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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right. All right.
Although, Mr
And he runs into his ex girlfriend, Caroline Hopper
And I have absolutely no scruples.
And if I didn't write this, somebody else would
And somewhere along the way, Jane Eyre got lost
And then I'd be coming up with strategy, and before long...
And then you're gonna sweep me off my feet and we all know where that's going.
And they're talking, they're looking at each other,
And thrusts it into a woman's vagina...
And today, I have found the absolute perfect song.
Before e mails and cell phones and reality television shows,
Believe it or not, I've been meaning to call you
Besides being incredibly hot, they have no problem with casual sex,
Bitches, they can kiss my...
But feel free to call me the bagel and coffee guy.
But instead, he looks up,
But mainly, when you love someone as much as I love you
But maybe you should go out there and, you know, get some help.
Check that they have legal representation, okay?
Definitely having sex with the roommate.
Do you know what you want yet?
Don't tell me you're just another yuppie puppy in an Armani suit.
Emily? Come to New York.
Everyone knows that the girlfriend
Four weeks from now, voters of New York State
Go catch up to your mom, okay? All right, bye
Good evening
Had a cell phone
He died three weeks later in a car accident.
Hello. I hope this is the right number. It sounds like you
Hold on. No more coffee, bagels?
Hold, please.
How glad the many millions
I can't believe she turned out to be such a...
I feel horrible about taking the...
I got you!
I guess it's the love. More of the love. Yeah, that's what I'm about.
I just...
I love you, William Hayes.
I mean, you're too smart to be making Xeroxes
I thought I lost you.
I want to talk to you about your birthday. Call me.
I'm ready.
If you hand this in, we won't survive it.
It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is
It's the new guy.
Marijuana use should be legalized?
Maybe it's the tap water here.
Most because of broken hearts.
No, it's perfect. It's absolutely...
No, no, no, he wasn't a draft dodger.
No, no, no, no, no, no, don't mention grassroots
No. Game over. It's time for bed.
Of how me and your mother met
Oh, my God. You're doing it in front of a room full of strangers?
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, these are the ones I found that have inscriptions
Okay, then why aren't you out there, you know, enjoying yourself?
Or Todd in Accounting calls me Crystal, which I'm pretty sure is a girl's name
Remember him? So if I was you,
See if we can use the Internet connection and find a printer
She was on my exchange program at Cambridge,
So are you.
So I can get a hold of you wherever, whenever, for whatever.
So now she's stupid and ugly and boring?
So you're saying it's not who, but it's when.
Stop pulling on me! I am trying to get to the bottom of something!
Stop saying "penis" and "thrust." Just say "tinkle part" or "wee wee."
That he had a very big, incredibly embarrassing dream.
That sometimes corny is exactly what this country needs
That's absolutely not true
That's true. That's very true
The accident was that Sammy's mom got pregnant
The other perfect song.
The thing is..
The truth is, I loved him.
There you go! Isn't that better?
There's someone here I want you to meet.
They actually got a friend an early parole.
They're an old flame of mine,
This is gonna sound bad.
To get Summer here to write an article about your man Robredo?
To work on a campaign that I believed in with all of my heart
Two, one!
Wake up to a new America
Wall Street
Well, I'm sick of all of the deceit, and I'm sick of all of the lies
What are all these?
What do you mean?
What's stopping you?
Who is it? Will Hayes. I called earlier
Who's that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys, guys, guys, guys, hey!
Why do I have to have an opinion about everything anyway?
Will Hayes?
Will you come? Please?
Yeah, I do
Yeah, I'm gonna go head over..
Yeah, sure
Yeah. Come with me
You can take me to this party I have to go to,
You had your chance, pal
You kiss ass to some fancy uptown law firm.
You look beautiful
You ready? Yeah.
You understand?
You were about the closest I ever got.
You wore down my resistance
You'd run away from a word like that.
You'll love it here. It's the energy, the people. It's amazing
You're gonna be just fine, Mr
You're killing me.
You're not gonna believe this, but there's a hailstorm in Chicago
"Memory," not "enemy." I know, I know, I know.
Come on, come on! Hey, what's going on?
Deal? Yeah.
Feels like years
Good morning, Will. Hey, Sarah.
Hey. Hey, is that the toilet paper guy?
Hey. What are you doing up? Mr. McCormack.
How many copies? Ten. Please
How you been? Good
I believe you. This has been really interesting.
I want you to come. Oh, boy.
I'm a very needy person
I'm gonna go listen to the Professor. Sure.
I've been meaning to call you back. Liar
If you want to wait, she'll be home soon. I'd love to.
Is that Emily? Is that Emily?
Is this what you're wearing? What?
It's my birthday today. Happy birthday
Look at that. Look at it
Look. I know love isn't a fairytale. Really?
Of course not. Then what's the problem?
One, two, three... One, two, three...
Really? Yep
Still smoking? I quit.
That's what Daddy likes. That's just nasty
There's the desk. Look at that. Yeah.
Well, what are you gonna do? What am I gonna do?
What are we doing here? I just got to pick something up.
What do you got in there? I don't know. Are you Summer's father?
What do you say? Like a date?
What if I don't like who my mom is? Of course you'll like who your mom is
which is good news, right? Could be
Yeah, I am. Great
Yeah, I am. What's wrong with that? No, nothing. I think it shows confidence
Yeah. Yeah.
Yes, you did. I did
Yes. Yes
You do? Yeah
You look great. Thank you. You, too
You should've got on your knee! Just shut up!
"'The thoughts, the hopes the dreams, the pleasures
"and embarrassed by it all, always waiting to see what I will do."
"and grubbed up by the dribble of pop culture,
"because it's your birthday and you have no plans" dinner
"Emily is sweet
"poisoned by lazy obscenity..
"The 250 million sperm are ejaculated
"The boys' dorm is across the quad, their windows visible from ours.