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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A real detail man
A simple rule. A simple, little rule
All that sneaking around...
And go screw yourself.
And yesterday, in Nice..
Any enemies you can think of?
At least with me, it doesn't take 12 months..
But he was still my father.
But if you don't...
But, uh, you wouldn't know anything about that?
Can I leave?
Ce type est dingue et capable de tout.
Come on
Come on and give me a hand.
Come on now.
Come on, drink
Delivery will be at noon
Do not make mistakes about who they visit
Do we have a deal?
Down at my office to give your statements.
End up with my daughter?
Everything is always..
For a few days and then everything...
For a foreigner, Monsieur Frank
From the rest of it.
Get away!
Give me a minute.
Going to see that guy.
Good luck.
Good morning.
Got it?
He's not
Heh heh heh!
Heh heh heh! You have a good sense of humor...
Here's the paperwork
I almost forgot.
I didn't get your name
I have one question for you.
I hope you like, uh..
I know she'll never stop being who she is...
I like it quiet in the morning.
I need new.
I saw him walking along the dark road
I won't say any..
I would say your intuition worked out very well..
I'll leave the package. Once we make a deal..
I'll rebuild it.
I'm amazed you get any work at all.
I'm gonna take my knife out..
I'm looking for a transporter
I'm sorry, Frank
I'm still wondering if I want to know everything..
I'm still your father.
If no one's there, it is not my responsibility
In containers.
In those very expensive suits..
In, how long?
It means I got tired of seeing my best efforts...
It was blown to pieces at a rest stop
Kidnapping his daughter..
Lai, look! Come on, you wanna die?!
Let me
Like the French. Sly wit.
Like you do?
Luckily, my security got the drop on him.
Man On TV 2: Oh, yeah, well, how come..
Military people have always intrigued me
Move away!
Mr. Transporter...
My daughter will get over it.
No phone calls for half an hour?
No, don't!
No, please! Nnn!
No. No one
Not for a while
Nothing but trouble, you open the goddamn package
Of course.
Oh, maybe a kilo.
Oh, you have such a good heart.
Oh, you know, uh..
OK, OK, that's enough.
One way, one way!
Or nothing about you.
People from the past?
People with this kind of firepower..
Put it down.
Put it on.
Rule 2... No names.
Save your strength.
Shoot her!
So you're saying you're gonna do nothing?
Some very fancy driving
Stop! Police!
Thanks, but we'll manage.
That was the deal.
The 20 million euros in bearer bonds..
The doctor said you will have a headache...
The way they grill fish
There's 4 of you
There's gotta be some dry clothes...
They take up the best beaches in summer
They're too aggressive
This man used my partner's daughter here...
This plane is not for tourists.
Time of pickup?
Time's up.
To try and blackmail us.
Transporting something for me
Unh. Ahh
Very simple.
We can both agree..
We need you to take us to Avignon
We'll be more than happy to oblige.
Well, may I suggest that when the 2 of you..
What are you doing?
Where are they?
Where are you going?
Where are you taking me?
Who are you?
Why are you making..
With the big jewelry and too much make up.
With where you are.
Without money, it would be hard
Would have been cashed and gone by this afternoon
Would you mind walking me?
Yeah, if she's lucky maybe you'll get hit by a truck.
You believe her?
You do have one
You dumb shit.
You know this for fact?
You told them nothing, right?
You understand?
You're breaking the rules, Frank.
You're late
Your gun, please.
No! No! Get in!
What now? Take her.
"I am retired, living on a pension... "
# For my ****az on my family tree #
# Get freaky, call me Madonna #
# I got love for #
# Lay on the bed, he follow #
# Money will multiply #
# My toast, my all my queen, my folks #