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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Are you saying this case is not emotional for you?
A bullet must've hit the oil pan.
A CEO would have access
A negotiator.
A SWAT team on our backs.
Addison Reid hired Rand to discredit you.
Addison Reid,
Ah, it's good to hear your voice, Dede.
All I had to do was break your window.
All right, Maxine, come with me.
All right, repeat that last number.
All these people were conspiring to frame him
All way in excess of her normal speech pattern.
Always an act.
An old FBI transcript?
And coerced into marrying a man against their will?
And how long could this process take?
And Maxine, hurry.
And Michelle is his way to get it
And not some remote controlled toy
And now someone really is out to get him.
And rigged them to blow in about a half hour.
And she's on our health insurance.
And shove an explosive down his throat
And so far, everyone says they were rejected for the trial.
And that it was "Her jerk of a father interfering."
And the only way you can get there by car
And their lives are pain.
And those billionaire visionaries
And unlike you, I don't ignore my problems.
And we both know an innocent young woman
And who else knows he has ransom insurance?
And wireless bomb triggers.
And you lost one.
And you see... these shadows?
Another case?
Antagonizes him enough to shoot...
Any idea where I might find him?
Are you an addict?
Are you aware of any financial difficulties he may be having?
Are you comfortable?
Are you lying about the time?
Around the guys neck is an insignia
As long as he's useful to his kidnappers, he's safe.
At the Parcourale de Colognora
Back up!
Bear with me, Captain. Bernard, it's Eric.
Bear! Bear!
Beaumont's non existent online,
Bring up his financials again
Burglary, no suspects ever ID'd.
Burgundy and white. Team colors.
But before we could get anything in place,
But breaks it off days before the wedding
But I survived
But I'm the one who started all.
But it may take some days.
But money is not the answer.
But the hard drive just wiped itself.
But they're working on the encryption.
But we were able to pull the name
But yeah, it's not my first rodeo.
But you need to help me.
But, Freddie...
But, Senator, whatever Sawm's plan is,
By the time they clean up this mess,
Bye, Nathalie
Can you isolate what she said?
Charlotte told Mr. Beaumont about an outreach center.
Christian Bonnar.
Christian Bonnar.
Christian got hostage training
Christian, did you open the...?
Church bells.
Come on, Michelle
Come on, there's nothing we can do for him.
Come on.
Convinced something awful was going to happen to Hayley.
Could you please use the video mode on the phone?
Daughters can do that.
Dede doesn't trust him.
Dede, I'm personally gonna hand you
Dede, we didn't have anything...
Did he take something from you?
Didn't you get my message
Different voice than we heard in the video.
Do you have five minutes to discuss how it's going?
Do you know the name..
Does he have autism?
Doesn't mean she's not using it to hide something.
Doesn't sound like much of a plan.
Don't answer it. Don't
Don't worry.
Either way, we should assume all her communications
Elizabeth Bloom, chief of the board of directors.
Eric: Ms. Reid.
Erratic, emotional...
Even so, what makes you think she wouldn't just take the money
Every time I work a case, I am back there,
Everybody out! Come on!
For a very long time, Mr. Beaumont.
Fraser didn't get rid of his car because he wanted the exercise.
From Boise, Idaho.
From outside the company.
From talking to the kidnappers?
Get down on your knees!
Get your son back.
Give me the handgun
Go ahead.
Go on, by the window!
Go, go, go!
Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!!
Good liars create a convincing fiction.
Goodnight, Evie
Grenada, actually.
Gutsy move.
Has mutated in Charlotte
He didn't care that I saw his face,
He gave it to Paula to give to me
He knew better than anyone how safe it was.
He knew that Addison would try to sweep it under the rug.
He said we have 24 hours.
He says he'll be dead by the time it reaches trial.
He stole the woman I loved...
He told me how to get into your safe.
He told the lies that lead to it
He wants out.
He's an ideologue who will not negotiate.
He's at a house call. He'll swing by after
He's doing this for revenge.
He's easing his conscience
He's hardly trying to hide it.
He's innocent.
He's struggling with competing ideas o... of himself
He's there for Sofia, the girl. She's sick
Head of regional trading standards.
Here's Ryan Cheng's address
Hey, guys. I love you.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
Hey, you're that guy Joe was looking for, aren't you?
Hey. Scaring him doesn't help. Huh?
High in denatured alcohol content...
His name is Nate Bridges.
How did you find out?
I already said, I didn't do it.
I always wanted to do this.
I bought a lot.
I called Dr. De Luca.
I can get you 750,000 euros in unmarked bills
I can prove it.
I can't admit to wrongdoing
I caught it. It gave me an idea, and not a very pleasant one.
I didn't make her do it.
I do that, and all the hostage's cellphones start jangling
I don't get it.
I doubt he even knows the full extent of it
I finally managed to get him out of bed and onto the couch.
I guess.
I know a place we can go.
I know he'd love to hear from you.
I know you don't want to harm her.
I mean, based on what he's done to Joe,
I mean, considering everything potentially at your disposal,
I searched through her Tor Browser metadata
I sense a "But
I think she targeted him.
I think your dad loves you just as much.
I thought I was gonna lose you.
I told you to stay in the car.
I understand.
I used to be.
I watched you.
I will do whatever I can to get you 10 mill...
I wonder who was last out the front door this morning.
I'd say they're taking him very seriously.
I'll call Annie.
I'll call you back.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm a negotiator hired by your insurance company
I'm getting the data.
I'm going to need a list of your competitors
I'm going to take a wild guess...
I'm gonna call the clinic.
I'm gonna give her one more chance, and then it's over.
I'm gonna go ask her.
I'm gonna make sure no one has to die
I'm heading to the airport right now, baby
I'm her father
I'm not in therapy.
I'm not sure.
I'm sorry I didn't protect you from him
I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I'm trying to find a different outcome.
If Dede turning around
If Eric needs anything else, he can find you
In a car crash ever again
In and out in under a year.
In case he tries to make contact.
In exchange for the family and Mr. Farouk here.
In just a matter of hours
In the last 12 months
Instead of admitting how much you hated it
Is it true?
Is Michelle really in danger,
Is that him? Is that who took Fraser?
Is the man she blames for letting it all happen
Is violence... and, presumably, death...
It is the, uh, money that you want?
It was a lie.
It was Mom's, wasn't it?
It wouldn't be easy hacking Addison's e mail
It's a doctor!
It's a fake.
It's Dede
It's good news for Christian and his family
It's got to be the hacker.
It's not her, but what she said about the senator
It's the same problem, Dede
It's too late. SWAT's in position.
It's why you called him.
Joe Morris sent it back for revisions.
Joe Morris's last known address.
Joe, my name is Eric Beaumont.
Just advocate for the immediate return of all races
Just like mine was!
Keywords... “breaking in, spread terror.”