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Home > Bob's Burgers Thanks-hoarding - Season...
Ah, well, that's what tablecloths are for
Ah. Oh, it stopped.
All anyone will smell is delicious turkey.
All of it... and wrote down
All right. And the trick is, with the rubs,
An old telephone without a receiver.
And act like you're putting it in the oven
And I call this Magic 8 Ball with all the water drained out
And I caught my shirt on the dresser handle,
And I spat g**** juice everywhere.
And if anyone comes and asks anything about it,
And if they say, "Vinny's out of the joint?"
And it's different. I'm just nervous.
And just close the doors! Ow!
And now you're making us do stuff, right?
And the kids and I will set up out here, okay?
And the timing of the yams was off.
And then come to my place to have dinner!
And then my neighbors would yell, "Shut up!"
And then the cuckoo scared me,
And you can have a nice Thanksgiving
Are trying to see who can find the best thing.
BELCHERS: ♪ That makes you the waffle ♪
BELCHERS: ♪ That makes you the waffle ♪
Bob, he's our friend.
BOB: So, tomorrow, you just take this guy out
BOB: We gotta get out of this Dumpster.
BOB: Well, we got you a good bird, Teddy.
Bob! I'm looking at your notes,
But he has too much.
But I don't keep 600 pounds of food in my dining room.
But lots of chopsticks
But the pictures don't match and the green beans are burning,
But this isn't my thing.
But we found a dining table under all of the stuff.
But who should I sit between?
Can I have a word with you in the kitchen?
Can you write in cursive?
Cook his Thanksgiving dinner, and we did that.
Dad gets weird about Thanksgiving.
Don't overthink it. You get yourself
Exactly, Bob.
From inside your house to not inside your house.
From the kitchen and set up the table.
From upstairs down here, live in the Dumpster.
GENE: That was a good 'un, Pa
GENE: The back is a festive beige.
Go on
Good one, T.
Good thing I... spatchcock!
He'll say, "Linda."
Here in the middle of the room?
Hey, look, the other half of the waffle maker.
Hey, Teddy, what are you doing?
Hmm. My outlook for beating that is not so good
How many people are you having?
Huh. Lot of stuff.
I call the light bulbs. I promise I'll be super,
I can't believe all of this was in one room
I could take a nibble.
I don't know how to do any of that stuff!
I don't know. I'm nervous, Bob! I'm freaking out here!
I have a new brine I'm trying,
I I didn't have time to get into it.
I I don't get weird.
I I'm taking out the backbone.
I know, but I've never hosted before.
I mean, we're all here for Teddy, of course, but dig in.
I miss him. But that's okay
I sanded it down to refinish it, but then I started working
I thought women had to deal with unfair body expectations.
I tried to tough it out, but I...
I was rushing around, trying to get everything ready for today,
I was supposed to go to my sister's for Thanksgiving,
I was trying to shave with an old razor.
I'll tell you what, you can start peeling the carrots if you want.
I'm a fixer, I fix things.
I'm gonna fix that waffle maker soon.
I'm holding a little spelling test tension right back here.
I'm off the hook. Them coming tomorrow is better.
I'm saving that until I find the other half.
I've always been a fixer.
If I start the carrots at 11:30 tomorrow,
If I was supposed to start the turkey yet.
If those tips could talk.
If we soak 'em in gas, they'll burn real pretty.
Is Dennis the Dumpster Fairy?
Is he in the bathroom? Knock, knock.
Is it noticeable?
It won't take much time
It's how you get the turkey flat for spatchcocking.
It's just kinda echo y in here because of my couch.
It's not "stuff," Bob. It's things.
It's not fun, Linda. I got to cook and what, uh,
It's not weird to try and make it perfect.
It's right there
Just, um, that was a lot of work,
Kids, don't touch those. Put that stuff back
Kids, shh shh.
Let me get some paper.
Like a dead body or an indoor hot tub.
Lin, we came here to help him
LINDA: Bob, Teddy, come out here please!
Look at those legs
LOUISE: Like unopened, blank VHS tapes.
LOUISE: Orange peel for flavor
Maybe a small shopping bag.
Maybe I'm gonna move 'em upstairs if I want to.
Maybe we can arrange them like candles?
Maybe wipe the blood off your face.
Me and my sister just call him Boy toy,
Mm hmm. Things I'm fixing up. I'm a handyman, you know.
My sister and her husband are Dana and Dan.
Needs its last basting,
No. I was gonna get the pump working
O Okay. Well, let's eat while everything's hot.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Oh, good knock knock.
