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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A deal of a lifetime opportunity...
A rich family
Ahhh !
All of his knowledge was from books.
All right.
Allow me to introduce these lovely ladies.
And believe me, she's gonna be very happy to see us.
And everything to do with money.
And I always come back with the money
And I have no respect for those who have no respect for logic
And l'm out looking for a dead mother.
And of course..
And Thanksgiving dinner ?
And Wilson Pickett, a couple of white people
Because it's your first time. Perfectly natural.
Because l'm gonna need a lot more money to get my car
Brother to brother
Brother to brother
Brother to brother Brother to brother
Brother to brother my brother
Brother to brother my brother
But he's got something in the trunk that's worth millions.
But l'm looking for someone that lived here a long time ago.
Bye, Vincent.
Come on, let's assume the dance position
Come on.
Dickhead ?
Do you have a manual, please ?
Don't lie to me. We're twins
Don't touch him.
Don't try and renegotiate with old Beetroot, son.
Don't worry about anything, Vincent
Driver's licence, please.
Excuse me, but... my back teeth are floating.
Excuse me, I have to check if my back teeth are floating.
Five million !
Four million dollars. Just say it.
Got benefits most people never see
Grab my hand. Come on.
Has ever seen my face.
He had not one, but six fathers
He should. That's Sister Maria..
He wasn't equipped to deal with the outside world
He's clean.
He's kind of a dickhead, if you know what I mean.
He's okay. He's helping me out.
Hello, yeah. Hello !
Hey, Benedict !
Hey, big fella.
Hey, dickhead.
His mother gave birth to another baby boy.
How wrong I was
How'd you know my name ?
I always sleep on the floo
I always thought he was happy, and had no desire to leave.
I can teach you that, Vincent
I can't
I cleaned her pipes once. Let's go have a cup of coffee.
I did have a child once.
I don't want to get married and it's not that I wanna...
I got a nice BMW up on 4, stall 20
I got this disease called a conscience.
I had no idea that these magazines...
I haven't said that name out loud for over 30 years.
I hope so. Bye.
I just wanna live with you
I know what you're like.
I know. Geez, you think I don't know that !
I love it when you hit people, Julius
I only have eyes for you She bop she bop
I smile and I cry without knowing why
I think you should just take off, man.
Jail, a man of his character can only be in jail.
Just give me what's mine and l'll leave you alone.
L All l'm asking for is another chance.
L'm callin' from California. I happen to have something
L'm caught up in some kind of trance
L'm genetic garbage.
L'm not even supposed to be here with you.
L'm so happy he had so many children to play with.
L'm sorry. Good day.
L'm starting to feel life gave us a deaI
L've only been driving an hour.
Let me enrich you.
Lf you're lucky, they do
Like no other
Linda and I just came by 'cause she baked him a cake...
Look, ease up on the love talk...
Lt's all right. lt's something
Mary Ann Benedict.
Mm mm, Uh huh
Mom hasn't seen me in all these years.
My life just got flushed down the toilet.
Never sleep with that man, never loan him money...
No, no
No, not at all. l'm really looking forward to tossing them.
No, we're not just your average family
Not on my feet. Thanks very much.
Oh, can I ride in front with Vincent ?
Oh, I asked her to. She turned me down.
Oh, I forgot to tell you we were fired.
Oh, Mama !
Oh, Vincent, you locked yourself out
Oh, we're rollin'.
Okay ?
Okay, here you go.
Open it, close it. Open it, close it.
Or else what, you blimp ?
Or you don't get no spending cash
People put their trust in me.
See if you can get us a room with a king size bed ?
See you in Houston in the morning.
She donates her house, land...
She passed
So what difference does it make who I am ?
So, do I look normaI to you ?
Something like the Rand Corporation.
Step on it !
Steps ! Steps !
Take out the papers
Take out the papers Take out the papers
Thank you.
That his brother, Vincent, was in some kind of trouble..
That I am going to deliver any damn Cadillac...
That was our friend.
That's a good little pussy cat. This is sweet Julius.
That's right, you don't deserve it.
That's very, very nice of you.
The corporation's in a transitionaI period right now
The magic just never ends
The magic just never ends
The nearest island with an airport was 27 miles away
The remarkable young woman..
There'll never be another No, no
There's only $4000 here. For a car like this is $6000
These cars have terrific alarms !
They have compassion.
This is beautiful
This man wants to talk to you.
Through every jam l'm in
Tonight's the night
Try Brazil.
Twenty ! You little shit for brains peckerwood !
Twins ?
Twins united outside and in
Twins united outside and in
Vincent, l'm comin' with you.
Vincent. Dearest, Vincent..
Was like... superwoman.
Way to go, Jules !
We are looking for Mary Ann Benedict, please.
We can be a family.
We got together now the reaI problems start
We split the pain double the pleasure
We were connected even when apart
We were making the most fully developed human the world has ever seen.
We won't be alone any more.
Well, that's that. On to Houston.
What a cute little kitty.
What are you doing back there ?
What did you do, escape from prison ?
What do I do now ?
What do we have left out of the $50,000 reward ?
What is it ?
When we find Mama...
When you walk, you gotta walk like you're moving to music...
Where do you think you're going ?
Where you guys going, out to Hawaii ?
Where's Daddy ?
Who are you ?
Who was selected to be his mother.
Who would I believe
Whoa, Tony !
Why people wanted to buy her paintings.
Yakety yak don't talk back
Yeah, have a nice day
Yeah, I guess I am.
Yeah, l'm kinda proud of myself.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeeeoow !
Yes I would die for this dance
Yes, I have a map.
You became my hero
You didn't ? Where've you been ? A desert island ?
You found each other
You get over things.
You got a point.
You got it
You gotta help me out
You have been my brother
You helped me understand one to another
You know each other ?
You know what we have to do, Jules ?
You know...
You mean the four million dollars.
You must let me help you get out of here.
You mustn't always think about money.
You see, I didn't believe your story.
You, I am never gonna forgive... never
You're gonna cut it
You're gonna have to write to the Benedict Foundation stating your business.
You're just some fool who stole a car ?
You're the missing part of my life.
Your bowels troubling you ?
Your brothers seem to have a problem with their feet.
May be an angeI Good, Jules.
A fortune ? That's great ! Yeah !
But maybe technically speaking. Dad !
Can I help you ? Uh, yeah
Close it. Close it ?
Do I look cooI now ? Mr lce
He's lying ! Take it easy. He said he was gonna call security.
Hi. Hi.
I carry him to a hospital. No !
I didn't know you had a brother. Me, either.
I feeI terrible. Me, too. Thanks a lot
I have more money
lf you can believe that ! What ?
Linda. Hi.
lt's Al. lt's AI ? Ooh, Al, Al, Al.
lt's not my birthday. Better late than never. Oh.
Marnie. What ?
Oh, no ! Oh, no
Pickin' up something for the girlfriend ? I don't have a girlfriend.
picking you up and hug you... Whoa !
Play chess together. Get lost together.
Right. Am I Vince Benedict ?
She hardly knows me. That's the best way.
That's not true and you know it. Bullshit !
The directions you gave me weren't Step back.
Very gently. You got it.
We thought that this is Mary Ann Benedict ?
We're family. That's right.
We're gonna return this money. No.
What are you doin' with the finger ? Learning to drive.