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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A beatbox challenge.
A meme, an Internet phenomenon.
A nice little puff piece. I set it up
About the way we think. Mike.
Ah, money's tight, huh?
Ah, that's lovely
All I know is the Secretary of Defense
All of it.
All right, I'll text Amy.
All right, I'm just God damn it.
All right, she's on her way, so we'll just put this in her car.
All right, we'll do it. I have no problem with that. Let's go.
All right, well, standard issue pro Israeli,
All right? That's like a sexual 9/11 in my opinion.
All right.
Although I did change it from Juanita to Anita.
Amy and Ed work for the VP,
And a black bear. That's the weird part
And as you know, I'm a good shot.
And come up with new codes like that.
And fuck you for thinking so
And giving a eulogy when POTUS sends me there in his stead
And he can just blow at any second
And he said, "No, the guy from Fox News
And it's number five, by the way.
And my ears are my livelihood.
And not really cards so much.
And peer through a fucking newspaper. What the fuck are you doing?
And the implication that you offered access to the vice president.
And their awkward questions
And then in six years, it's gonna be Ms. President
And they seemed excited as young voters
And we are gonna make it up elsewhere. Hang on just a second.
And we need that Catherine apology ASAP.
And we will split the champagne
Andre the Giant Jagoff is gonna obey?
Apparently she bitch slapped Furlong.
Are there any other symptoms?
Are we hungry?
Are you getting these all from your iPod?
Are you going to the G8 conference in London?
Are you serious?
As opposed to "story."
As well as get in touch with the press guys?
At the moment, the names we're hearing...
Aw, crap. I wanted to meet the NASA guys.
Because I think POTUS is coming here to kick me off the ticket.
Because I'm the fucker who furloughed him.
Boy, I had forgotten
Bullshit. No one's a fucking Quaker
But every time she gets around him..
But he's dead, for God's sake.
But I did have to come clean about you walking through the glass door.
But I just want to say I'm sorry about your dad
But not that. That sounds bad.
But she's slightly delayed
But so... so you import parmesan?
But thanks anyway.
But that's what's good about them...
But the press have added "Da"...
But we are going to be discussing
But when I do, it just makes me so fucking happy.
Can you see if he's still out there?
Catherine, how does all this affect
Christ, it's everywhere
Chung will reenlist and hopefully get himself killed.
Coffee from corner bakery implying you were at
Come on, Gary.
Come on, it's a free meal.
Comedy songs are the mark of a douchebag.
Could you just not...
Cut your face off and give it to the VP if you have to
Dan is bored. Sue is looking for another job.
Danteeksi! Danteeksi!
Did I?
Did they just get that? Me being angry?
Did you see that? I had him in the palm of my hand.
Dilka's brother?
Do it. All right, listen, Mike, I need you..
Do we have any with black truffle?
Do you find this divergence troubling?
Do you have a mirror?
Do you have any idea how the press is all over me right now?
Do you know smile
Does that mean you're back on the market?
Don't tell me. You've been polling.
Ed, you really need to can it right now.
Emad Burnat's movie "5 Broken Cameras."
Europe used to be my favorite continent.
Europhobic? Seriously?
Even if I have to get Sue to fly around the world
Everybody can just shut the shit up.
Feels good to get moving, guys.
Fix it or I'll liaise your balls to your desk
Flats don't go with that dress, which means you probably have heels in your bag.
For a right fuckabout, eh?
For all that you do for me.
For people not to be assholes?
For the end of the Mary King talks at the party tonight.
For the last two semesters
Forgot my noise cancelling headphones
From the thumb drive
From this administration and you're forbidden by law
Funny, but I'm being serious, sir.
Gary, my boob.
Gary, what am I supposed to wear today?
Get rid of it. Refuse it
Give them all donor boners
God, I hope Iran drops a nuke on DC
Good choice. Under the radar as we used to say in the military.
Have a great day.
He does a lot of..
He says that he wants to pick up Catherine.
He would be. I've actually thought about it.
He'll probably stumble into a war sooner or later.
He's political poison. He's political
He's the whistleblower. Yeah
He's trying to screw me. I'm gonna go stab him.
