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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Brooklyn relative of Spatafore
A certain bleak attitude
A couple of the other captains won't talk to him,
A couple years later, you got a movie.
A couple years, I'll own a chain of restaurants, clubs
A gut shot is everything they ever told you it was.
A lot of scientists would disagree with you.
A lot of your circle must have done jail time.
A loving father.
A lush.
A man who teaches skiing for a living
A package to leave your niece who has m.S.?
A point where business bleeds into other shit,
A rat died in the wall back there or some shit.
A reading program for bilingual children.
A ruthless, powerful man who thought he was above the law.
A similar bacteria found on meat.
A sterling effort for sure, but you really can't...
A wonderful husband.
A.J., what the fuck?
A' salut, a' salut.
Aaron Arkaway, Jan's friend.
About a year ago, your problem with Brooklyn?
About anything
About his weight, about his model railroading
About the world,
About what?
Activity that's good.
Actually I had him pegged the whole time, but..
Actually sad.
Actually serves to validate them
Actually, I do
Add three more M.R.I.s and you're looking at a 10% increase
Admitting at least a 10 year connection with La Cosa Nostra.
After all the complaining and the crying
After our own daughter moves away to California.
After that incompetent you sent Meadow to?
After the goings on at Tony's uncle's.
After what, a couple yea in the work force?
Again with Ginny Sack, huh?
Again with the superstitions?
Again, Remy!
Ah, fresh casualties
Ah, fuck it, you don't want to hear this.
Ah, the bird of prey.
Ah! I wasn't!
Ahmed Al Najafi.
Ain't none of us gonna make any real scratch
Al, this is a big fucking mix up.
All done.
All except for a hand that got crushed.
All handsome in his Calvin Klein.
All I ever think about? You haven't fucked me in over a year
All I know is,
All I'm doing is getting coffee and placing endless phone calls.
All metal objects in the tray, sir.
All right, all right, all right, put it back in your pocket.
All right, barely ever. And Hernan, everybody
All right, but in this case,
All right, climb!
All right, come here
All right, I got you. Stop fighting me.
All right, I'll talk to you later.
All right, if we can just head over and have lunch.
All right, let's go. I gotta swing by Slava's,
All right, let's not go backwards, huh?
All right, listen, thanks. Really
All right, skip the preambles.
All right, turn around. Grab the side.
All right, we gotta get moving
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Are you all right?
All right. L Let me get dressed.
All the guidebooks say you should try and get on the local schedule.
All these pricks...
All this, you never once said "l told you so
All those days you go in late, you call in sick, you deserve to get canned
All under false pretenses.
All your anger, your hate for me.
All's I know is I just don't feel it.
All's said and done, you get your end.
Allegra and Eric have chosen
Allegra's a little bitchy, but it's painful for her to be here.
Already has a target on my back.
Also considering law.
Although don't forget: I'm a strict Catholic.
Although Judy's character in the movie
Although, maybe, you know
Although, that
An entire room full of writers,
An event planner? Where do you get this shit?
An understanding about life.
And 5% of the fucking sale price?!
And a club soda for the convalescent
And a weak, fucking sniveling,
And a writer is a major commodity.
And all he can think about is himself?!
And all I did for this fucking kid
And an iced tea, please.
And as a friend, I would appreciate Tony's help.
And as a proprietor of a drinking and eating establishment,
And as for your husband, Janice,
And as Jerry said earlier, there are several viable candidates.
And beat him mercilessly with a rubber hose.
And believe me, the pay is good. It's a union job.
And by the way, again, if you ever need a roast
And come ons for shit they don't need and can't afford?
And don't fuckin' deny it again.
And don't you forget it.
And done,
And Eddie Lind's coming down from Pennsylvania with an envelope.
And especially since he's been trying so hard...
And Finn sleeps on the floor half the time
And frankly, it's not gonna happen to us.
And get 'em started over there.
And good things.
And ground up into fucking Brillo pads.
And he cried. He couldn't deal with it.
And he don't answer his phones neither.
And he gets fucking payback on everyone who fucked him over,
And he got an answer.
And he was so lonely...
And he was still going.
And he wonders why I'm distant... At least he says he does...
And he'll make sure those pricks sell.
And he's got the hyperactivity to boot.
And he's interested in developing it through his company
And help him with Your cleansing love.
And his pension,
And hope you like the movie
And how about second grade?
And how about the fact he wouldn't be living in that fucking mansion
And I appreciated it.
And I can explain what we're doing. It's pretty exciting.
And I can round the load out with kerastase,
And I didn't have this fuckin' problem.
And I don't talk about your friends that way.
And I had the prostate.
And I knew, whether consciously or not,
And I need that money for living expenses.
And I said something very cruel.
And I should know. I'm in construction.
And I still feel like shit
And I tell my kids, you have to remember,
And I told Carmela, it's not the end of the world.
And I took his fat fucking hand in friendship
And I was fucking prostate with grief.
And I'll roll the fuckin' dice.
And I'm idling away the hours?
And I'm not losing any sleep.
And I'm talking huge deals, major fucking dollars.
And if I don't, what the fuck are you gonna do then?
And if I win, Marie spatafore gets her free ride and then some.
And in the past, I might have jumped.
And it ain't like I haven't been tryin'.
And it gets worse. I think he's connected.
And it's all over the media!
And legal issues,
And listen up, 'cause this affects you too.
And ma's hair...
And my fuckin' turkey neck of a nephew
And now the moment we've all been waiting for,
And now this?
And of course, Tony, there'd be a severance package for you.
And our family on national fucking television?
And please, regards to your dad
And pretty soon you're gonna be out in the fucking street.
And ramos fizzes.
And really successful.
And say how bad I felt about how my husband made his money,
And send off a set of electrolytes now.
And she's ragging on his ass. You know how she'd get.
And support and the quality of the product
And take care of Carmela too, in case...
And that girl that played the fiancee, she was hot,
And that makes me mad at them.
And that spec house? I made the down payment.
And that woman friend was even worse.
And the car's not my sister's.
And the daughter, like all females,
And the feds have reached
And the fuckin' thing starts to do si do...
And the Germans shot him right here on this spot."
And the house and its contents valued at a million two.
And the next thing, I was at the urologist.
And the other guy Mohammed, his brother's
And the perpetual hard on he's still got with us.
And the sun...
And the tears.
And the worst part is
And them, they're not in grade school anymore.
And then I'm gonna take away your clothes.
And then I'm gonna take away your mother's cooking.
And then I'm gonna take away your room
And then just siphoned the money out:
And then to think you're the cause of it.
And then what do they get? Bling?
And then you call your insurance on me? No, thank you
And these gigantic fat people
And these pricks are watching,
And they let people build those fucking monstrosities!
And they're happy,
And things are going well.
And this is from Weehawken, the strip mall.
And those headers upstairs? I'm nauseous.
And those people like his boss
And ton', remember when we all rented
And Tony wouldn't want me to,
And we can do the borders with the Disney characters.
And we commit his body to its resting place...
And we do business with whatever's left
And we lease him a new car.
And we're not giving you any more money.
And what does he get?
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
And what the fuck did I do but get pissed off,
And who knows what the fuck with Carlo, gigi
And without school, Marie says he's shut in his room all day.
And you bring him to the butcher shop.
And you get out of this fuckin' place.
And you know I'm right
And you never existed to them.
And you pretend like there's not a giant piano hanging by a rope