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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A blood sport in itself.
A certain wild unconventionality about it.
A cold, frozen tundra.
A conviction politician who's made no secret of the fact
A culprit.
A decision has been taken
A difficult relationship with your mother…
A dreadful, morbid silence.
A dress of the palest blue and gold brocade…
A few suitable members of the general public for you to meet.
A fifth columnist playing for the other side.
A friend of Dorothy.
A frustration which threatens to strain her relationship with the prime minister,
A gift from the president of Guyana.
A growing backlash about the expense of the trip.
A head of state that looks like us,
A levels next term. How's that coming along?
A little low…
A little more.
A little.
A meeting in which it is now clear she brazenly lied to your face.
A member of the royal family at Jesus College?
A mistress.
A new beginning.
A nice young bloke.
A noble motto.
A noble motto.
A notoriously challenging off piste slope…
A palace spokesman said Her Majesty was…
A police investigation indicates that Fagan climbed over a fence
A presentation of new colors
A professional.
A purpose! Dignity.
A risk worth taking,
A royal ruckus has started over the man who had an audience with Queen Elizabeth,
A scene that will be quite literally flashed around the globe.
A seed that grew into a flower they could eventually call love.
A sense of community, a sense of, you know, obligation to one another.
A sense of kindness.
A signal can soon point
A single controlling idea at the heart of it all.
A small boy saluted.
A small situation developing in the South Atlantic.
A smile? A moment's happiness?
A strong hit from number two there.
A symbol of courage and strength in Ashanti culture.
A system that ignored five members of its own to protect itself.
A therapist, to help with the moods.
A tight, rather desperate hug.
A toast.
A toast.
A tribal leader in eccentric costume?
A triumphant end to a trip
A very special child,
A victim.
A victory parade?
A waste of time.
A yard of ale in a sconce pot in 11 seconds.
A… souvenir.
Abdicated the throne,
About her faith.
About how public it was.
About Mark.
About the difficulties you're experiencing.
About the job she's doing,
About the Waleses' marriage.
About which I've been ostriching, rather.
Absolute silence, everywhere.
Absolutely not. I'm the senior party here.
Absolutely. She's really down to earth. That's why I love her.
Accompanied by a full commander brigade
According to the latest polls.
Achievements and setbacks,
Actually, I do quite enjoy cleaning.
Admiral, will you please join me in the flat upstairs
Affairs of the heart needing to be conventional,
After 11 and a half wonderful years.
After a selection process that involved half of Britain,
After all that, did she at least accept?
After all those little confidential lunches,
After heavy snowfall…
After I converted, I found a faith.
After the romance of courtship.
After years of incompetence and mismanagement.
Afterwards, the hunter hobbles into town…
Against apartheid in South Africa…
Against members of the public.
Ah ah! No congratulations till you've read it.
Ah, Hazel. Strange, I think, to name a child after a tree.
Ah, now that's where we differ.
Ah, yes.
Ah. Here we are. Burke's.
Ahead of a statement from the home secretary.
Ahead of her regular audience with the prime minister.
All alone in the house."
All anyone wants is for the pair of you to pull yourselves together,
All doors firmly shut.
All dry.
All I want is to play for the team.
All mothers worry about their boys.
All of us.
All one can think of is Dickie.
All our thoughts.
All right, if you insist.
All right, then. Why don't I go and sleep in the other room?
All right.
All right.
All right. Edward's not lost.
All right. She works part time at a kindergarten.
All safely tucked away in a trust. Don't worry.
All that remains for the performers
All the furs and diamonds on parade.
All the hoopla came as a bit of a shock.
All the time.
All these things have a way of correcting themselves.
Along with raves in all the newspapers for Diana's beauty.
Along with the other things we thought we could depend on growing up.
Although I gather you still found time to see… certain other people.
Although I must say, I do like the boat.
Although one of the guests, Mrs. Palmer Tomkinson,
Although this latest one is quite something.