Oh, hey. Nothing.
Oh, it's real.
Oh, my God. Teddy's family
Oh, Teddy, I'm sorry.
Oh, wait. What about some place cards for the table?
Oh, wash it off quick. That's...
Oh, whoa.
Oh. (Inhales) Mmm, Bobby.
Oh. It did? Yeah, that happens.
Oh. What happened to your cheek?
Okay, but just watch this, Lin. I have to crack the chest.
Okay, Dennis is bringing a Dumpster by in a little while.
Okay, I'll tell you what
Okay, just grab the peeler right there
Okay, now let's let's get all that stuff back.
Okay, Teddy, Thanksgiving is
Okay, then I I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow.
On the floor, but he hasn't RSVP'd.
On this cuckoo clock to fix that
Or our fairy god Dumpster?
Or they're already burnt, and I didn't know
Probably better than I did.
Right. And I'm a cook,
Set out plates? Right? Is that what you do?
So am I. You don't hear me bragging about it.
So you can have Thanksgiving dinner in there
Spatchcocking? With those hips? Honey, no.
T R E E E E E.
Teddy has a box of doorknobs for some reason.
Teddy, hold that sad thought for one sec. I'll be right back.
Teddy, I don't know. We closed early,
Teddy, I'll go grab you a shirt
TEDDY: ♪ My parents were the two halves of the waffle maker ♪
TEDDY: ♪ My parents were the two halves of the waffle maker ♪
TEDDY: ♪ My parents were the two halves of the waffle maker ♪
TEDDY: I can fix it!
Thank you. I mean, we might as well stay, right?
Thanks for coming! Happy Thanksgiving! What took you so long?!
That I think will help you decide
That looks like it could peel a carrot.
That would spruce this sucker up a little.
That's the spatula.
That's what Emeril does. "Bam"?
That's why God invented gravy.
The living room is nice enough
The the turkey was a little dry.
There's plastic utensils and paper plates
They should be done right when the turkey
This is awful!
This is bad. His family's coming
This is really good.
TINA: I think the spatchcocking broke it.
To cover up the stain on the table, okay?
To do everything I have to do for our Thanksgiving.
To help him with his Thanksgiving,
Ugh, give me some wine. Give me some wine.
Uh, I I guess it's it's great.
Uh, okay, but is this a good time to do that?
Wait a minute, I messed up our Thanksgiving.
Wait, the turkey's gonna be ready in an hour,
We did this all too fast.
We don't have time to de hoard his dining room.
We need to be here for him, okay?
We pushed you too hard
We're supposed to say, "Vinny said it was okay."
We're taking a little table setting break.
Well, how do you usually do it?
Well, I was going to say "sentence."
Well, it helps to say it out loud so I get it right.
Well, that was the last of it
Well, uh, maybe maybe take a shower.
Well, when I was a kid, I'd just sit between my parents,
Well, you can add orange peel...
What do you mean it sounds like I'm in a Dumpster?
What? It just smells kind of like my locker.
What? No, that's a storage room.
What? When? What? Yes.
Whether or not they love you, okay?
Which makes the turkey, like, the king of foods.
Who cares? It's all the same temperature in here...
With a room full of newspapers and engine parts and..
Would be turned on by a new brine.
Yeah, but this seems like a bubble letter situation.
Yeah, my arms are pretty tired from writing the place cards.
Yeah, that's good rebar.
Yeah, that's not how it goes. You sound ridiculous
Yeah, we all have our things.
You guys weren't supposed to see it
You know it when you see it.
You're crazy, Bob. It was good.
(groaning nervously) Okay, Teddy, all we have to do is get
(screams) Teddy?
And a little on the cheeks. (Teddy screams)
and only one fork. Hmm.
and peel the carrots
and put him in the oven for... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
and see what Bob's doing. Okay, I'll handle it.
Could we use this as the runner? Eh
Do I tip or...? What, what..
Eh, it was fine, I guess. What?
Fine, I'll go second. Okay
Fine! How does my hair look? It it's a little messy.
Go. Okay, right. Yes, going
Hates him. Okay, what's the fourth pile?
Hold the handle. Teddy
I can't even finish this... Pie?
I I don't think that's a real thing. It is
I'd let that hold my turkey. Right?
I'm keeping that. Huh.
It burns! It burns! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It means a lot. Of course.
LINDA: Oh, that stuff loves me. Loves her
Louise. You're coming, too, Miss Missy
Mom has her wine. Oh, there it is. Thank you, Gene.