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Brokeback Mountain (2005) Soundboard

Brokeback Mountain (2005) Soundboard

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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right.
All swelled up with patriotic feeling...
And fellas like you and me, we march off to hell
And he was an animal husbandry major
And we're dead.
Bad news
Better luck next time, cowboy.
Boy, I tell you, folks, what a heck of a way to make a living!
But I can't eat no cake just now. Thank you
By Lureen or her husband each time I slip off to see her.
Come on, Scotty!
Didn't rodeo much, though
Do you remember?
Even though they were pretty tough old birds.
God damn! Jesus!
Got out while I could still walk.
He loves me.
He thought rodeo cowboys was all fuck ups
Hell, for all I know, he done the job.
Hello? Hello?
Here you go
Hey, asshole, watch where you're goin'!
I ain't got no work for you.
I am pretty good with a can opener, though
I can't believe I left my damn shirt up there.
I couldn't get a word in with Lashawn long enough to ask.
I know you'd like it, too.
I suppose they'd appreciate it if his wishes was carried out
I wouldn't mind bein' out there
I'll color the beach.
I'll see if she can take 'em. All right. All right.
I'm gonna be eating this food for the next two weeks.
I'm savin' for a place myself.
If you want me to take his ashes up there on Brokeback..
Is that so?
It's nearly suppertime.
Jack was pumpin' up a flat on the truck..
Jesus. What...
Listen to her purr, gentlemen!
No more beans
No more dancin' for me, I hope.
Not often.
Said I could use it whenever I want.
See you for supper
See, I got the girls this weekend and...
She didn't think that was too funny.
She's around three!
Shit, that stay with the sheep, no fire bullshit.
So we've been here for a month and he got the foreman job...
So, where do you figure the most pussy is at?
Some of these never went up there with you.
Sure, and maybe you can convince Alma...
That's some high class entertainment, if you ask me.
That's why I'm callin', to see what happened
The bottom line is...
The trade off was August
Them sheep will drift if I don't get back up there tonight!
There ain't nothin' I can do about it up here, I guess.
Trying to get a foot rub, dummy.
Up on Brokeback...
Well, earlier today, I was castrating calves.
What about you? Me? I don't know
What are we gonna do now?
What do you do, Ennis Del Mar?
Yeah, I'll be back in a week. That is, unless I freeze to death...
You can't be no worse than me, then
You come back and see us again
You do it and I'll make you eat the fucking floor.
You know, you're worse than Bobby when it comes to losin' stuff.
You'll freeze your ass off when that fire dies down
You're better off sleepin' in the tent.
So he's a roughneck? Yeah
♪ No one else, can't you see? ♪
♪ No one, no one ♪
♪ No one's gonna love you like me ♪
♪ You felt so sad and blue ♫