Here we go... Ken's given Barbie the slip.
Hey, hey
Hey, I'm sorry this isn't the presidential suite, ma'am.
Hey, it is good to be on top of international relations
Hey, quit being so hot. You're gonna melt all my cheese.
Hey, what do you move like, Will?
Hi, Catherine. How are you?
High up in the State Department
Hiya. Uh, hey.
Hmm, have you seen television news before?
Honestly, I would take half just to get rid of the damn thing
How about a 10% cut to NIH, okay?
How can they allow this shutdown to happen?
How do you feel about swindling
How long is this flight?
How many lunch breaks can one guy take?
How much do you want for her?
I also have a gift for you
I am never going back there.
I can even say your name the other way..
I can't cancel my destiny.
I can't get the dent out at all.
I did, and I changed the "hallelujah"
I didn't know you did voices
I didn't want to do that because she's already on St. John's Wort.
I do and it's like steel.
I do not like to say this,
I don't even know what that means.
I don't know. Information wise, I am becalmed.
I don't, actually. How baffling.
I doubt that.
I give great talking head.
I have a fresh pair every day now.
I have a similar story, but the other way around
I have no children and I wish for none,
I haven't even been able to see
I heard Russell Crowe.
I hope you've done Pilates before.
I just need to reiterate with you.
I just said I had no time.
I know you think I'm melodramatic, ma'am.
I know. I know. I know
I love how much you guys being together is fucking with Dan.
I mean, it must be. Gary, think about it.
I mean, they insubord me all the time.
I mean, why wouldn't I make that assumption?
I move as slowly as a Mississippi detective
I need an exit strategy
I need my happy pills, a little bit of joy.
I need to go talk to Ben right now
I spewed out so much bullshit, I'm gonna need a mint
I swear to God, it was massive
I think he'll be pulling Bon Jovi out of a burning tank
I think that question is for me.
I think that the president should only have her staff here
I think that this whole Dream...
I thought you were doing it over there.
I wasn't saying that I was angry to you about you
I went to a Mexican karaoke restaurant
I wonder how much vodka we'd need to have
I would buy a tank and I would blow your fat fucking head off.
I would have no problem finding you a position
I'll fix that.
I'll see you down the hallway in 15 minutes, Mike.
I'm always afraid I'm gonna get my head cut off.
I'm at the hog roast
I'm cancelling. I'm cancelling
I'm coming, I'm coming
I'm gonna be a couple minutes late
I'm gonna finish it tonight. She's coming to Catherine's birthday party.
I'm gonna go call Andrew. Mm mm mm.
I'm gonna take this hat off.
I'm guessing that that was meant as some sort of a joke.
I'm just gonna head back if anybody needs me West Wing.
I'm not doing that thing
I'm not good for another four hours.
I'm really excited for that party
I'm sorry. I got Sue.
I'm the fucking chair of Senate Intel,
I'm way behind
I've been wrecking parties since I was 13
I've just always assumed that they were dead.
I've really got to go. Catch you guys later
If I keep talking, I'm gonna vomit
If I were drunk right now, would you kiss me?
If only, right?
If there was a tsunami, you'd be genuinely looking at your phone
If they don't want action, they shouldn't advertise.
If you burst into tears, stay away from this dress
In charge of my image except me?
In my bedroom.
In my own way on my own terms.
In that fucking fish eating, indie film fucking hellhole.
In the middle of the day, right?
Is actually a more significant political prism than nationality.
Is discussing an impeachment vote
Is getting back together with her ex husband.
Is what other people would say
Israel, Europe
It didn't offend half of Europe.
It is a literal description of what just happened
It is a successful Finnish export
It was funny. We got to get out of here.
It's a shame you're not going to London
It's fucking Andrew, yeah.
It's fucking us all every which way
It's got a smiley face on it.
Jeez, you could hide a baby in that thing.
Jesus fucking Christ. Here
Jesus, Mike's gone viral.
Jokes like that about the Middle East?
Jonah will be making the trip as well
Jonah, move the veep away from the pig
Jonah, this is a restricted area.
Jonah's right. Ahem