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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A little.
A war at sea.
Admiral, Yankee One is on final. Rescue personnel are in place.
Aircraft on computer guidance. Request permission to launch.
All ahead, two thirds! Set depth to 900 meters!
All right.
All right. Ready! Ready! Get your hook up!
Allowed Ramius to elude one of our attack boats, the Dallas,
And hard
And making arrangements for their return.
And then he was gone, and for a second, I thought I heard...
And they gathered them together
And this Russian intends to defect.
Apparently, he has suffered a kind of mental or nervous breakdown.
As sleep brings dreams of home.
At 09:30, it was here.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Aye, Captain.
Aye, sir.
Bear Foxtrot got too close to the group.
Before we sailed, I dispatched a letter to Admiral Padorin,
But I'd say we hit a boomer coming out of the barn.
Bypass it. Seal it manually! Move! Shut it off.
Captain, I think he means to board us.
Captain, this is an historic moment. I'd like to make a request.
Captain, what is it? Where are we going?
Caterpillar engaging, Captain.
Chief of the watch, rig for red.
Chief, put us on the roof.
Collision in 400 yards, 350, 300...
Conn, Sonar. My only contact is Typhoon 7, bearing 1 9 5.
Could be a missile boat out of Polijarny.
Could be the liquid helium or the superconductors.
Dallas, this is the Mystic. Request clearance for launch.
Did you think he would just go away and sulk
Do not attempt to submerge, or you will be fired upon.
Do you mean to suggest that this man has come...
Eight minutes and 40 seconds.
Everybody out. Clear the compartment!
Fire on the flight deck. All hands lend assistance.
Flood tubes three and four and plot a solution.
For 40 years,
Four wire. Caught a gust over the fantail.
Full dive on fair water planes. Full dive on stern planes.
Give him direct answers. Tell him what you think.
Give the man a chance.
Have you got a minute?
He did his fourth year from the hospital.
He posted a letter to Admiral Yuri Padorin
He wants to defect!
He wants to go up and take a peek. We'll play along.
He won't make the same mistake twice.
He would have had to do that.
He's been a maverick his entire career.
He's going down, sir.
He's had intermittent contact with a magma displacement.
He's heading to periscope depth to see what's on the surface.
How do you get them to want to get off a nuclear sub...
How long before Ramius could be in a position to fire his missiles at us?
However, your people are
I can never sleep on a plane.
I cannot go any faster.
I don't think I like your tone, Slavin.
I helped my daddy build a bomb shelter in our basement
I widowed her the day I married her.
I'm sorry, Comrade Captain. Your wife was a beautiful woman.
If he gets to ragging on you too bad, ask him about Pavarotti.
Is to use a chopper turned into a flying gas can.
It is.
It seems that the initial reports that one of our submarines was missing
It's a frigate, U.S., probably, Perry class. He's signaling.
It's a pleasure, sir. Bart Mancuso, USS Dallas.
It's like a jet engine for the water
It's up to you, Charlie,
Jonesy's got something I think you ought to see
Just before he sailed,
Last time I saw her
Let us turn south.
Mark plus eight seconds.
Master at arms reports rafts secure and evacuation proceeding.
More tea, anyone?
Mr. Ambassador, you have nearly 100 vessels operating
Mr. Ryan, would you characterize this as a first strike weapon?
My orders are specific, Mr. Ryan.
My wife died while I was at sea, you know.
No one's going to find us. That's enough, Yuri.
Now, there are those who believe we should attack the United States first,
Of our motherland's most recent achievement.
Off Washington and New York,
Okay. Fine. Go ahead
One hundred yards.
One. Release countermeasures. Emergency blow!
Perhaps in the future
Proceed, Mr. Ryan.
Prudence demands that we deploy ships to observe yours.
Remember the dispatch we got about Russian sub skippers
Right full rudder, 30 degree down angle.
Seaman Jones here, he's into music in a big way.
Sir, the data support no conclusions as yet.
Skirt's filled and equalized. Soft seal. Ready to lift off.
So all you got to do...
Sub plant hasn't said anything about it.
Sure. Why would you want to? They're symmetrical.
Target is now coming out of our starboard baffles.
That her life would be considerably less lonely
That was a guess, but it seemed logical.
That's the craziest notion I've ever heard.
The average Russky, son, don't take a dump without a plan.
The cryogenic plant! The magnets aren't cooling.
The metallurgy would take a couple of months.
The Russians call him Vilnius Nastavnik.
The submarine in question
The torpedo is detonated.
The torpedoes are armed in the tubes! You cannot...
The weapon enabled on the far side of the target.
There is another matter...
There must be something.
There's something else strange.
They will do everything possible to test us,
They're not searching for Ramius. They're driving him.
This business will get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it.
This is my story, okay?
Through the regular communications circuits,
Thrusting port.
To see if anyone's behind them. We call it Crazy Ivan.
Torpedo has reacquired. Torpedo has reacquired and is homing.
Torpedo steady, bearing 3 1 5. Range, 5,000 yards.
Train over to 2 6 9 and let's try it again.
Turbulence. Solar radiation heats the earth's crust,
U.S. told you intend missile launch. Break.
Undetectable to our SOSUS warning nets in the Atlantic.
Very good, Navigator.
Very good. You may commence your run
Very well. Bring it down.
Was at your granddad's place in Maine, wasn't it?
Was. Clipped by a drunk driver. Lost his leg.
Way to go, Dallas!
We're 100 miles from the nearest naval base,
We're emerging from the route, Captain.
We're in the lane.
We're not talking about some stray pilot with a MIG.
We're talking about
We're to proceed north to grid square reference 54 90
We're turning straight at him. Torpedo's still on our tail.
Weapon is away.
What is it?
What the hell happened?
What the hell's my tone got to do with it?
What's going on, Jonesy?
While we conduct missile drills.
Whoever this guy is, he's in for one hell of a ride.
With Soviet warships bearing down on us,
Without having thought the matter through.
Yes, sir.
You got 10 minutes worth of fuel. We stay here 10 more minutes.
You had to do it,
You have signed our death warrants.
You know that.
You may need this, sir.
You'll receive the Order of Lenin for this, Captain.
Air boss will try to bring him aboard. Sir, what's this sub off by herself?
All ahead, flank. All ahead, flank.
All right. Bring her up
Battle stations. Chief of Watch, man battle stations.
Bring us alongside him. Aye, aye, Captain.
Captain, aye. What've you got, Jones? Distant contact, probably submerged.
Cob, please. Come on, Cob. Tell me.
Do you know Skip Tyler? Sub driver
Have you got a make on him? Computer's chewing on it, sir.
He's going deep. Thirty degree down angle!
He's got this... Magma displacement?
How's your back? It's fine.
It may have nothing to do..
Leveling at 900 meters. Very well
My crew are being rescued, yes? As we speak.
No shit, buckwheat. Get out of here. Where am I...
Okay, we're in position. You can open the hatch.
Passing Thor's Twins, sir. Very good
Plot, time to intercept his track. Four minutes, Captain.
Six hundred yards and closing. Steer right to course 0 7 5.
Smoke? No, thank you.
That's a lot of firepower. For a rescue team, yes.
That's right. Skipper's Ramius?
Time to torpedo impact? Torpedo impact, 35 seconds.
Very well. Fire control, range to target? Range is 300 yards.
Water entry of small objects. Sonar buoys.
What are you talking about? They could kill us all.
Will that be satisfactory? Completely, Captain.
Won't change his mind? It's one of the crew.
You follow? No.
3 1 5.
35 seconds