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Crooklyn (1994) Soundboard

Crooklyn (1994) Soundboard

Play and download sound clips from Crooklyn (1994) Soundboard.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A lot better than here. You should come visit me.
A un besito. Dejame!
Ah, yeah!
Ain't nobody gonna laugh at you that ain't on welfare theyself
All right, miss coomish mimmish
All right, y'all. Finish your plates. We got about two hours to go.
All right. Okay.
And Brooklyn wins!
And don't come back here no more!
And stay off my stoop!
Are you doing this? Are you gonna believe this man?
Aren't they pretty? Picked 'em out myself.
Be quiet. You can't dance. Y'all got no soul.
Boy! You know, y y you really kill me.
Braids and beads and shells and things.
But I do expect you to pay, Vic
Bye, Troy. Bye, minnie. See you tomorrow
Bye! See you. Take care of yourself.
Can we leave Brooklyn? Take you anywhere..
Can we please leave Brooklyn? Yes, we can
Can't wait. Finally have some peace and quiet in the house.
Can't we do it in the morning?
Celeste has had Joan, Sam and viola out to St
Clinton, turn the TV off.
Clinton, Wendell and Nate?
Come on
Come on, boogie. Don't be like that.
Come on, come on. Here, take this. ¶ I'm your pusherman ¶
Come on, damn rat! No! No! Daddy, stop!
Come on, Joseph.
Come on, Wendell. Don't be like that now
Come on. You can run faster than that. I know you can find it
Compliment, my butt. That boy's just plain greedy.
Dad, I'm in the bottom of the ninth. Why can't I... I don't wanna hear it.
Dear ladybug: How are you?
Did you take 'em? No!
Did you think you were the secret army commando, that no one was watchin'?
Didn't expect to see you here for at least another two weeks.
Do you think I'm tryin' to do?
Don't be callin' my sister ugly 'cause I'll slap you into next week.
Don't be difficult, okay?
Don't call her a heifer. Clinton, you are gonna wash every fork, plate, spoon,
Everybody to be at the church...
Everybody, up against the wall.
Get out! Huh? Mommy?
Get outta my face. Get outta my face right now!
Get, get downstairs. Daddy...
Gimme some. Give it here. Take some. Take that.
Go home. No, you go home. Don't push me!
Go upstairs and get your brother and go get my things
Got to get your rest. That's very kind of you.
Have a safe trip. Bye bye!
He was a kid just like you. Hey, stay there.
He's your responsibility.
Heavens to vegetables. I've been squashed.
Here you go, Vic. We, uh..
Here! I told you not to send me!
Hi, mommy. How you feelin'?
I am trying to balance everything,
I didn't know what else to do. Let's let her read her letter in peace.
I expect more from a grown man.
I hope you don't expect us to pay rent.
I know. Want some candy? What's in that bag?
I think my rent has put just as much food on your baby's table as you do
I thought we had it covered.
I told you it was a legitimate mistake. I appreciate that,
I want you to give this to your mother for me
I'd like that.
I'll help try to straighten up, but this situation got to stop.
I'm beatin' you.
I'm goin' with your father to his gig tonight
I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen to you!
I'm sure y'all are tired. Lord, have mercy.
I'm watchin' the game! Boy, I'll knock you out.
It makes it extremely difficult.
It's a foul! Where the referee? [ Indistinct ]
It's good, baby
It's mommy, isn't it?
It's not like queenie just to up and disappear. Why, lord, why?
It's not your fault, daddy
Let him watch the game. Woody, don't touch me
Let's get the rhythm of the hands.
Look at him pickin' up his own garbage.
Look at your eyes poppin' out of your head. What are you doin'?
Man, why did daddy have to have his concert tonight,
Miss Carmichael, I see you
Mm hmm. Really?
Mommy is gone. ¶ ain't no sunshine when she's gone ¶
Mommy, Clinton only washes one plate and one fork and one knife.
Mommy, somebody left the toilet seat up, and I almost fell in again
My children are doing no such thing. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
My kids and their friends can't sit on our stoop,
Nice glue. All right.
No tickee, no tockee, tito.
No, it wasn't me
Oh, God, these American children. They don't know how to act
Oh, yeah, that's what you say..
Oh. Next time, steal somethin' easier.
Okay? You are gonna give us heart attacks, Woody
One more time! Breathe out!
Probably just a couple of days 'til we can get it straight
Send her to jail.
She didn't want to ride? Naw, she was busy.
She should carry her own bags.
She treats me mean. She makes fun of me in front of her friends
She's not my real mother. I was adopted.
Shh! You know why I'm screaming, don't you?
So? So you mother's a ho.
Take her out now, daddy. Take her out now
Take it to the hoop! Jump shot!
Thank you, Tommy. And call those numbers if you need us.
The doctors told me your mother's sicker than we thought.
The food's getting cold. Be quiet!
The possoms! Right hand and Snuffy!
They have no manners. Miss, I'm sorry for the disturbance
To you or your cares, mr c. Okay.
Troy! You glue sniffers! Leave me alone!
Vic, don't worry. I'm gonna come visit you tomorrow, okay?
Vic, let's go
Viola, put queenie on the floor.
