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About what?
About your movie being back in production.
Adrian Powell saw me.
Adrian Powell, have you ever met my dear friend, Zoila?
And a cater waiter lent me her clothes.
And diets.
And each one deserves love.
And every time I lead him on, I get a free coffee.
And he saw Adrian kiss me
And humble.
And I do mean anything.
And I gave birth to her!
And I think she'd be really happy for us
And I thought it was really interesting.
And I wasn't being serious, 'cause it's not a thing
And officially my new best friend.
And prison food, hospital all the way.
And she can help you decide where to get started
And the guests were playing tic tac toe
And why can't you talk in front of us?
And you think people will buy it if it's a woman?
Are you attracted to him?
At first, but...
At the Hamilton Gala?
Beg your pardon?
Best man in the entire world
But he's going through withdrawal from drugs.
But if it shows up,
But that's just it. It's only a dream.
But what kind of drug would make a man confess to murder?
But why would Ben kill Peri?
By calling you a monster.
Can I join?
Can you believe that?
Can you?
Carmen Luna. Lucy Nestor.
Couldn't agree more. Me too
Did you put all of this on my credit card?
Does it matter? It's just a date.
Don't be that way
Don't say "no" to their notes.
Don't say no to their notes.
Every living being is a beautiful spirit,
Excuse me
Fabian, thank you for another wonderful afternoon.
Give me a break.
Giving you to Josefina
Go on, take it.
Good you could do with it.
Great, because we need to talk about the big note.
Have a blessed evening.
He didn't drug you
He filmed the whole thing
He's fabulous, funny, fierce, ferocious,
Here I was thinking I was too good for him.
Here's a decaf, triple shot, skinny latte for Carmen
How come you never told us?
How do I place an order for breakfast around here?
How many times must I thank you?
I am nothing like Evelyn.
I am. I have a date.
I can't accept it.
I don't know why you asked me to help get coffee
I don't know.
I don't want to deal with them right now
I guess the cat's out of the bag.
I have other plans for you, Kyle
I have the exact same bag.
I have to talk to you. Me too.
I just had..
I just want to enjoy my time here with you and Tucker, okay?
I just wanted to see how you're doing since Evelyn left
I know she's gonna hate you.
I know women.
I mean, it took forever
I mean, the kiss was enjoyable,
I mean, who'd want to hang out with that gal?
I promise not to use tongue.
I recently lost my housekeeper, Zoila.
I think Maria and Marisol are both layered and interesting.
I tried to read it.
I want to know more about The Circle.
I want you and the boys to come to family day on Friday.
I was on a date
I wish Daddy could come home with us.
I'd like to strike the right balance of sexy but pious.
I'm in the market for a new look.
I'm just having a little fun
I'm sexually fluid.
I'm sorry. I know you didn't want me to talk to Ben
I'm studying up for my next date with James.
I'm working on it, chiquito.
I've been just so busy
I've caught you staring at my breasts before.
I've had the most incredible night.
I<i> know</i> women.
If I were you, I wouldn't want to be with me, either.
In the dust on your piano
Is it a brain tumor?
Is she sleeping on a pull out sofa?
Is that a car?
Is this gonna hurt?
Isn't it romantic?
It would be demoralizing for me to be seen
It's fine that you're gay or whatever
It's not every day we get a celebrity murderer in here
It's okay. Close your eyes.
It's too awful
It's, um...
Joynetics: Completing The Circle
Just excuse me one...
Just go out there for a minute, and I'll get rid of her
Let me introduce you to the gang.
Look, I'm tired of keeping my relationship a secret,
Makeovers always make me feel better.
Marisol, you're sending me six candidates this afternoon, yes?
Maybe even a woman.
Maybe she wanted out, and that's why they killed her.
Me and the other guys are putting on a play
Mementos from my friendship with Fabian.
More considerate person.
More of that Bentley around here at night
My doctor says it's best to wake naturally
My script.
Next, it'd be great if the maids could be sexier.
No, thank you
Not a suggestion
Not how I expected that to go
Now I'm giving it back.
Now, I know these fundraisers can be a bit tedious.
Now, when is the last time we saw each other?
Oh, honey...
Oh, okay.
Oh, shoot. She's back.
Oh, um..
Oh, you poor thing. You must be exhausted.
Okay, I'm... I'm sorry. You're right
Okay, next two dancers.
Okay, stop!
One thing.
Peter invited me to be his date, and I'd love to go.
Please, stop
Right. Bye
Rosie, I thought you were gonna stop looking into Peri's murder.
Rosie, thank God
See ya
Shame we couldn't finish the film.
She didn't pick me
So I was just trying on some gowns
So I'm going on tomorrow night. Yes, but...
So why didn't you tell me that one of
So you'll probably see
So, Cece.
Sorry, Carmen. Not today.
Sounds like a breath of fresh air after Adrian
Spence Westmore, you're under arrest.
Spence's Rosie?
Tell me everything that happened.
Thank you so much for helping out with the gala
That I turned him straight?
That is quite possibly
That means you have to start fending for yourself.
That she'd find out
That's $5.95.
That's very helpful.
That's what he said.
The hot one who's trying to be a singer
The point is,
The point is, you don't choose us.
The very attractive women at my table
There's a ledge.
They must be worried
Uh, Rosie, let me ask you something.
Very funny.
Very perky, by the way
W W We? Mother knows about this?
Wait a minute. Did you just throw your back out?
Wait. You're mad at her?
We are better than this!
We both know it.
We brought Marisol in to get it right.
We choose you.
We don't have to
We don't need to be sitting on the sidelines
We just need to give her some more time, okay?
We need to divide it up and decide
We tried this movie with a different writer,
We will figure something out
We're... buds.
Well, be that as it may, I've made up my mind.
Well, good
Well, how very considerate
Well, I am not like other men
Well, I I loved what you did with it
Well, maybe don't go overboard with the spending right now
Well, maybe this will make you happy.
Well, over the years,
Well, technically, Danni got the audition,
Well, then what?
Well, why didn't you just say so?
What can I do to make things better?
What did Fabian do to you?
What did you do to her?
What do you want to do for your big birthday tomorrow?
What happened?
What is happening?
What's wrong with my hair?
Which is more likely...
Why are you crying?
Why don't we have dinner tonight, talk about it?
Why me?
Why we never stop fighting
Would you excuse me for a moment?
Would you move a little? The sun's in my eyes.
Yeah, he's great.
Yeah. You know?