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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A lot of people know about this place, but no one wants to talk
All right.
And 42 patients in Wards A and B,
And Dr
And I...
And I'm gonna blow the lid off this place
And I'm not going to give up without a fight.
And if that fails, at least we provide them
And if that goes, the cell doors will open
And opium based hallucinogens.
And right now, it all comes down to you.
And then suddenly they need a U.S. Marshal?
And they're gonna take me to the lighthouse.
And what is the German word for dream?
Apparently there was an unidentified man
Are you gonna kill me?
Boss! We gotta get indoors. It's turning into a fucking Kansas out here
But during your stay, you will obey protocol.
But I'll be having drinks and a cigar at my house around 9:00,
But you seem quite normal
Catch them, not kill them!
CAWLEY: Marshal?
CAWLEY: Why did you make them up?
CHUCK: Boss, we got problems.
CHUCK: Pardon me, Doc. A what between what and what?
Damn it.
Did Miss Solando say anything during group therapy?
Doesn't exactly square with Teddy Daniels, the man, the legend,
Don't you know how lonely I've been, Jim?
Everyone wants a quick fix. They always have.
For the criminally insane.
George, how did they get you out of Dedham, huh?
GEORGE: You gotta do it. There's no other way.
Gotta say, I'm thinking I got in the wrong line of public service.
He's not in this ward.
How? She turns invisible?
I always heard it was overrun with boozers and drunks.
I asked about the surgeries, too.
I can't lose anyone else.
I can't! I can't.
I could get into trouble.
I guess you'll have to ask him.
I guess... I don't know, I just never really quit anything before.
I had a friend.
I just wanna know what the hell's going on
I killed them.
I know you're in there.
I love this thing because you gave it to me,
I love you. I...
I mean, she's in a mental institution, right?
I never had children.
I see. And that's your firearm, Marshal? You're sure?
I started asking about these large shipments of sodium amytal
I thought that if we let you play this out
I wanna make sure that what you're holding won't hurt me.
I won't be here. I move during the day. New places every night.
I'll look it over later, that's all
I'm afraid Dr. Cawley will have to fill you in on the situation. Protocol.
I'm going on
I'm just bones in a box, Teddy.
I'm Lester Sheehan.
I'm trying to do something that people, yourself included, don't understand.
If the facility floods, they'll drown. You know that.
If you'd gotten it to the mainland,
In this neighborhood?
In Ward C yesterday.
It was locked from the outside, and the only window is barred.
It was the smoke that got her, not the fire. See, that's important.
It's barbaric,
It's been decided
It's like they're scared or something
Just trying to make ends meet,
Last night, there were seven men sitting at the base of those stairs
Let's try this another way.
Like I said, no one would talk, right?
Makes the patients much more obedient.
McPHERSON: (ON MEGAPHONE) Marshals, are you out here?
Miss Solando was put in her room for lights out.
NAEHRING: Do you believe in God, Marshal?
No. No. Please, God.
Now if you could tell us what you did yesterday, where you were,
NURSE 2: Make sure everything's okay in Ward B.
Of all the medical staff.
Of course.
Oh, I'll never get out of here. I'm not sure that I should.
One Rachel Solando, escaped sometime in the last 24 hours.
Only one place no one would really notice.
ORDERLY 2: I've been on for 18 hours straight.
ORDERLY: She made a mess. I cleaned it up. She made a mess again.
People tell the world you're crazy,
PETER: Go back. I wanna go back. TREY: Come on, Peter
Proof of the 67th patient.
Sanity's not a choice, Marshal. You can't just choose to get over it.
She ate a meal there before a neighbor dropped by.
Since the schoolyard,
So have you searched the grounds yet?
So what's our next move?
So you can lie to me more?
So you know how small it is.
So, she left here barefoot?
Tell me what goes on in that lighthouse.
The Kommandant tried to kill himself before we got there, but he...
Then, personally, Doctor, I'd have to say,
There has been a sighting of a known communist subversive in this area,
There you are.
They're far more likely to wreak havoc right here on us.
This is a mental institution, Marshal, for the criminally insane.
This is about you, and, Laeddis, that's all it's ever been about.
This is... This is a sick fucking world we live in, I'll tell you that
Took him an hour to die
We have been talking, Marshal.
We haven't heard the truth once yet, Chuck.
We saw what human beings are capable of doing to each other, right?
We submerged them in icy water until they lost consciousness
We'll give them baths.
We're gonna file our reports and we're gonna hand it over to...
We've no idea how she got out, but...
Welcome to Shutter Island.
Well, that hardly helps, does it?
Were shackled and left in their own filth.
What if you could control it?
What's that? Iced tea in your glass, there?
Where are my goddamn cigarettes?
Who are these men?
Who are you? Tell me
Why are you here?
Withdrawal? From what?
Wouldn't you?
Yes, he's here.
Yes, um...
You could have blown the lid off this place.
You haven't taken any pills, have you? I mean, even aspirin?
You kill your own kid, gas the bitch.
You know, this place is funded by a special grant
You never worked with him before, have you?
You promised.
You think I'm crazy.
You told me I'd be free of this place.
You're gone
You're not going to the lighthouse. You're not.
You've been here for two years. A patient of this institution.
You've injured orderlies, guards, other patients.
(RETCHING) CHUCK: What's wrong with him?
(SNAPPING FINGERS) Come on, anyone, anyone,
Big meeting? Oh, yes.
Boss! Other bombs explode, right?
Bullshit, out of the question! Bullshit! (GLASS SHATTERING)
Christ. Dan? Relax. Nope, nope, nope.
Come on. Maybe we'll run into Andrew Laeddis.
I don't wanna see him. Easy now
I have to go. No.
Oh, Jesus Christ! Jesus.
Over here. All right, boss. Yeah, that's it
Rye, if you got it. Soda and ice, please. Thanks.
This isn't about the truth. Yes, it is.
What's wrong with him? He's having a migraine.
You mean the brain? Recreate a man
'cause I know how much you need it.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, buddy.
(CHUCKLES) I hear enough voices already