Although we are both outsiders who married in,
Always a mistake to assume just because people are privileged,
Always the model of cordiality, productivity, and mutual respect.
Am I destined to be mad, too?
Am I that stupid?
Am I? Must have cut myself.
An alderman shopkeeper's daughter
An elaborate system of electronic alarms,
An even grander thing.
An Olympian who's spent much of the past year on her backside.
An RAF Vulcan and accompanying support plane
And "wasted energy due to needless digestion."
And "What did they talk about?"
And a Battenberg refusal to give in.
And a clear, though insufficient, majority in the first ballot
And a disgrace.
And a glass bottomed aeroplane involved in the search for Mark.
And a kitchen garden and a sundial garden. Do you fish?
And a male body has been found?
And a meeting recently with Commander Trestrail.
And a more powerful influence for good in the world
And a nation waits.
And a strange looking duck.
And a wife.
And accept the imperfect reality of being human.
And accused her of risking the nation's future.
And after all these years…
And although Camilla doubtless has feelings for you, deep feelings,
And although we might expect a reprieve of a few days, given the circumstances,
And among the signals she agreed to
And amphibious crew.
And appropriate.
And are prepared to pay huge amounts of money,
And arms like this.
And as a child of the sovereign's…
And as for Andrew…
And as husband and wife,
And as it happens,
And as Margaret Thatcher left it after so long,
And as sovereign, I must ask you…
And asked Sir Sonny to join us today
And at one point, was there even a Borgia?
And at this moment,
And Australia gets to be free…
And Australia's future king,
And Bagpuss will please think for me.
And because he has found… happiness as elusive as me,
And because the Falkland Islanders are British subjects
And board your ship immediately. Go on.
And by the time William's had children, and his children have had children…
And calling them "family"!
And can you blame me?
And caring.
And Charles tried bodysurfing on Bondi Beach.
And charm. And, most of all, her motherhood.
And chose you
And compassion for those less fortunate than us…
And congratulate me.
And considering all that, they've done remarkably well.
And could therefore be manned with a detachment of Royal Marines
And Dazzle has found the thing that works best for him.
And declares the feel good factor is back again.
And demotions in the junior ranks.
And Diana was still quite young then.
And dinner's too important, it had to be lunch.
And do much more than keep me safe.
And do you suppose that might have had consequences?
And eased gently into the calm waters of Portsmouth Harbour.
And eats or doesn't eat or whatever it is she does or doesn't do.
And enough abstentions to damage her seriously.
And entered the Queen's bedroom, not once but twice.
And entered the royal quarters through a window.
And every fortnight, you ask me the same question.
And everyone's asking after you.
And everything will be all right.
And fly in the face of everything we stand for.
And follows an impressionable, nubile 17 year old girl, Koo.
And for the deaths of the 18 British servicemen
And for the first time,
And for the record, ma'am, I must say I think that would be a misjudgment.
And gently squeeze the trigger.
And God bless all of you who are willing to share in it."
And God forbid an irregular temperament…
And gratitude for what?
And green.
And has long military associations.
And have learnt so much from them.
And he buys a much bigger gun and goes back into the woods.
And he chose you.
And he has working relationships with all of the editors,
And he loved her till the end.
And he never eats garlic.
And he seems to have taken it rather the wrong way.
And he tried with your grandmother.
And he's a raging snob.
And hear her passionate 'No, no, no'
And hello, him.
And her attitude to Europe.
And here comes Prince Charles, swooping from his position at the back.
And here I speak with some experience,
And here were forests ancient as the hills,
And his death represents a legitimate blow against an enemy target.
And his duty to his family that drove him to succeed.
And how much she values the close relationship between the two houses.
And how's William getting along?
And I don't think you have the faintest idea
And I don't want people's pity or charity or compassion.
And I give you my word,
And I have discovered a taste for enforcing it.
And I just wonder whether it will be sufficiently in code
And I say we will not survive not going to war.
And I should have kicked them out when I had the chance.