, damn. I was secretly hoping
Babe, you are killing it!
Baby tsst tsst you smell good.
Be a man and get your house in order.
Because every day you come home and you're just, like,
Because if not I brought my own
Because my first book was such a smash,
Because the two of you make a good team.
Because you are drunk and hungover
Before I say good bye, let's review our checklist
Ben is gonna be running my campaign
Ben Wyatt
Bill Haggerty from the Pawnee Historical Society.
Both of you. Come on
Burt Macklin.
But as soon as they get back, I'll get into it.
But first, Leslie Knope, my wife...
But I don't want to wake up my godchild
But it was pretty easy to figure out what had happened.
But it's illegal
But it's not a job I take lightly
But now I'm on the other side
But Ron is not allowed to eat them
But the last three years, she's gone off the deep end
But then, we checked thousands of emails and texts
But this isn't Ice Town.
But you do realize I gave you this picture six hours ago.
But you never do know though, right?
But your offer was too good to pass up. So I didn't try to stop her
But, enough about me
Butts, that's it. I'll streak across the stage.
Bye, kids!
Call in every favor that we have.
Can sign the document separately
Can't I just sign up?
Can't we just say it was there?
Care to explain?
Check this out.
Chop chop! Time to get baking
Come on, Garry, you're the mayor now
Come on, Ron.
Come on.
Craig changed everything.
Daddy ate a squirrel
December 18, 2015.
Diane and I are especially proud because Ivy was just accepted
Did you let me have it?
Did you use an egg donor
Different Selena Gomez.
Do you wanna try it?
Do you want to eat at my restaurant for free?
Don't be a stranger
Don't call me "man."
Don't care.
Don't worry, okay?
Donna is going to take some of the money
Donna, what do I do?
Enjoy your new job, Judas.
Ethel Beavers, we need this filed, please
Even JJ's Diner is disappearing
Everybody, who wants to get it on?
Everybody's really mean
Everyone is fun
Everything was perfect. You are a miracle worker.
Excuse me, Judge Perd?
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Hi.
February 2016 I think you're gonna really enjoy
Film the whole thing
Fitting, really
For a janitor at the TV station.
For example, we couldn't get a bottle
For once in your life, do something right.
For the federal government
Freedom of Information Act request.
Fwar, Dips, Winshares, Gritt, Babip,
Garry Knox Bennett, designer of the notorious
Give me a chance to prove to you how great this could be.
Give me the job!
God, I'm gonna miss you
Good morning, Leslie
Good talk
Good talk.
Gregory Strong
Gryzzl has billions of dollars. There's no way I beat them
Guys, where's the old shoe shine stand from upstairs?
Hang on.
Hang on.
Hartwell's biggest weakness is the economy,
Have your back.
He does all the work, and I get 10% just for showing up
He is a monster. Monsters do not have souls.
He is going to lose. His. Mind.
He then became a bureaucratic assistant
He was.
He's eating his own sushi!
He's kind, he's intelligent
Head coach of the Chicago Bulls
Hello, April. Larry.
Hello, Carpenter Ron.
Hello. Ron!
Here's my idea
Hey, babe. I got to go to Washington. Can you pick up the kids?
Hey, I got a quick fix for that
Hey, Jen, I didn't know you were here.
Hey, status report?
Hey, thanks so much for coming, guys
Hey! Hey, we're trapped in here! Hey!
Hi, I'm Zack. Harrison
Hmm. You should add "telling people what to do"
Honestly, Leslie, it's fine.
Hopefully there's a pit in Washington, D.C
How can you tell?
How did I miss this?
How did you get that?
How long are you two gonna go on like this?
How much did that haircut cost?
How you stood by me through all my failures and I stood by you
How's everything here?
Hunting lodge was recently discovered
I act as my own wife.
I am Mr. Meagle, but we're divorced.
I am not a spy,
I am sorry if I caused a problem.
I am.
I asked everyone in the Parks Department to choose one song.
I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for you.
I can't say those words. You don't have to.
I choose "sit here