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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, enough already.
All right, over here.
Allow me to set up a few auditions.
And get you in that audition.
And I'm trying to get the facts.
And you better be good.
Back...and down.
Because we don't have the right credentials.
But don't mess with mine.
But l'd definitely keep an eye on your purse.
But they're going to try and make it later.
But you be careful of him
Come on
Come on, sucker, right now
Come on! Let's hit it.
Come on. Let's do some of the stuff we do in class.
Cross the floor. Back. Come on.
Dancer, my ass. You look more like freaks to me.
Dancing or...working here?
Do the wave. Let's see it.
Don't worry about it, man. She'll be here.
Don't worry about it. Come on.
Down here. Come on, Kelly. Come on. You're leading them.
Feel it. All right, now turn around
Go to hell!
God, it's so nice to be in a real studio again.
He says that we have one of the hottest acts around.
Hey, let's go celebrate.
Hey, listen, if you want to spend time with them...
Hi, Turbo.
I couldn't believe it.
I don't care!
I'm a very good teacher
I'm not going to let them down.
I'm sorry. it's not going to work out. This is Franco's show.
I'm sure.
James, just get us into the contest...
Just telling it like it is. Face it, Kelly.
Kelly, it was only the first day.
Kelly, you're wasting your time
Kick out, jump up...
L'd like to see you dance professionally sometime.
L'll get in a lot of trouble.
Let the music caress you when you move
Let's see you spin.
Lf it's what happened at James' party, Franco's a moron.
Lf there's anybody who knows what you need, it's me.
Lf you want to take my class...
Look, I got a couple of minutes
Look, I'm not going to stand for this. You must stop.
Lt was my pleasure. Have a good night, OK?
Lt's the recognition of my peers...
Man, those dudes are whacked.
Man, you were great.
Maybe some of these years of training will start to pay off.
No, I want to treat.
No, it's OK. I just need to talk to them.
No, l...
Nobody's stopping you.
Oh, God. I feel so silly.
Oh, yeah? Well, you know what I think?
Oh...God. There's more of them.
OK, Tony. I had a great time yesterday
Orlando choreographer...dancer.
See you tomorrow.
Since we're all here...
So I suggest you clear out now
Thank god.
Thank you.
That's a relief.
That's it. Now!
That's it. Thank you.
Then I totally understand.
They're a different class of people. They don't fit
They're the best at what they do...
This is the kind of place that would make his mouth drool.
Unfortunately, the part calls for a tall blonde.
Unfortunately, we're looking for
Up. Now, that's it. Up, down. Hit the floor.
Use the whole body. Come on. Move across now.
Venice, maybe. I don't know.
We are auditioning jazz dancers only.
We do it on the streets.
We showed 'em. We burned them dudes
We wore them punks out!
We're asking for trouble.
We're building a career.
Well, l've got to run. l've got a lot of things to do
Well, this is a surprise.
Well, we won't know that until we give it a shot.
What about the check?
What do they want?
What do you mean, go?
Where the hell is she?
Who knows what it could lead to?
Who the hell eats hot dog food, anyway?
Why don't they look at gorillas?
Yeah? How?
Yeah. I guess I'll have the...Health Department.
You better be careful. They might beat you someday
You can teach me.
You guys ready?
You guys weren't so bad yourselves.
You know, Franco, you're a really poor excuse..
You need to live a little. Relax
You see his face?
You're wasting my time, and my time ain't cheap...
You've got to think about your future.
Hey, come on. Get him off!
l can't do that. Try. OK. All right!
Let's go get something to eat. OK.
They're our street names. All the dancers have them
This is Adam. Hello, Adam.
You know those guys? l just met them once.
You packing a blade? Yeah.