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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A big vote for Sugar Ray Robinson.
A determined Jake La Motta is making a great comeback
A few pounds. I'll knock it off right away, though, no problem.
A hard left hand to the body thrown by La Motta.
A hard left hand to the body, and Robinson is driven out of the ring
A man who doesn't know how to back up
A one way ticket to palookaville.
A unanimous decision for the Bronx Bull,
After ten rounds,
After ten rounds,
All over the place, what am I gonna do?
All right, don't make no noise
Along comes this kid Janiro. He don't know any better
And he wobbles into the ropes and goes down!
And I'm gettin' custody of the kids
And If I don't make the 155, I lose $15,000?!
And so, now we wait for the announcement
And the new Middleweight Champion of the World,
And the referee is pulling La Motta away.
And the winner by a technical knockout
And they'll probably fight again, the way it looks now.
And though I can fight, I'd much rather recite
And we're gonna forget about it.
And you standin' there.
And you tell her, What are you? Go inside. Who asked ya?
And you've done a lot of things together.
Answer me when I talk to you.
At Madison Square Garden last October.
Attention, ladies and gentlemen!
Aw, you phony bastard! That's a fix!
Be careful.
Beansy got a table in the back, he said we could sit with them
Big deals. They make sure she can hear
Billy Fox.
Botherin' me about a steak, huh? You're botherin' me about a steak?!
Bring it over!
Bust her fuckin' hole, throw her out
But did La Motta do it soon enough?
But you don't raise your hands,
Call the police!
Can't you get the money from your friends?
Cerdan, unable to continue, the referee stops the fight.
Certainly, that was one of the most damaging evidences
Cocksuckers! I'd like to fuckin'...
Come here.
Come on, do the fuckin' right thing
Come on, drink up. That's ginger ale, Jake.
Come on, Jake!
Come on, lady, laugh it up... I laughed when you come in.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Complain some more, I wanna hear.
D.A.'s probe. Look at that.
Dad? Come on in.
Dangerous... so much so that no other fighter will go near them
Despite being knocked down, Robinson is well ahead on points
Did Salvy fuck Vickie?
Do what you're gonna do, what do I care?
Don't call her no names, she's still my wife.
Don't do it around me. Do it around your friends.
Don't ever bring 'em up here again, hear me?
Don't leave. Don't get outta the fuckin' ring. Stay here.
Don't mention Tommy
Dummy, dummy, dummy...
Especially the State's Attorney over here?
Everybody all of a sudden's an authority about this.
Everybody knows each other... you know how that shit works.
Feature attraction.
Five seconds, Alex.
For the first knockdown of his career
For the Middleweight Championship of the World, 15 rounds.
For the winner by unanimous decision,
For their second fight.
For what, Jack? She don't do anything wrong.
Four... five...
From all I've seen, they gotta give him that title shot.
From Eddie Flint, the ring announcer
Fuck you!
Fuckin' Jew cunt, why don't you hit her in the head with a bat?
Get back, I can't see nothin' with your stomach in the way
Get outta here. Take the baby and get outta here
Get the fuck out, you greaseball bastard!
Get your hands off me, get away from me!
Give me a kiss, come on.
Go ahead! Just leave me here like a dog!
Go to sleep.
Go to the dance?
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Good. Okay? Happy?
Harder, harder.
He can't walk, but Reeves has been saved by the bell.
He could beat all the Sugar Ray Robinsons
He don't give a fuck, he's gonna do what he wants to do,
He hooks a left to the jaw, a left and a right to the head by Robinson.
He knocked his nose from one side of his face to the other.
He knows I'm only kiddin'
He said, You're in it.
He thinks he's gonna walk in there and become champion on his own?
He was down in the last fight, too.
He'll never make it. Nine..
He's a young kid, up and comin', he'll fight anybody.
He's got Dauthuille hurt! He rips a right hand to the body,
He's got you by the balls, you're outpointed
He's wrong. No fuckin' trouble in the joint.
Hear me? Come on.
Her name is Emma 48's.
Hey, Larry! Now you got somethin' to talk about
Hey, you wanna go in there? You wanna go in and do it?
Hey! You were just great
Hooks a left hand to the jaw, and Reeves is down!
Hooks the left hand to the jaw, a right to the body.
How he can survive them, nobody knows
How you doin'?
How you doin'?
How you gonna do that?
I ain't goin' down. I ain't goin' down for nobody.
I didn't do anything!