Wait for me! Wait for me!
We didn't want to buy nothin' anyway
We're tired of being terrorized by you and right hand
Well, I know it's an inconvenience, Vic
Well, keep looking
Well, let me tell you. I got to be like a thief in the night in this house..
Wendell has been telling me that every morning Tony throws trash from his sidewalk...
What did I tell you to do? What did I say at the table?
What did you say?
What is that supposed to prove?
What kind of cake shall it be?
What you talkin' 'bout? I ain't no puta!
What's the matter? Can't you sleep? No.
What's wrong? Troy. She's always pickin' on me
When I come home, the house better be clean.
Who's got money for right hand and my main man snuff? Give it up!
Why don't you put queenie in the family room?
With cousin viola in Virginia after school's out?
With tender, loving care, so you will eat it, am I right?
Y'all done brought your dog too. Oh, viola,
Yeah, you like that, don't you? Breathe in
Yeah? Well, I can give you something cosy
Yeah. ¶ changing people's heads all around ¶
Yeah. I don't want to visit aunt Celeste
Yes, I do! I empty the garbage!
You always tell us what to do. I'm older. Now don't give me no lip. Let's go.
You can run back to bed
You know daddy doesn't want to fight or yell or scream or holler
You know, you seem to forget..
You look cute, mrs Carmichael. Thank you, Greg
You stand on that top step, and you sing, okay?
You think so, huh? I do
You want me to go over the bump? No!
You won't let me do that neither.
You worry about your own shiftless self. You get busy!
You! ¶ people make the world go 'round ¶
You'll get your butt up... get up now!
You're cheatin'. I'm not. One, ten.
You're the eldest. I expect more from you,
You're the head of the family now. Look after your brothers and your sister.
You're too grown to give me a hug, huh?
Young lady, I want you to get some rest
Your children are constantly over here throwin' their trash on my property.
Your daddy? Your daddy ain't here. Get up.
[ Clinton ] Great. [ Troy ] Wow! Daddy!
¶ baby, you and me ¶ ¶ Eeny meeny sissaleeny ¶
¶ Get yourself go ¶ Get cheerios!
After we clean up. Clean up!
Are you wooin' me? It wouldn't do me much good right about now, would it?
Be quiet. Move, move. I'm not really hungry.
Hey, leave her alone. Hey, Clinton, grab this bag.
Hey! No TV! Turn it off! Mom, it's just a game
Hi. Hi.
Minnie, get off my stoop. You think you're so pretty. You think you're so cute.
******. Stop calling each other ******
Psych your mind. Make you Booty shine. Eggies. Thumbs up.
Troy, baby, what are you doin'? I'm sick.
Well, now, okay... I did not have to give your wife those food stamps.
Who wants some? I do.
Woodrow! It's true, gem.
You filthy, stinkin' pig. Who's a pig?
Yum, yum. It looks good.
[ All chattering ]
[ carolyn ] Last night we had yet another run in with Tony.
[ Carolyn ] You ought to record it, Woody
[ carolyn's voice ] I'm not comin' down there!
[ Chatter continues ]
[ Chuckling ]
[ Clinton ] Daddy, you're ruinin' my ear
[ Clinton ] Oh, man! [ Game continues indistinctly ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Crying ] Oh, lord, have mercy. [ Clem ] Come on back in here.
[ dog barking ]
[ dog whines ] ¶ for I don't love you ¶
[ Horn toots ]
[ indistinct ]
[ Indistinct ] [ Clinton ] Yeah.
[ Laughing ]
[ Mom ] Mornin', ladybug.
[ Snagglepuss on television ] Heavens to mergatroid.
[ Song ] Go on. Come on, Troy
[ Store manager ] Back to work
[ TV announcer ] So great was the beauty of this magnificent black woman,
[ Wendell ] Here we go. Yeah, that's right.
¶ 'cause nobody ever played me now it's only gettin' worse ¶
¶ [ continues indistinct ]
¶ [ song continues ]
¶ [ song continues indistinctly ]
¶ adolescent stares at death now what's left ¶
¶ Ain't no sunshine when she's gone ¶
¶ Angela, ah, Davis and we roll like avis ¶
¶ bring your clique so we can get stoned like family sly ¶
¶ Brooklyn's the borough ¶ [ Announcer ] Brooklyn wins!
¶ but even the crowd can't help me now ¶
¶ But that's what makes the world go 'round ¶
¶ changing people's heads all around ¶
¶ crooklyn ¶
¶ Don't wanna let you go I never can say goodbye, girl ¶
¶ ebbets field, feel the real the rail on your life ¶
¶ every time I think I've had enough ¶
¶ from Dwayne and Dwayne had a clock ¶
¶ girl, I feel so out of place ¶
¶ go underground young man ¶
¶ he's always throwin' sticks ¶
¶ hey, Joe ¶
¶ I come from the vill' that never ran, damn ¶
¶ I remember way back in the days playin' hot peas and butter ¶
¶ in love with you in love with you ¶ goddamn son of a bitch.
¶ is it so ¶ yeah, goin' back to bad old Brooklyn.
¶ January, February march, April ¶
¶ just want to dance all night ¶