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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A and there's a jacuzzi!
A lot of guys hit on me from behind.
A Redbox exclusive!
Aah! Aah!
About experiments and sexual chemistry
About my sister coming to visit today
Across the street right when you need it
Actually, Richard Chamberlain will be there.
Afraid not, Steve
After you, milady.
Again, well done, all of you
Ah, home is where the..
Ah, that's the tingle of desire
Ah, the public pool society's unflushed toilet.
Ah, the roof.
Ah. You found our push to talk phone.
Ahh, she time.
Ai ya!
Ai ya!
Alien Jeff is gonna stay on Earth and be the new Jeff
All food thrown at our guests is provided by Taco King
All right, ladies, I want a good, clean match tonight,
All we're doing is sacrificing a little frozen yogurt
Alone in the boss's office.
Also, I really need to get over
Also, if you're wondering why all the ladies are topless,
Also, it might not be a lie
Although he refuses to acknowledge anyone,
Am I interrupting?
And another one ends.
And best of all, with B.K.'s new,
And Bucksled.
And don't even think about running away,
And drove it through her bookie's apartment.
And even I know
And feels guilty about being white
And guess what?
And haven't you felt more confident around women
And hello!
And his parachute ended up landing at this school,
And hoist them over...
And I am going to make one.
And I couldn't even get a page of signatures
And I realized it felt right to have this penis.
And I thought, "Maybe I could have it all
And I tried one.
And if you change your mind about me signing your cast,
And isn't that what college is about?
And it destroyed her life.
And it has a smudge of mom's lipstick on it!
And it's all for me!
And lastly, the school's orangutan mascot's
And make everyone think I did it!
And now it's your turn to obey me.
And now you're doing it!
And paired it with an amazing spaetzle.
And send!
And so I...had...
And sometimes there are these big pileups
And thanks for letting me wrap up
And that's how I want to see my little man
And the order in which I told them to you.
And then get to high ground!
And then I saw the sexy lady on this shampoo bottle,
And they all think
And what about mark? His mom died in a fire.
And when the firemen put it out, they found what started it.
And whose husband called in a favor with a local judge.
And yet I don't remember doing ether
And you taking us to Burger King for political asylum?
And you have never once done anything for her
And you...
And you're gonna get us kicked off the team.
And, aunt Gwen, you did what you did because...?
And...while you're doing your homework want more.
Anyways, everything went up super fast,
Apple! Apple! Apple!
Apple! Apple! Where's Gwen?
Arbuckle here.
Arbuckle T. Boone is not a good life coach.
Are are we, um..
Are we making a movie today?
Are you are you planning to stay?
Are you here to save me? Sort of.
As soon as you feel comfortable!
At a museum. A fancy museum
At your hands? Oh, so much.
Aunt Gwen! Yes, Steve?
Aww, damn!
Aww, sis, I'm so sorry
B B B Body slam!
Bad dream?
Because he taught me what it is to be Human
Because I don't want people to say, "Klaus is a hater."
Because I'm about to shoot the duck!
Because they were boring, brown haired scientists.
Because you blamed us!
Because you feel powerless and out of control.
Because you sent me this video right after.
Because... her?
Begging for mercy
Being intimate with Daniel.
Black doctor says I was almost a angel.
Bub bub bub bub bub bub, bub bub bub bub bub bub, bub bub bub bub bub bub.
But for me, it's like going back to college
But had to sign a prenup
But he took real good care of that bush.
But here we are, in the whale room, once again
But I got some moves of my own!
But I just can't make my exquisite writing
But I never looked so good.
But I was gonna say sorry.
But I'll always want him on mine.
But if you're there, then I must have been talking to...
But it's definitely not denatured alcohol.
But it's the main one.
But never came back."
But nobody knew it because it wasn't highlighted.
But on the inside, you're all girl
But she is an adult now,
But th th that can't be.
But their research was ignored
But then what's this?
But this is a bad neighborhood!
But this... this is perfect
But we are hiring. And we only hire the best
But we converted one into a a hang out room.
But what is he holding?
But what would you call your channel?
But with you guys by my side,
But you learn from them.
But you made it
Bye, Stan
Bye! Have a beautifull day!
Can't a sister visit a sister without needing an alibi?
Carnations are so...
Carnations aren't anyone's favorite flower.
Certain things are still sacred, Your Highness.
Change is good! Come on! Follow me!
Check's probably better than hams.
Christ, you're worse than the kids
Clothes all clean.
Come down! You'll see! It's very obvious!
Come on, Francine. Let's go.
Come on, girl, lean into it!
Come on, Hayley.
Come on, honey
Come on. I can only join if you play
Come, dear.
Congratulations again to Michelle.
Congratulations, everyone.
Cool. Thanks again for doing this, man
D did you know? Of course I did
Dad, these dogs are relentless!
Dad, those are guard dogs.
Damn it, Legman!
Damn it, son! Don't you get it?!
Damn. That would have been better.
Dick, you take the picture.
Did you close the front door?
Did you see that trip?
Did you... change your outfit?
Disguised as Jeff to collect more information about humanity.
Do you accept half burnt coupons?
Do you have any more of that tape?
Do you mean starboard?
Dolly, it's such an honor to have you in our house!
Don't know if we're gonna have a boy or a girl.
Don't let them in here.
Don't touch my stuff, man!
Don't turn channel!
Don't you smell it?
Down here, bro.
Drive, drive, drive!
Duane Reade is magical!
Dude, ball shots are played out.
Dude, that shit's tight. I know
Easy! We'll take my private jet!
Edward James Olmos speaks Spanish.
Ever wonder why we don't call it a father ship?
Everybody, this is Stan Smith
Everything we've done has been solid detective work.
F.R. Ancine?
Face to neck
Finally I can sleep!
Fine, fine. I'm going
Fine. Devin's off limits.
Fine. You're in. I am?!
Finish it!
Fire up the tequila cannon!
First order of business,
Fisher automotive, Trish speaking.
Fits three pepsis and Elliot's insulin
Five points
Follow the monkeys to freedom!
For bringing the sweet'n low I asked for.
For free.
For pills and illegal guns.
For six years!
For the biggest charity event of the decade
For the first time in my life,
Francine is naturally banal.
Francine Smith? Where is she?
From killing themselves weekly.
From life's buffeting storm.
From the still exploding building.
Frozen void of space, but you came back a goddamn genius
Geez, Klaus. How much have you had to drink?
Get a less erect chair.
Get a load of her majesty.
Get kiss right out of your brain
Get, uh...
Get! Get! Get! I said get!
Getting a little out of hand.
Gives them a sense of well being.
Go quick. I'm feeling very vulnerable.