I didn't wanna tell you till I had everything worked out
I don't care if you get mad, I ain't doin' it.
I feel like I'm a prisoner.
I fought the guy, I tapped him like that, all of a sudden he's like this
I got a wonderful, beautiful wife
I just said hello
I know you're lyin'. Go around the corner, I bet you I get twice what you're offerin'.
I know.
I like the smell of the gym
I mean, anything's possible
I said get outta here, ya fuckin' mamone!
I tell ya the truth, it's so... Hi, how are ya, you bald headed fag?
I think he should.
I think it's great
I thought that was my best joke.
I told ya I didn't wanna do it in the first place, didn't I?
I told you that. I told you what that was all about
I want you to call me. He's very nervous. Ba boom, call.
I want you to keep an eye on her when I'm away, all right?
I'd like to introduce the world's leading middleweight contender,
I'll bite your fuckin' head off, ya cocksucker!
I'll break you on one of my fuckin' farms, you son of a bitch!
I'll see you later, Joey.
I'm a jerk? You're a fuckin' asshole.
I'm gonna ask ya again
I'm gonna make his mother wish she never had him.
I'm gonna wind up in the middle.
I'm lucky I make it to 160.
I'm not answerin' that.
I'm not doin' it, I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna answer that, it's stupid
I'm not gonna be here when you get back!
I'm not tellin' ya anything. I'm gonna leave
I'm sorry, I forgot all about it
I'm the boss, I'm the boss...
If he's in a good mood, I'll talk to him. What the fuck you want me to do?
If I see you put your hands in that plate one more time,
If you can't talk to him, who's gonna talk to him?
In other words, you're not interested in him, but you could be interested
In the tenth round,
In this corner, the very worthy challenger,
In this fight with Janiro, right?
Is that you?
It is all over!
It was really nice of you. I appreciate it
It's a little different... our 11th wedding anniversary
It's all forgotten about, supposedly, anyway
It's all right, yeah
It's like a piece of charcoal! Bring it over here!
It's no good. This is Ohio, not New York!
It's none of your business, especially if it's my brother and his wife.
It's over for me... boxing's over for me
Jack, tell me, why the fuck do we have to come to Cleveland for you
Jack! Jack! What's the matter with you?!
Jake La Motta and Sugar Ray Robinson
Jake La Motta handing Sugar Ray Robinson
Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake!
Joey, what's what?
Judge Joe Lanahan
Just the way you wanted to do it, without help from anybody.
Kill him!
Knock the motherfucker out. You understand? Knock him out.
La Motta coming at him again, La Motta, feigning a left hand.
La Motta continues to bore in, out of the bob and weave,
La Motta drives both hands to the head, hurts Robinson again.
La Motta drives him across the ring, a left and a right to the head.
La Motta floored Reeves seven times in the fight,
La Motta has proved himself a great fighter,
Laurent Dauthuille vowed to bring the title back to France
Let me get on with it
Let's say you lose because of your weight.
Look at him. Do you feel all right?
Look at that... 168 pounds.
Make it on his own
Matter of fact, smart money is sayin' that you're getting ready to hit the tank.
Meet for the third time.
Mind your fuckin' business and shut up.
No man can endure this pummeling!
No, thank you, Tommy.
No, you didn't say that.
Nothin', I said hello. I came back.
Nothing going on?! Ya dirty cocksucker!
Now let's say you win, you beat Janiro.
Now we're waiting for the time to be announced.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, no? You kiddin' me, or what?
Oh, scumbag! I'm gonna suck your fuckin' eyes out!
Okay, that's it.
On a sexy girl sounds like
Pleasure... heard a lot of nice things about you.
Pocket your dirty money!
Punched with a fare thee well, and rocked Jake La Motta
Put the robe on right, huh? Put my robe on right!
Reeves goes down for the third time,
Reeves is up again, La Motta comes at him.
Reeves is up against a tough fighter,
Round 7, with Sugar Ray well ahead on points
Shake hands, come out fighting at the bell.
Shall I take the?
She ain't the kinda girl you just fuck and forget about.
She didn't mean nothin'
She has convinced me that she's 21, too.
Since when did you order one of those?
So give me a stage
So what? She was talkin' on your behalf, she wasn't...
Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake La Motta in Detroit
Sugar Ray Robinson!
Summoned the man who had been blind and said:
Takes a left, and another left, a hard left hand to the jaw,
Television won't work.
Tenth and final round. Good luck to you both.